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Chapter One

Wanderer is basically me. I wander from place to place, mainly because I can't stay in one place for to long. I mean you graduate and ten years later you look exactly the same, little suspicious. So I have been living in the states for the past century. I stay four years in each state. So far I'm half way through. I'm in my third year of staying in New Mexico. It is far by the best so far. I like the climate. I hate the cold so I got most of the northern states out of the way early. I started in New York and moved down to Alaska. Then I just started randomly picking.

None of the Immortals I have met know where I am. I left them in Belgium. And hopefully I won't have to meet up with them any time soon.

It's always a good thing to have a built in danger sensor. And I consider any Immortal dangerous. Well the true Immortals, vampires are easily dealt with. Considering that they find me a neutral. Just one of the many defenses I have. They aren't attracted to me like they are to humans but not repulsed like they are with werewolves. So most vampires find me interesting, I however find most of them vile. Werewolves are no different. Of course they will still attack me, it's just their nature. I don't blame them. They can't help what they are. It's how they were made.

But I do find more favor with the ones who go against the flow. Like the civilized vampires that don't attack humans, or the werewolves that have gotten control over their condition. And that isn't easy. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to do that.

But still I stay away from them when I find a pack or coven. They tend to not be able to keep secrets, and when you come across something like me it's like a wildfire.

So I stick to myself mostly. I find it easier to live by myself. Foster families are just too difficult to mess with. So I've been staying out of the system for about twenty years now.

School is torture. You would think out of all the things that have happened to Earth that school would be interesting. But no, I've been attending school since I came to the states. It is the same thing, over and over and over. They just teach it with different names or different rules. And I still find myself using the ways I learned so long ago. I feel they are much better so I have a lot of teachers that dislike me.

However every French teacher I've encountered loves me. Considering when I woke up in that damn forest that was the main language I spoke. So I am a seventeen year old 'American' with a French accent living in New Mexico.

But what the teachers don't know about me is that my parents didn't die in a fire. Nor did I inherit their fortune allowing me to live by myself, that I can speak every known language, that their 'fairytales' are real, and the fact that I am over five-hundred years old. I still don't know how old I truly am. Even though the Immortals I met say that they've heard stories about me from B.C. Most of them have been around for a while so I suppose that I probably have too. All though the ones I met I was apparently older than.

I think that the stories humans have come up with are quite hilarious. I will admit when the movie Hancock came out I was taken aback. Apparently one of the Immortals has loose lips. Who ever it was didn't give away much. I mean we aren't built in pairs. There are more than two of us, and alcohol has no effect on us. But the other stuff was enlightening. Considering humans have called us angels, demons, and superheroes. We've been around for a long time, and we are the balance keepers. I mean you can't have vampires and werewolves running around with humans without needing someone to intervene. Oh and all the other mythical creatures that humans don't realize are real.

Of course they aren't the same as in the human fairy tales. Fairy's, pixies, sprites, same thing, it's like different races. Oh and don't get on their bad side. Fairy dust, ugh, not something you want aimed at you.

Centaurs, I've heard that they are still living but I've never met one.

Don't even want to talk about the goblin/dwarf/leprechaun/gremlin/troll families. They are all one in the same. Again it's just different races. Humans just can't see past the different colors and sizes. And they are not fun to be around, the little mischief makers.

Oh the elves. Let's just say that Lord of the Rings was close. Orlando Bloom would have fit in nicely with them.

I laugh at dragons. There aren't dragons. A human just ran across an angry fairy.

Then there are the 'tree folk' which in fact are just what they are called. They are what humans would call spirits that take up residence in nature.

Take what you want from the other mythical creatures. Good chance you will be wrong.

Thanks to all of the persecution that the humans are so fond of, almost every mythical creature has been destroyed. The four 'dominant' mythicals (Immortals, Vampires, Werewolves, and Elves) are the only ones with significant numbers. It is only due to the fact that we blend in. Fairies are a little obvious with the wings and all. Centaurs, half man half horse, then the little dwarf families, they well, were luckier than most races. The Elves were almost never seen by humans so the humans didn't know them to persecute them.

The witches though, that was bloody. I'm not sure if the humans ever actually caught a witch. They did however catch a few vampires, but the ones who were lucky enough to find the vampires joined the coven. Vampires don't like being caught.

Humans who found werewolves didn't live long enough to tell the tale.

Humans who found elves didn't ever want to go back to being human.

No humans ever found Immortals.

We blend in the best.

We Immortals are the ultimate being. Of course the other mythicals would disagree and say they were the ultimates.

We have everything, strength, agility, speed, and so much more. All Immortals have the same powers. It's just that some have a knack for certain ones. And those are the ones they develop, mind reading, seeing, invisibility, shifting, and flying, basically anything. Most Immortals develop the key 'superhero' abilities. It just makes life easier to live.

I have lived a long time. I've developed most of everything. You never know when you might need some kung fu fighting to get out of a tight spot. And mind reading comes in handy in high school. Boy's minds are as dirty as everyone say's they are.

I try not to dwell on the past. I gave up trying to get the rest of my memory back three hundred years ago. I figured if it's meant to come back it will. There might be a reason that it's gone in the first place.

So for the last three years I've been living in the New Mexico town of Cimarron. I like to live in towns with some historical value, and this one was perfect. Along with the fact that it was small, no one would look for me here.

I had a very close call in the last town I lived in, stupid vampires.

So I am Andrea Miller the straight A student that keeps to herself.

I try not to have too many friends. It just makes it harder to leave when the time comes. But this is one of the few towns where I've been popular. Probably due to the fact that I'm a rich seventeen year old living by herself in Cimarron. Of course no one knows where I live.

I actually have a lot of friends here. And a few people I won't be sorry to never see again. I just have to keep reminding myself that I only have one and a half years left here. I've already decided that I'm going east, Arkansas or Mississippi or Louisiana maybe, haven't really decided yet.

I heaved myself off of the floor. I went to the dresser and got ready for my day of doing nothing. It was Saturday, my favorite day.

I decided on wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I pulled my hair up in to a pony tail and walked outside. School was almost over. Four more months and I would be a senior, again. I mean I liked it here; it's just that I start getting anxious the longer I live somewhere. I'm only comfortable for the first two years. I've been debating on whether or not to just stay two years in each state. But then what do I do after I finish through the states? I don't think I could start back over. I mean I've thought of going to college but I don't think I could take anymore school.

I walked on a familiar path. My legs took me where they wanted to go.

I thought back to the coven I ran in to a few years ago. Sure they were civilized; most in America are, but still. I don't want any Immortals finding me. At least none of the immortals I've met. I shivered at the thought of one particular one.

I met the vampire in a rather interesting way. I was in the woods on a hike. And the vampire was there hunting. He zoomed past me so fast that I actually tripped. He stopped in his tracks and came over to me, mainly because my arm was bleeding. He was speechless. He wasn't going crazy at the sight of it. I wouldn't have expected him to. Immortal blood isn't any way related to human blood. That's why the vampires aren't attracted to us. Our blood is neutral, it's blue. You should have seen his face when I ran my hand over the cut. One moment there was a five inch long gash in my arm then it was gone, blood included.

He was amazed. He wanted to take me back to his coven. They had never run across someone like me. I agreed, knowing that they couldn't do anything.

The coven was quite large by some standards. There were three couples living together. And apparently there were two missing. It was a family. Not something you run in to every day.

I stayed with them for about two days. I mean my job as an Immortal is to know things so I found out everything I could. What I found out was not what I was expecting.

Apparently the Tenebrae and the Lumina have dug up the war once more. I was just happy to find the coven wearing the moon. They were Lumina, if they had been Tenebrae, ugh, I shudder at that thought. I never did quite understand the reasoning behind the symbols the Tenebrae and Lumina use. Tenebrae's symbol is the sun, but Tenebrae means darkness. And Lumina means light, and they chose the moon. I just gave it up as that the sun is a giant powerful fire ball and the moon is a beautiful symbol for peace.

They asked me very tensely what side I was, considering I had no symbol. I answered that I'm Lumina, for I would be if I had to choose. But I am neither. I do not even know what the war is about this time. So I'm not joining up on either force.

They relaxed when I answered. Then they continued in filling me in. Apparently the war has just started. They don't even know what it's about. And I find that odd considering that vampires are usually always the ones starting these wars. The immortals just join when they know who the good guys are. The Lumina are usually the good. There have been a few cases where that fact was wrong but hardly any.

I think the most famous battle is our 'origin story'. That is what most of the mythicals say we came from. But I disagree. Considering most of us are much older than the time of the story. I mean I think I'm older, I'm not really sure.

But it all started with the Greek. The great battle of good and evil, light and dark, this battle is why the God's and Goddesses ceased. It started when dark took over the light. For you see the two brothers most commonly known as Zeus and Hades. They never got along. Zeus ruled the light while Hades ruled the dark. And then the dark took over. Not many know this story, but Hades killed his brother and took over. The other God's and Goddesses of Light were furious at the intruder, so they all bounded together to defeat him. It worked but at a price. What the humans called Olympus was destroyed never to be rebuilt. The bounded super God was stuck on Earth, when the Gods and Goddesses split apart from one another all of the Gods and Goddesses took a piece of the other with them. So that is how the immortals got their abilities. We have everything because we are the Gods and Goddesses of everything. I disagree even though a few very annoying immortals kept calling me Athena when I was in Belgium. That's one reason why I left. Actually most of the immortals disagree with the story. We don't know but we just accept that we are here. But the battle happened regardless. The ones who disagree with that origin story say that there were a few big-headed immortals playing the humans with the whole God and Goddess charade.

I told the vampires that I just wanted to stay in my peaceful home, that I wanted nothing to do with the war. The one I had met in the forest questioned me about that.

"Aren't the Immortals the ones who are supposed to stop these kinds of things from happening?"

I answered him point blank, "From what you've told me of the war, the Immortals are the ones who are in the deepest. Nothing is the same. Times have changed. We can't live in peace anymore."

I left them with that because I knew exactly what the war is over now. The mythicals are getting fed up with each other. The lower mythicals are upset because they can't be accepted by the humans like the dominants. They are sick of hiding, and I don't blame them. They just don't understand. They can live in their little secret societies and be themselves. We have to blend in with the humans which mean holding back our powers. You have no idea how hard it is to stay in one form. How hard it is to keep your feelings in control so you don't make it flood in the desert, to keep the most special thing about you a secret from everyone.

I think I have it worse than anyone. I hide from everyone because I don't know who I am. I don't know who I can trust. There are a few Immortals who are looking for me to use me, others want me dead, and then there are the ones who know who I am. Then there is the Order.

The Order or better named the humans who say they are humans but have been alive for thousands of years whose only mission is to rid the world of evil. Most of them are blinded because now they think that all mythicals are evil. I heard about a whole village of sprites who were wiped out because they were living to close to the humans. The Order is another reason why I left Belgium. I don't want to run in to one of them.

So as soon as I hear anything about an Order member I pack up and leave. Getting captured is not on my To Do List.

I haven't run into one of the Order since maybe early 1800s. I've learned. They were mirthless when they were really powerful. Salem witch trials, yeah, that was them. Two witches, four vampires, six werewolves, and an elf. Why you would want to have an Elf killed I don't know. They are relatively peaceful, in till you kill one. That's when the Order stopped killing Elves. I think the Order lost a good two-thirds of their numbers. You don't mess with Elves.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

I froze. I hadn't been paying attention. Now I could feel the danger thick in the air. My senses were going haywire. I had been walking for a long time just thinking back over memories. The saying "Getting lost in your memories" was completely true.

The danger was behind me. There was only two, I could handle two.

I straightened up and took a deep breath. I turned to face the danger.

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