Prologue [Decorated Emergency]

"The anesthetic never set in and I'm wondering where,

The apathy and urgency is that I thought I phoned in,

No it's not so pleasant,

And it's not so conventional,

And it sure as hell ain't normal,

But we deal, we deal."

"Camisado" by Panic! At the disco


I dashed out of my room and took a sharp turn down the hall. It was Christmas, the day I got gifts – and lots of them due to the fact that I was the only child in this house. Sliding on the rug I collided with the wall for a quick moment before I pushed of it and made my way to the living room. Sure I was 9, but that didn't mean that I couldn't have a spazz over Christmas. Just as I was about to attempt to jump the stairs I heard a boyish voice from downstairs. Tilting my head in confusion I wondered who it was. Not any of my family since they were all busy, I didn't have friends that were boys, and I had no father to question – I had no clue whatsoever. Still being curious I started to creep down, trying to catch other sounds that would point me to the voice. Why would they buy me a boy? They were gross and smelled bad, who in their right mind would want one?

"Ah! There you are!" My grandmother cooed as she shuffled over to me in her white bunny slippers and wrapped her arms around my shoulder to guide me over to the decorated tree that was shining in multiple colors in the morning rays. Glancing around, still suspicious to the voice, I didn't notice anything unusual. There was my grandmother whom was awaiting me to open presents and her companion – Lucifer the raven – who was watching out every move from the back of the couch, nothing I didn't see every day. It couldn't have been Lucifer though; he had a deep voice – not a childish one. Shaking my head I put on a smile, trying to not let the voice thought bother me as I sat down at my grandmother's slipper covered feet. Reaching out for one of my presents I froze as I saw one move out of the corner of my eye. Letting out a scream of horror I quickly clung to my grandmother's leg. She chuckled and unlatched me from her leg and squatted behind me, scooting the present over to me. She didn't really want me to open that, did she? Glaring at the box I latched myself onto her arm and poked the box with my other hand. I had a bad feeling about that box… The same bad feeling I got when I was being tricked into watched a horror movie.

"Don't worry, dear. Look, I'll open it for you. "She smiled as she pulled the red ribbon from its bow shape and lifted the colorful lid. Having a spark of imagination blur into my mind, I began to wonder what it was. Maybe it was a puppy! Though whenever I would ask anyone for it they would laugh and say 'Dogs can't ride broom sticks, Quinn'. Blinking I continued to stare at it in wonder until I heard a clearing of the throat and a sad attempt at a meow. Wait a minute… A meow? Oh no… They didn't get me a…

"Meow, meow, I'm bored, meow, I'm hungry, meow." I bit my low lip at the annoying voice as a small head lifted from the box. I blinked in realization that it must've been the voice from before. I would rather have the boy, atleast they used toilets and didn't shed as bad. It was indeed a kitten, or it atleast looked like one. It was white with two black triangle markings under the left eye and other was over in an eye patch. I quickly reattached myself to my grandmother tighter than before. Don't get me wrong, people, I have nothing against cats in general – It's just they must see me as a scratching post or something for I always seem to be attacked by them and I had a gut feeling this wasn't going to change today. "It's gonna hurt me!" I whimpered loudly in her ear before she tore me off her worn cream colored housecoat as the cat twisted his ears and glared at me for squealing. I swore I heard Lucifer chuckle to himself, but it wasn't the time to fuss over him making fun of me.

"Dear, you have to have a partner before going into the academy… How do you expect to be a witch without a partner?" I stared at my grandmother for a second, realizing that her words were true. This upcoming year was the year I was going to try to get into the Skye Light Academy, so I definitely needed a partner to practice with – or my knowledge of magic would be in vain. Looking over at the beast – I mean, lovable cat, I gulped as I lifted my hand over to it. Biting my lip I was so close to touching him that I thought he might actually let me, but he whipped around and bit my hand, the gut feeling was right. Letting out a loud yelp I winced in the sudden sting coming from my hand.

"I hope he's had his shots…" My grandmother worried, not even daring to help me in the least. With a sigh Lucifer flapped over to me and began shooing away the animal that was attached onto my hand with his wing. With a hiss the creature got distracted enough to let go of me so I quickly returned my hand and stared at it. The bite was pretty bad, but I couldn't really decide anything beyond that it was bleeding – and that was pretty bad in my book.

"Oh, dear, you're bleeding on the carpet." My grandmother whined as she took my hand and whispered a spell to it to make it heal. I watched as her hand began to glow a soft blue and started to withdraw the blood into my veins, ultimately healing the bite. Taking my hand back I inspected it again to see that it was healed with no visible traces of the bite, but still felt sore. Looking over at the beast I saw he was still fighting with Lucifer – and Lucifer was winning. Their bricking made me smile, they reminded me so much of an angry married couple I would see on shows that I was forced to watch with my grandmother.

"Get away from me bird brain!" He hissed and leapt out of the box and hid behind me in a last attempt to get away from the raven. "Thank you, Lucifer." I smiled over at him with one of my goofy smiles. "No problem, kid. If you need anything else, just call." He noted me telepathically before returning back to his perch on the couch.

"Ah, now that that's over, how about opening some other presents." My grandmother cooed as she handed me a present that was in a long shape. Nodding in agreement I took the present from her and began to rip away the paper. Slithering the object out of the wrapping paper I realized what it was – my first wand. Grinning a goofy smile, I tossed the paper behind me and gave the wand a snuggle against my cheek. Giving my grandmother a quick hug as well I began to study it more. My initials, 'QAS', was imprinted into the wood, making me love it only more. The colors swirled in many different combinations of browns, probably being made of oak.

"Oh! I know! Why don't we try out the wand, dear?!" My grandmother cheered as she lifted the wand out of my greedy hands. Looking at her with curiosity I watched as she tapped my wand against the box the beast had come out of and sang a tune that I was faintly familiar with. Tilting my head in wonder, I watched as it picked up the tune as the lid was put on top of the box, looking perfectly put together as if someone had put them together with hand. Blinking in amazement I began to reach for the wand so I could try. Noticing, my grandmother gave me the wand with a soft smile.

"Okay, dear, hum the tune to twinkle twinkle little star to make the spell work." Nodding at her words, I tapped against the box and began to hum the requested tune softly. It slowly but surely it began to rise and dance to my voice – atleast before it went flying out the window. Flinching at the noise, I gently put the wand down before I could break anything else.

"Oops." I muttered with a nervous smile as the brisk air entered the house. I could hear Lucifer and my grandmother sigh together. "It's okay, dear. You just need practice." She smiled, swinging her arm hardily as if cheering me on. "You have some powerful skills; you just can't control them yet." Lucifer motivated, nodding instead of swinging his wing like grandmother. Everything seemed to be fine until a burst of laughter was heard from a white eye patched mass. "What the heck!? Wow you suck!" The cat gasped for air as he began to roll around on the floor laughing at my crappy skills. "Hey!" I hissed, folding my arms in disappointment. "Felix! Apologize to Quinn!" My grandmother barked, probably scaring him. The laughter stopped as I heard him clear his throat. Maybe he was going to actually apologize? "I'm sorry that you suck worse than a vacuum cleaner."

I could tell this partnership wasn't going to be fun.