Hallo There! This is a pretty ordinary chapter about a day in Rae's life, but I like the ending part. XD Eryn's character developed in a different way than I imagined, to my surprise :D Happy going-back-to school! :)

It was another ordinary day for Rae. Despite the late hour of the ball, she arose at precisely an hour after dawn-not because she wanted to , but because she had to.

Today of all days, she wanted to ponder and decide whether all that happened last night was an illusionary spell gone awry or an effect of imbibing too much moonshine. Then upon seeing her dancing shoes left rather haphazardly on the floor, she decided that the events of the night before really had happened, however confused she felt.

True enough, this confusion was tinged with pleasure. Rising from her bed, she decided that she'd enjoy this day too. Hopefully, she'd see Zynnon and hear some of his witty yet biting (no pun intended) comments.

Assisted by a timid young faun maiden, she wore her stockings, bodice, petticoat and finally her flowing royal blue robes.

Stepping rather jauntily, she walked off to the palace kitchens. Though a member of royalty himself, Rae's sorcerer uncle, Emil, preferred them to practice simplicity when he tutored her. He believed that it gave more space for the flow of magic and knowledge to remain unhindered though Rae found that idea quite amusing.

Arriving in a secluded area with a kitchen table, she joined her uncle in partaking of a fresh meal of grainy bread, cheese, fruits and tea. As Uncle Emil told her the agenda of the day, she tried to peer past the cooks and kitchen assistants bustling about to see if perchance, Zynnon may walk by.

Seeing nothing, she faced her uncle again but constantly felt the compulsion to glance at the doorway until Uncle Emil's voice broke through her reverie.

"Rae? Rae? How will you be able to properly cast a light-harnessing spell if you don't listen to me?"

Jokingly, she replied, "By shining my glorious radiance upon all, Uncle."

Harumphing loudly, Uncle Emil proceeded to lecture her once more until laughingly, she cut in.

"Surely you knew I was kidding, dear Uncle. The best way is to harness the light's energy, form an ellipse, then mumble, I mean murmur, Illuminus Elementalia."

Clearing his throat, Uncle Emil said, "Well. Well. If only you were as learned in your regular lessons. Now be distracted no longer, Rae."

But distracted Rae was. When the time came for her to perform the said light incantation, she showered rain upon them all instead, bringing an abrupt end to their magic lessons that day.

One could not have had a difficult time imagining why her attentions were elsewhere. Zynnon had not arrived that morning. Lunch was even more of a trying time for her.

She dined with the marquess of Lionsbury, a very dainty yet a very fiery pixie indeed. In between morsels of elderberry pie, she looked past the pixie's head, which was still rather tiny even after the elaborate updo.

A stream of courtiers and guests went past: piping satyrs, mysterious elfin beings, revelling humans, even an august Titan or two. Then suddenly, Rae's head turned. Could it be—Zynnon? She rose off her chair when she was suddenly swept to her senses by the indignant Marquess.

"Do you take me to be so tiny as to warrant being overlooked and neglected?! Princess Euphraxia, the regal and esteemed Lionsbury lineage still runs in my veins.!"

In Rae's point of view, it all sounded like an angry buzzing to her, but she most respectfully apologized, just as a princess should. What a way to start fulfillment of the prophecy.

"Freddy would not have fared so badly," Rae thought ruefully as she headed off to dance lessons with Madam and Monsieur Girard, two faeries who danced as if their feet were on glass and their spirits were raised to the sky.

The pent-up energy and frustration that welled within Rae were released as waltzing, pirouetting and sashaying around the dance hall brought back vivid images of Zynnon and the night before, putting a radiant smile to her lips and making her hum ever so softly.

Smilingly, she reached out for the hands of the person beside her and waltzed that person spontaneously across the floor.

"Hello? Rae? ..Euphraxia Adelina Ivana Rosalind de la Monde"

The sound of her full name brought Rae out of the heaven that she believed was love. Into the real world—where her best friend Eryn was laughing gaily at her. Eryn's carefully curled black hiar contrasted with her dancing hazel eyes, made merrier by the astonishing sight that was Rae.

"Hmm..Since when did royal princesses of Faerie dance wildly without any dashing young partner?"

Hiding a smile and trying to look stern, Rae answered, "Since the day best faerie friends attempted to walk in and make dreaming princesses believe that—their awaited loves hath finally arrived," her voice rising on a high note with the last to words.

Mocking a despairing voice, Eryn answered, "Oh Rae, Rae. stop now. I have come to tell you about mundane happenings.

"And what mundane happenings may these be, Eryn?"

"Nothing, nothing. Just the dinner your parents are having tonight, that just might bring about a chance meeting with a certain someone," remarked Eryn.

"Oh," Rae arched her eyebrow, "As if you knew that certain someone."

Giving an amused laugh, Eryn answered, "Great dollops of dew, Rae, nigh everybody knows, except your parents, who remain blissfully oblivious to this budding romance, I must say." (For as you can see, King Dimitri and Queen Gloriana have never gotten over the passing, well, accidental murder, of their son Frederick.)

"Well.."Rae said skeptically.

"Is your head in the clouds this early? Zynnon was by your side the whole night."

"Yes, Zynnon is not the perfect fairy tale prince, but he seems to offer something more."

Then to change the topic, Rae queried, "What say you about Hermia?"

Half-jokingly and half-seriously, Eryn answered,

"Odd Hermia may be,

But I know, Rae, that you can fulfill the prophecy."

"Thank you," exclaimed Rae, "I hope I shall not waste all those years of training, hoping and waiting."

Her twinkling eyes earnest, Eryn spoke, "Worry not, my friend, your life's quest will unfold, must I say-magically? But for now, cast away your burdens, smile away your sorrows and get ready for tonight."With that, she grinned and walked away. "I'll see you at nightfall, if you aren't too preoccupied."

Having heard that, Rae bade her instructors a good morrow and headed to ready herself for supper. She was certain that Zynnon would be there, with his signature smirk and unfailingly sharp humor,—or last night was just a lie.

She dressed even more meticulously that night, wearing a flounced rose-colored gown that set off the honey-blonde tints of her hair, a matching pair of heeled shoes that not quite disguised her petite stature, luminous chandelier earrings and various other ornaments that adorn a lady's persona.

But these objects come not close to the felicity and exhilaration that love brings to a maiden. And that was the greatest adornment Rae brought with her as she alighted the steps of the Royal Dining Hall, gazing around, hoping to chance upon his enigmatic eyes.

Realizing that supper was about to commence, she greeted her parents and took her place beside them. The meal went on and gradually, Rae began to accept that he would not attend, but oh, what a crushing disappointment it was. It was like plucking the loveliest of roses and finding out that it had the sharpest of thorns.

Slowly though, a voice was growing inside of her. How could she let herself fall like this? How could she be like any other maiden, being attracted to some charming vampire—and what? Next time, she would not make that mistake.

"Next time, I shall endeavor not to fall prey to his charms, nor his fangs."she whispered to herself as supper ended and an entrancing song that sounded like the rushing of a river, the dancing of the wind in the trees and rain falling on a spring morning, played.

Timing seemed not to be one of Zynnon's concerns for as Rae determinedly uttered her resolution, she heard his voice right beside her. "Rae." That one word was said, but beneath his utterance were a million messages.

"Think not that I have forgotten. Think that I have remembered you so well that I've waited so long for this one moment just to see you."

Rae made an indignant noise. "But I have waited too."

Zynnon gave a bemused laugh and touched her cheek gently. "Come now, Rae, don't make a scene. People are looking. Go with me outside and I'll show you how magical a night can follow so ordinary a day."

Despite her warring emotions, Rae could do naught but follow, her hand held trustingly in Zynnon's, her head leaning towards his conspiratorially. For is that not what love brings-both confusion and delight?

Buwahaha. End of chapter. Here's a sneak peek of the next one though:

From thence came a shuffling and snorting sound, then appeared a black stallion, with a long flowing mane and wild amber eyes. "His name is Shadowstorm," said Zynnon. "Would you like to ride him?"