Trudging through the snow,
In a pair of hiking boots,
Down the hill we go,
Stealing all your loot!

Oh what fun we had,
Going through your house,
Soon we'll make you mad,
But we're sneaky as a mouse!

You'll never know it's us,
You'll never catch us now,
'Cause we just caught the bus,
And it's heading down town!

Down the city roads,
Off the bus we go,
We have made it home,
Now playing in the snow!

Dropped the bag of bills,
Right there on the front porch,
Snowballs thrown at our will,
Going back and forth!

We feel it was too fun,
Though not enough to quit,
So we are not just done,
Well only for a bit!

A/N: This poem was not well thought out. So some of it may not make much, or any sense. But in other words, it's just fun for the holidays, and just in time!