Chapter One - Orange Headphones

"Crea, wake up!" I tightened my grip on the blankets. "Crea, wakey wakey!" my roommate practically screamed in my ear as she shook my sides. Shut up. Stop touching me.

Once again, my dreams of Orlando Bloom were disrupted. We were about to kiss and live happily ever after but nooo. Lilly had to step up and be the evil witch from the west. I groaned and tried to ignore her calls.

"If you're not going to stop pretending to be asleep, I'll throw your panties out the window!"

I abruptly sat up, trying my best not to look half sleepy. If Lilly Cross says that she'll throw your panties out the window, she's not kidding. Trust me, I know. What do you want on 6:30 in the morning? Go away. Wait—did I just say 6:30? Crap. I totally forgot that I'm at Weston Boarding school now, not in the comforts of my house. This is torture.

I got up the bed and scurried around the dorm room, trying to gather my bathroom stuff and my uniform. Lilly is a bit of a pervert so dressing up in front of her is awkward, especially if she starts commenting about my non-existent breasts. I swear, if this girl has the means, she'll go and buy me implants. There will be pigs flying and birds swimming before that event turns up. But wait... she has the means, and her persuasion powers are incredible. Oh god, I feel like fainting.

"I'll wait for you till you finish dressing up." Lilly tells me as she combed her long platinum blonde hair. Lilly is a year older than me, which technically makes her my upperclassman and she says that I should treat her with respect. I do actually… most of the times. I let her be as I prepared myself for school. I bathed, brushed my teeth and tied my brown hair in a high ponytail. I hated having extremely long hair that hasn't met the salon for a couple of thousand of years, metaphorically speaking of course. My mom loved my hair long so she didn't want me anywhere near the trimming scissors. She just styles my bangs and left some chunks to frame the sides of my face so that I won't look that plain. Not that I didn't mind though.

It's been a week since school and I really like it here. Everyone is nice and the school is pretty big, not to mention it kind of looks like a castle fortress of something back in the old English times. Cool. The buildings are like a hundred years and are made of old grey bricks and the canteen looks very medieval. I'm sure they have a dungeon here somewhere but I'm too scared to even step on the building where they say it's located.

Plus, Weston requires students to wear uniforms, not like most schools in England. Most students here don't like wearing uniforms but it makes life easier for me since I don't have to worry on 'accidentally' wearing the same thing in one week.

Lilly left me once we reached the quad. She has English in the Mechtild building and I had to wait for Anna, a classmate of mine. I looked up at the sky and frowned upon seeing greyish clouds in the horizon. Usually rain starts around early October but Mother Nature is freaking out because of global warming.

As I stopped and admired the grey clouds in the horizon, I smiled. I didn't get to enjoy it much when I felt someone bump on to me and toppled over. At first I thought it was due to my stupidity for holding the dizziness that started to form in my head, but then when I felt a hand groping my waist, I realized it was Damien Vorhis, a batch mate. Thank God we aren't in the same class! That way, I'd only see him outside class. He had this sort of tall and lean build so I had to look up to meet his face, "Pleasant morning Miss Frost" he said.

I hated—no detest this guy. He always has this silly smile plastered on his face, he always talk in an annoying, 'polite' manner and he—"Damien, you're breaking in to my personal space again" I complained as he edged his face closer to mine. Usually girls would like to be in this position, since Damien is hot in most standards. He has this neatly cut brown hair and very pale porcelain skin that is to die for. But whenever he trespasses my personal zone, I usually go ballistic.

"But I like putting my face close to yours Miss Frost! It's my only anti-drug." He said, waving his hands to exaggerate his point. Is this guy crazy? "I always wake up in the morning and think of the warmth of your face" No, he's not crazy. He's on crack. Definitely.

I edged away from him as he looked at me with his idiotic smile. "Damien. Stop it." I tell him while I pushed his face with my right palm. People were starting to look.

"I love it when you say my name"

What the hell is this guy on?! I need to run away from him. Now!

"Crea" My heart jumped for joy as I heard the soft voice of Anna. Finally! What took her so long? I ran towards her and grabbed her by the arm, "Got to go Damien! We'll be late for Biology!" I said and practically dragged Anna away from where Damien was.

I got through the series of questions Anna were shooting at me when we walked to the Biology lab. I wasn't fond of being investigated so I was kind of ticked off on the fact that she kept on pressing that there's something between Damien and I. My jaw practically dropped when I reached the classroom.

I can see the familiar head of tousled brown hair. I bet my face is making a super freaky facial expression. How the hell did Damien end up in the same class as mine? He was in the other batch last week. What's up, and besides that, how did he arrive the classroom before me? Did he know a secret passage that other students didn't? As if.

Damien was sitting on the desk of a boy, a new comer I presume. I've never seen him before. He had brown long hair that seemed to be going everywhere and an orange headphone resting on his head with the earpiece behind his ear. God couldn't this guy pick a louder color for a headband slash headphone? He looked upset or something. His eyebrows are all ruffled up but did he look gorgeous. Now this is the guy's face I want close to mine.

I snapped back to reality when I saw Damien look at me and whisper something in the new guy's ear. My heart dropped. What was he saying? Are they talking about me? The guy gracefully turns his head to my direction and stands up. The whole class looks at his direction, as if they were waiting for him to make a move for a while now. I heard Anna 'eep' beside me, or was that me? "He's coming this way, Crea!" she hastily whispered.

What does this guy want? He soon stood in front of me, too close for comfort and placed his arm on my shoulder. I almost faint at the beautiful scent of lilies that enveloped him. I couldn't talk, somehow my throat became dry. I looked up at his charcoal black eyes. Man they're gorgeous. "Um…" I whispered stupidly. I probably looked like a nerd.

"You're sitting with me" he says with his low sing-song voice. It took me a moment to realize what he said. "I-I'm already assigned a seat" I said dorkily.

Damien was chuckling. I could see it! Damn what did he tell this guy?

All of the sudden, I felt as if my scalp will get ripped of my head like a piece of Velcro. This guy was pulling me by my ponytail! I winced loudly, as I heard some of my classmates gasping, but no one stood up for me. Traitors.

"I said, you're sitting with me." He said for clarity and continued pulling me to where he was sitting. I was holding the other end of my ponytail to at least lessen the pain on my scalp.

He stopped on his seat and glared at Kevin Stevens who sat in front of him. Poor Kevin looked up at him, trying to say something intellectual, but instead the words "You chair is mine" came out. Coward!

After getting Kevin out of the seat, he holds my shoulders and pushed them down until my knees bent and sat on the chair.

"Crea, this is Alexi." Damien introduced, "Alexi is my master from London. Lets be good friends!"

Curse you Damien. And did he just call a classmate his 'master'? Man these guys are weird.

The bell rang immediately after Damien spoke. My classmates quietly went to their seats and Kevin went to my old seat, at the back of the classroom, beside the window. Good bye beautiful view!

Mr. Arsen finally reached the classroom, holding a bunch of lecture papers. He wore his usual glasses and laboratory gown and briskly greeted the class good morning. Setting down his lecture papers, he takes out a piece of yellow paper from his breast pocket.

"Right. May we have Mr. Alexander Valentine to introduce himself to the class?" he said and glanced up at Alexi.

I was kind of afraid to look back at him. He stood up from his seat, "My name is Alexander Valentine. I transferred from London and I hate talking to dim-witted people. If you bother me, I'll suck out your blood until you dry up"

Was this guy serious? Was that supposed to be a joke? I cautiously look behind me, almost scared on what I am about to see. I quickly snap my focus on the blackboard. This guy is freaky! He was glaring at me with such passion and hate. I can almost imagine red eyes and horns on top of his head!

He sat back down as if he said the most ordinary thing in the world.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Someone was applauding? I didn't look back this time. I don't want to look at this guy ever again! "That was wonderful master! I am truly moved!"

"Shut up Damien." Mr. Arsen said.

Everyone in class snickered silently.

After several subjects on unease, I survived the glaring fest of Alexi. I felt he had burned a hole on my head after three hours of staring at it. I don't know if he did stare on it the whole time or if I was just being paranoid.

I stood up from my seat and started walking briskly towards Anna. I stopped suddenly when I felt the now familiar pain on my scalp. I instinctively held the other end of the ponytail and looked at him. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"To Anna. We're going to have our lunch at the quad." I said quickly. Wait. Why the hell did I just answer to him? "You're pulling my hair too hard. And I could report you for bullying" I said.

He loosened his grip and called for Damien. The little bastard went skipping to him like a puppy. "Yes master?" Damien replied cheerfully and looked at me, "I think pulling Miss Frost's hair like that would damage her scalp master. How about a spot of tea?" he suggested.

Alexi reluctantly released my ponytail and nodded to Damien. Were these people okay? Who drinks a 'spot of tea' in school? No one I tell you! No one!

I ran off the classroom while the two weren't looking and went straight to my friends at the quad.

"Omigosh, omigosh, omisogh! Howdidhishandsfeellike? Huh, huh, huh?"

My eyebrows rose to their maximum level. "Start talking again when you decide to make sense"

Jenny Anderson, the class president jumped up and down as she continually bugged me about Alexander Valentine. Her shoulder length black hair bounced along with her as she tugged my sleeve. For the past fifteen minutes, Jenny and her friend decided to talk to me and let Anna and I join them for lunch. I knew they, particularly Jenny, wanted something from me, I don't mind. But her constant nagging was getting to me. Her perkiness is also trying to stretch my patience.

Dani Smith cleared her throat. Jenny calmed down a bit but still held on to my sleeves. Wow, I need to learn that trick to make people shut up.

"Anyway, I've been trying to talk to Alexander Valentine ever since he entered the room. Well, since I'm class president, I guessed that I should introduce him to the rest of the class and all" Jenny explained.

Making a wild guess, I reckoned her real agenda was to hit on him and get to know him more like the rest of the girls in class. Where is the world going to? Guys are the ones who should be chasing girls.

"What's so special about this guy anyway?"

"This guy? THIS GUY? ARE YOU BONKERS?!" she screamed. I winced since I'm pretty sure my ears are bleeding from her high pitched voice.

"Alexander Valentine transferred from Blackheath Middle School, the most prestigious academy in London." I spun my head to Dani. Wow I'd never thought I'd see the day when this girl would say something as long as a complete sentence. Ever since I started here at Weston, she would either talk to me with very limited words or; nod or shake her head

I raised an eyebrow when she took out a sheet of a4 paper. Wait did she just research on Alexi?

Without a doubt. I almost face palmed when she handed me the info sheet. It had every single one of Alexi's stats when he was in junior high. Even his grades are in here. Wow. I'm almost scared of these people. I didn't question how they got hold of these information. Actually, I didn't want to know.

"He is a straight-A student, only failing PE when he didn't feel like playing basketball with the other kids" she stated flatly, as if she recited the most normal thing in the world.

"So even if he flunked a subject, he still had enough to pass the grade?"


Wow. This guy is amazing. And I hate admitting it.

"Let me make you a deal." Jenny said seriously, while clutching the sides of my shoulders. I feel a bit nervous with the look she had with her eyes. "My dad is a five-star chef and his food is good… and expensive" she stated.

I didn't know where she's getting at but I have an idea on what she's talking about. My parents love Mr. Anderson's food and they only dine there in very special occasions. Like 10 year anniversaries. I kindda feel my mouth watering just thinking about it.

"I want you to gather trivia from Alexi and report them to me. Every trivia you get, I'll reward you a meal made by my dad." She stated.

"You could ask him yourself you know." I replied. I really don't care about her Alexi fetish. To tell the truth, I'll never talk to the guy ever again. I'll go tell the teacher that I want to change seats and trading with Kevin Stevens was a big mistake. Heck I'll even try and ask my mom to let me cut my hair to lessen the possibility of physical contact with the guy.

"But he doesn't talk to me! He ignores me and leans away from me! Don't you think he's hurting my pride a bit too much?"

I took a bite from my marmalade sandwich, "If he's hurting your pride then why bother gather info—" I was immediately cut off then Jenny decided to throw her palm on my mouth.

"Hush my little one." She said. Little one? Was this girl okay upstairs? Sometimes people here at Weston made me question the school's sanity.

"I'll double your pay."

The whole lunch period was dedicated to Jenny's constant pleas and shameless negotiating. I didn't even notice Anna and Dani utter a word. I think they were just listening to the conversation and watch Jenny strangle me to death. As soon as I finished my marmalade sandwich (and while Jenny was distracted) I ran to the classroom while choosing to ignore her screams of my name.

The weather was still gloomy. People really should straighten up and act kindly towards nature. Damn global warming. Once I reach the classroom, I saw Alexi on his seat, arms and legs crossed while looking out the window. I immediately grabbed my ponytail and clutched it in front of me as I walked pass him and took my seat.

Oh god, I can feel his eyes bearing in on my soul.

Man, I feel naked all of the sudden.

I finally gather up the courage to turn around and look at him. Wow I didn't notice the heart-shaped mole he had right below his left eye; and the fact that his skin is super clear, kindda like what you see in overly Photoshopped pictures; plus he had this perfectly messy hair that is to die for. If you get what I mean.

"If you stare at me like that, I won't be able to concentrate in class" I stated.

No reply.

He just stares at me with those coal black eyes, expressionless. Dang he's good looking. Okay, concentrate. Think of the gourmet food. Is my mouth watering now?

"Um… do you like it here in Weston?"

"I hate it"

My eyebrow twitched. Nice. This man could definitely hold a conversation. Chicks will dig him. Note: sarcasm.

"Is that why you brood all the time?" His left eye twitched. Oops looks like I hit a soft spot. Oh shi—, his perfectly heart shaped mole moved!

Alexi made a tsk sound and detached his limbs from their previous position, leaning towards me. "Listen, are you a vampire?" he asks.

My eyes looked at him as if he was the three headed snake in the circus. What was this guy talking about? I stopped believing in vampires when I was like… five.

"No. Last time I checked I don't turn in to coal when I run outside

"Ash," He corrected.

"Uh, right"

"Do you think they're real?"

"Just how stupid do I look to you?"

He grinned, exposing a dimple, "Very stupid... no, extremely stupid."

I grimaced, how can talking to this guy be so... frustrating?! "Sorry to disappoint you, but I still have some IQ telling me that STUPID vampires aren't real. They're STUPID creatures petrified by garlic, sun and drinks blood like water. They're also dead and—"

"Un-dead" he corrected again.

"Un-dead and despite their beauty, they're also—"

"You think vampires are beautiful?" he asked arrogantly.

"Why are you supposed to be one?"


I stared at him like he was crazy—which he is. I mean who thinks he's a real vampire? Unless, he's screwing with me. Yeah that must be it.

"I don't believe you." I said.

He then crosses his limbs again, this time looking at the view outside. Wow Jenny is right. This guy knows how to push one's buttons.

To be continued

Author's Notes:

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter~ I wonder how I could convince someone to beta this... to tell the truth, I have no idea how the beta system works XD. Anyway, Chapter two will be up shortly since I'm almost finished writting it, and I have the plot all in my head. See you guys next chapter!