Chapter One [The Stupid One in the Back]

"Then today I think I'll be hardcore,

If I forget to take my medicine then I'll be sick,

I'm so hot to trot,

I'm stealing all my beats from the blacks,

And from all the young girls is where I steal my act."

"Kill the rock" by Mindless Self Indulgence


I bit my lip in anticipation as I stared at the balding, pale, plump teacher that was lecturing the class in the use of math, which I plain to never use at all the rest of my life. Shifting my eye sight over to the clock I saw I only had 5 minutes left of torture before I am let loose into society. I let out a grunt as I rested my head against the palm of my hand. I had to think up some kind of entertainment that wouldn't get me in trouble. I was in the back of the class and bored beyond recognition. Glancing around the room I stared at the back of everyone's head, trying to count how many people in here had brown hair. Counting with my eyes and my tongue stuck out slightly in concentration. I was so caught up in counting their heads I didn't realize my name was being called.

"Miss. Skye!" I shot straight up in my seat, accidently biting my tongue. Wincing in pain I stared at the teacher with a slight smile. "Yes, Mr. Drueman?" I said, my voice cracking a bit at first from the glare he was giving me. He pointed his sausage like finger at the board with a huff of disapproval. Staring at the equation I dropped my mouth and felt my arms go limp. There seemed to twenty numbers in that equation alone! My god! Gulping down some courage, I was just about to make a guess as the bell signaled our torture was over for today. Letting out a sigh of relief, I began to pack my stuff up to go home.

"Miss. Skye, see me after class." Mr. Drueman called over the chattering of the others in the classroom. I sighed in irritation as I put my stuff into my bag and paced up to his desk where he stood with folded arms across his Santa-like stomach. I didn't dare make eye contact with him. I knew he hated my guts; it was there in the way he looked at me.

"Look, Quinn, you have to do better, or I'm going to have to hold you back." I felt my eyes widen to his words. I couldn't stay behind a year, then I wouldn't be able to get into the school I wanted to go to. "So, I'm giving you a chance. Do this extra work and it will count towards your grade." He sighed as I heard him shuffle around some paper. I gulped as I started to wring my hands nervously.

"Here, make sure to finish it all." He grunted as he shoved a stack of worksheets and notes at me. I stared wide eyed at it as I nodded and exited the room. Heaving down the hall and to my locker I started to question if I would be able to do this all in 3 weeks, when the semester would end and bring another one to life. Plopping my stack of work by my side as I started to unlock my locker, I could hear snickers as people passed by me.

"It's Quinn the Loser!" A boy snickered as he came by just to knock over my stack of paper. Letting out gasp I quickly flung myself after the sheets of paper. They were the only thing that stood between me and getting out of math for the rest of the year. Everyone had their laugh as I crawled around on my knees in a fast pace as I gathered up the last of my papers. Letting out a sigh of relief I shifted into a squat wear I proceeded to hop over to my locker, close it and grab my bag. Carefully cramming the papers in my bag I heaved it over my back and realized that everyone was just about gone.

Getting onto my feet I stretched and started to walk for the back exit that nobody ever used since it was in the opposite direction of the parking lot and buses. As I exited I was greeted with an upset looking pirate cat. Scratching the back of my head nervously I waited to be scolded for being late by my partner.

"You're hopeless, you know that right?" He grunted as he hopped off one of the school's outside lunch tables. I shrugged with a goofy smile smeared across my face. He would complain no matter what I did anyways.

"Hey, Quinn, isn't your cousin coming to live with us today?" He asked as he started the walk home. Blinking, I began to tap my finger against my chin as I thought back to the note on the fridge that stated that she was coming. "Yeah, why do you ask, pirate cat?" I grinned as I felt him give me a glare of death. Shaking his head he let out a sigh before answering, "I've just never met her before. Hopefully she's smarter than you, which, let's face it, a very high possibility." I frowned at his answer before letting out a fake forced laugh.

"Very clever, asshole." I hissed as he just smiled at his victory. I hope he falls into an open manhole, that little ass. "Why thank you, bitch." He cooed back with a smirk across his pink little cat lips. "Anyways…" I started, glaring at him for a quick moment, "I haven't met her before either. My cousin I mean." He just nodded and made the turn onto the street with the bakery on it. Biting my lip I quickened my pace to catch up to him and to get to stare at the pastries they had on sale today through the window.

I stuck my nose in the air and closed my eyes as I inhaled the sweet aromas that were calling to me. Felix sighed in irritation, shaking his head at my actions as he continued to walk towards heaven on earth. "What is your problem?" I questioned with a frown, still sniffing the air to enjoy the scents of the pastries. He glared at me for a moment before answering, "Nothing, you're just stupid." I frowned and narrowed my eyes. I shouldn't have asked.

Coming up to the bakery I sighed as I stared longingly into the window where a few people sat at small round tables chatting to the person across from them, eating cake or other things that all looked fairly good. My stomach growled in vain as I eyed a person in the back of the room chowing down on a vanilla frosted cupcake. I heard Felix sigh once more at my childish crave for sweets.

"Fine, we can go in." He grumbled as I looked down at him with a wide smile before rushing in. He jumped up on the window ceil and began to watch people eat pastries to their heart's content. Looking away from the pastry massacre he stared into the street, watching cars fly by. "She's so childish." He whispered to himself with a light smile on his lips.

"One slice of white, vanilla iced, cake and a bag of dark chocolate cookies to go, please." I ordered the pimple faced teen as he went to get my order. Placing a hand on my stomach I began to dream of the mouth watering dishes I had just bought. Sure I was going to eat my cake here and give the cookies to Felix as a thank you. Looking around I began to wonder where to sit as I spotted a table over by the window Felix was sitting under. With a smirk I nodded to myself as was determined to be the one to get that spot.

"Here you are, ma'am" The boy came back with my cake on a plate and the cookies in a bag that had a yellow chef smiley head with the words 'Come Again!' were written neatly in fancy writing on the front of the bag. Smiling at him I quickly paid up and brought the pastries over to my desire table. Letting out a sigh of relief as I sat down I put my particularly heavy backpack on the back of the chair as I tapped the glass to get pirate cat's attention. He quickly turned around at the noise and looked at me in confusion. Dangling the bag of cookies at the window he watched bag sway with a glint of hunger clearly in his eyes. I snickered slightly as I placed the bag onto the table and stared at my cake, realizing I forgot my spoon. Getting up I walked over to the stand of spoons to feel eyes on me. Looking over my shoulder I could make out that no other than Nate Thomas was watching my every move. I tensed as I scooted back over to my seat.

I sat down self consciously and shielded my face with my hand, though it was a bit too late for that. Felix raised an eyebrow, or atleast they looked like eyebrows, at me with a confused look on his face. I carefully scooped a spoonful of cake into my mouth with a blush on my face. Looking at Felix I quickly pointed my spoon over to Nate whom was out of my range of sight, but I could tell he was there. Felix followed where my spoon was pointing and a smile crept onto his mouth. I could hear him faintly clear his throat before he went on a meowing rampage. I widened my eyes and started to freak out in embarrassment.

"Shut up" I hissed while I pounded against the window with my palm which only got more attention. I mentally slapped myself silly as I tried to figure out a way to shut him up. I looked at the bag of cookies and grinned as I snatched them from the table and ripped open the bag at the top. Tapping lightly against the glass I got his attention, but he was still meowing. Digging my fist into the bag I took out a couple of the dark chocolate cookies and looked at them, he became quieter but continued on with his meowing. Quickly stuffing the cookies in my mouth I forced myself to chew than shallow, even though they were bitter and rather disgusting. I looked over to him and saw him glaring at me like he was going to kill me, but atleast he was silent. Sticking my tongue out at him I put the bag back on the table and began to stuff my face with cake to get rid of the bitter taste of the cookies. Whispering on my attention as I slowed my eating pace, looking self consciously over to the nearby table wear two skinny women were whispering to themselves.

"Gross… She's eating the whole thing…" The red haired woman whispered in disgust to the blonde girl across from her. The blonde nodded in reply and added, "And she's fat, ew." I frowned as I looked down at myself. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't a twig either. Finishing my pastry I got up to throw out my plate, completely forgetting Nate was there after my little episode. Wiping my mouth with my sleeves I walked back to my table and grabbed the bag of cookies along with my backpack. Walking out of the building I was greeted by a, "What was that about?" I looked over at the mixed emotion cat as he gracefully approached me. I just shrugged and began to walk.

"Something happened." He persisted with a serious tone in his voice. I sighed and looked over to him with a bit of sadness in my eyes. "They called me fat." I noted quietly with a frown. "Yep, you're just a cow." He said sarcastically while rolling his eyes. "So you're going to take listen to walking sticks, are you?" I smiled a bit to his words. "Well, that's pretty dumb, you cookie stealer." He yawned, watching for my expression. A smile crept onto lips. "Those cookies were gross, thank you very little." I came back, feeling better. "That's what you get for eating my cookies, bitch." He grinned to himself, making me roll my eyes.


"Ah! Quinn!" I heard a slurred voice call as I opened up the door to my house. "Cousin Sheila?" I asked as I fully entered the house. "Oh great, a drunk." Felix sighed as he entered after me. Closing the door I squinted at him as I closed the door and locked it, a habit I had since I was usually alone. "I'm going to go while I have the chance." Felix stated as he made a mad dash up stairs. I just shook my head at him, he was so rude.

"I'm in here, babe!" The voiced called again as I walked into the kitchen. I blinked at I saw her sit there with a bottle of whisky in her hand still. She was actually prettier than I thought she would be. She had very long raven black hair that was in a pony tail at the moment. Her bangs were square and stopped his about her thin eyebrows, along with short side bangs that stopped just below her ear. Her almond shaped eyes were a pale gray that seemed to compliment her slightly tanned skin. I had to admit it though, she had pretty big boobs. She was wearing a top with spaghetti straps with long bell bottom designer jeans.

"How was school, babe!" She cheered drunkenly as she raised her bottle to my entrance. Cocking a brow I slowly placed my bag in the doorway and made my way into the room. Sitting down, I looked at her with my raised brow. "It was awful." I stated truthfully, making her face drop. "What?! Tell me what happened, babe." She cooed with a large smile across her lips. I sighed and told her about the extra work I had to do. I tilted my head in confusion as she grinned. "I got a great" – She stopped and hiccupped before starting again – "I could be your tutor!" She declared while looking into the whisky bottle to check how much she had.

"You sure?" I asked, resting my head on my hand. She nodded excitedly before chugging down the last of the whisky. "Yeah, I had A's in everything back in high school! I heard you needed help with your magic as well, which is no biggie since I'm at the top of my class!" She smiled at me while placing the bottle securely onto the table. "I don't know…" I started with a gloomy tone. Was she making things up? She is drunk after all…

"Well, I'm going to help ya anyways, I'm just that nice!" She smiled once again, giving me thumbs up while swaying slightly. I sighed and just nodded. It was worth a shot, I mean, she couldn't make me worse, I already sucked. She looked at me wide eyed and began to clap, cheering over her victory. I just looked at her, confused.

This was going to be a long week, I just knew it.