Flames of the Lamp

The lamp was a fire. That's all there was to it. It looked like a lamp, but it was a flame, burning, searing. Red, orange, yellow, blue, a fire. Things are not always as they seem, and we lead a life which causes humans to remain oblivious.

Sometimes, we let ourselves open and we see that flicker of light in the dark, and we think of a fairy. Then the childish illusion that we think it is all but disappears with the return of our, 'maturity', 'sensibility', and 'responsibility'. The very things that may keep us seemingly sane make us blind.

As we are blind to the good we are also unseeing when the bad knocks at our doors. Those haunting specters that hang over everyone's heads. The evil demons that make our homes theirs, and the dark angels that come seemingly from nowhere.

For as we think there are 'imaginary' and 'real', there is no black and white. We have grey, the in between, neither black nor white. Yet, black and white are not colors, but we live in a world proven by science to be of color. As with that, black and white do not exist. A world of black and white does not exist. If you see the world in black and white, you see nothing, and sight is a valuable thing.

Do black wings make the angel evil? Even as he saves the child falling into a surging river. Does the color white make the angel unerringly good? Even as he stabs his friend in the back. What do horns really mean, and do they really condemn? He acts horrible and bastardly toward everyone, smokes, drinks, but then lies in bed and cries over the loss of his child and wife in terror. What means evil? What means good? This world is one of color.

We can claim our world is a light, but no light is nothing. The lamp that shines can be the yellow and grey of shade and shine, but as the flame it is red, orange, yellow, and blue. Which do you want? Have a world of color and dance with the warmth of the flame.