deciet behind a delicate face
hair like wine, wind sleeping between each strand
there's no way for you to see past that porcelain skin,
or those defined black lines within her eyes.

destruction inside an unknown mind
breath like sharp peppermint, breathing sighs with scorn
pointy words like pins and needles,
they'll slash at your soul and tear you apart.

forgotten songs within a strung-out cord
eyes like a lion, shooting flirty death stares
straight into a silver-lined mirror with
the fierceness meant for an enemy.

empty voids in the garden of eden
voice like bitter lavendar, wrapping around each leaf
they decieve just to break and blanket to betray,
you can't trust a word those sugar-lips spill.

sensuality in such a complex frequency
the softest pair of hands you'd ever touch,
until you get too close...
her welcoming is only but a moment,
until you're mentally deceased
while deciet's teeth are snipping at your sides.

despair infused throughout cold veins,
past the vile vanity; she's deadly to her core.
she'll never be mapped out correctly
or tainted by any of our hands;
she's simply a lost soul inside a bag of bones,
and her heart is but a stone.