Chapter 1


I awoke screaming into the night. My breathing came in gasps. My name is Diana. Ever since I turned 15, I have been having nightmares. Each nightmare brings a piece of my history into my mind.

The plane was going at incredible speed. Smoke filled the air. "Kate! Kate!" my father shouted. "Tom…" and my mother was gone. I lay in her arms, waiting for her eyes to open. They never did. My father picked me up. Then he scooped another baby in his arms. The baby was a boy. He had pale skin, ocean blue eyes, and shaggy red hair. My thoughts were focused on him. We stared at each other for a long moment. He drifted into unconsciousness. I followed him into it.

"Diana?" Oh, no. I awoke Jasmine. After the plane crashed, Jasmine found me a few feet from the plane. My cries had caused her to investigate. She found me a few feet from the plane, my parents not too far. The rescue people were coming, so she ran with me in her arms. I had been a one year old, and she had been eleven. She had dark brown skin, chocolate eyes, and black stringy hair.

"Oh Diana! You wake yourself everyday screaming. Will you ever tell me whats wrong?" I sighed. I had been hiding this from her for 5 months. "Jasmine, I've been having nightmares. About…my parents," I calmly said, leaving out the mysterious boy who intrudes my thoughts everyday. The look of horror on her face told me I should not have told her.

The sun peaked over the horizon, revealing my sweat covered face. "That's it young lady. We're leaving!"

"What!" I lived here for fourteen of my fifteen years of life! I couldn't leave. "San Juan Island is my home! I can't go! NO, NO, NO!" I screamed. I raced off into the beach. The forest began to overwhelm me. I couldnt take it.

Several hours past before Jasmine found me staring at the water. "We have to go, or else you will have too many nightmares. You need to go to a proper school anyway," she calmly replied. That did it. I was headed for a new home. A new life.