I had never been so petrified in my life. To hear such a scream, one that didn't come from a movie, one that sent chills down your back, one that came from one that you loved, you'd be close to losing it. It came from Diana - one of the bravest women I've ever met, and that sent me bolting down the hall, straight to her. But, it was as if I were frozen in time, solidified right where I was. But I didn't give up - I went as fast as I possibly could. But when I reached her door, the scene before me was grueling - terrifying.

There she lay in a pool of blood.


I was frozen once more. But this time, I was surrounded in complete blackness. I open my mouth to scream – but no such action was done. I couldn't feel my body. I screamed against the new mental boundaries surrounding me.


I called the cops right away – who dare do this to an innocent girl? What could she have possibly done? Currently I'm in an ambulance, rushing Dii to the hospital. The house is being checked out (that sounded wrong on so many levels) by the cops. But I could seriously care less – my brain had gone into overdrive – and then gone blank. I stared blankly ahead.


Perfect – the plans in motion. That girl, she saw too much! Far too much. I slashed her side and collarbone, and there isn't a clue of who I am. Execpt one – the note left in her side.

But that boy – he's ruining everything!


An evill cackle erupted from my mouth. My PIC (partners in crime) stopped playing cards and looked at me as if I were disabled.

"I have a new plan – a devastatingly painful plan'"