Our sins are yours

The innocent die

And it makes me want to cry

I could never understand them

That hypocritically condemn

When will we turn the other cheek?

Stop being judgmental and be meek

It was never meant to be

When will we start to see?

The consequences of our foolish way

We are not the ones who will finally pay

We take what we can get

And we think were set

We are idols of ourselves alone

While the victimized cry at home

We think we know

It's our little show

We masquerade

In our silent charade

Not knowing who will fall

Innocent to our devilish call

Come gather round the drinking glass

Take a sip in our unholy mass

And as the poison settles in

It's too late to save yourself within

And as the room spins round and round

You turn narcotic and melt into the ground

I'm sorry we gave up on you

It's too late for you know who

We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory

And this my friends is the end of the story