"Mummy mummy!!! Wake up, Santa came!!" she howles, jumping on her sleeping mothers bed.

"Bethany, go back to sleep." Her mother grumbles, trying futilely to hide under the covers. Bethany, or Any as she prefers is only six and Christmas is too special to sleep through.

"Mummy, please!" she whines, not even beginning to slow down or tire of her quest.

"Okay, I'm up. First we eat pancakes." Her mother sighs, emerging from her blanket cocoon.

"Then presents?" her daughter asks hopefully.

"Well maybe we should go to Grama's for dinner first." Her mom teases, slipping on a light purple robe.

"Mummy!" the child begs "Please." The puppy dog eyes are on full blast, and the tiny girl knows she's almost won.

"Of course doll, but you still have to eat first." The older female smiles slightly, hoisting her child onto her back. As the mother daughter pair passes the small living room, filled with the expansive tree surrounded by gifts, they stop. Looking at the array of paper, tags, and bows, Bethany's mother feels what her young daughter feels; a burst of joy from the holiday.

"Any, go head and open them up, breakfast can wait." She whispers behind her, grinning at the gasp she receives in answer. Watching the wrapping paper fly around the room, Bethany's mom, Tara smiles softly, she understands how much fun this day is, Santa and gifts; the mystery and happiness. Yes, this day is worth it, if only to see her child's joy over something she probably doesn't understand.

My short Christmas Drabble deal. Watching little kids on Christmas day is so much fun. Please R&R!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!