a rose without thorns is like a back without a spine.
i know what it's like to have tears in my eyes,
i've seen unknown sights in your lies
but you could be the most gorgeous criminal.
my bones are calling to crawl into bed
but i wanna scream, i need you so.
to miss what we were, to want what we had
is just too typical to express;
and your eyes changed colour,
despite wanting you to unravel before me.

a bed without a lover is like an empty hand.
i had so much to offer, you really had no idea
i can't stop referring to this past of mine
worry stones between my fingers,
wishing it was my present.
i'd be blessed to hold your gaze again,
and i'm not into love, i'm into soul-ties.
twist into a bow with me, Oceanic Eyes
the bottomless blue where i can't find my answers
but i'd rather drown.

i'm not opening the door just to be polite,
do you know me? i don't know you.
despite the time i did when i kissed your mouth;
the clouds cried --
they wanted something more for us
you can't dare say this was just a big mistake,
there was no flaw engraving your name
into the first bone in my rib-cage.

a sky without a sun
is like me without you.

your mysterious, calling eyes.
i am losing and i want to drown,
i'd rather sleep in your pupils and stay close to you
oh, Oceanic Eyes...

the rose in my vase
smiling happily every morning;

that nerve in my spine
that keeps me walking;

the lover i imagine holding
who deserves to find tranquility in my bed;

the repeating stanzas
wrapping around in my head.

the sun occuping my sky and
i miss whatever we had
that placed this beauty in my life
that instilled this lovely state of mind.

i've lost my soul in his bottomless eyes;
i never knew anything other than
wanting to drown.