You're the One


You're my mummy- our mummy,

You're the one that helps us,

You're the one everyone turns to,

And you're the one, that possibly

Everyone takes for granted.


Have we ever said thank you? Probably not.

So here it is.


You are, without doubt,

The most funniest, craziest, scariest, weirdest girl I've ever met,

You're my life, you're our Mother,

You're the one that keeps us together,

You're the one that's always there,

Good times or bad.


I love you, more than anything,

And I thank God every single day for letting me meet you, to meet your family,

And I know deep down, I don't deserve you, or the rest.

But you keep me going, you keep me living,

And I don't think I'd ever be able to repay you.

Happy Christmas, LC.

We love you. I love you. More than anything.

Zara xxx

Thank You For Everything