Silently weeping winds that kiss the rusty buildings

The clouds watching so afraid

Falling the breathless angel shuts her hopeful eyes

And the water comes.

This is all you hear

When we disappear

When the child cries

And the sun don't rise.

The sea departs from sand in search of a deep shadow

Love and meaning, where are they now

Silence that rings until the point of nearly screaming

The stars look away.

And when the trees lie bare

You will not find me there

Searching through the distant sound

Of mountains tumbling to the ground

Desperate, frantic, cry my name

The winds they cry the same

This is refusal of the pain you brought

The end you sought

Waiting for any sign of dawn

As the sky opens with a yawn

No darkness left to cover you

For the darkness fears you too

Disappearing, every word

You ever heard

No reprise

The sun