A Perfect World

I suppose in a perfect world there would be no war, no tremendous acts of violence, no one would be left behind or hungry, nothing to bring our country to its knees, sheltering itself within idle objects. You could say that in a perfect world kids would listen to their parents, eat their vegetables, do the chores and whatever else there may be. Perhaps to some you'd be the boss and your boss would be the employee. Within different people, are different views about a so-called "Perfect World".

But in my perfect world, I could care less about world hunger, war, or anything like that (as cold as it may sound). I'd prefer something simple. Something that's always within my grasp, but I've never been able to touch it. In a perfect world.

I'd have her.

Looking across the room now, I took in how she had changed, yet stayed the same, all these years. She'd grown her hair out, it flowed over her shoulders in beautiful golden brown waves. Her eyes still dazzled like when we were younger, but they'd gotten darker as well, the color of cleanly cut summer grass. Still, she looked wonderful.

Under her casual set of clothes was the body of a goddess (not that I've ever really seen it. Although I'd very much like to). But held the stamina and skill of a Navy SEAL along with the mind of Einstein, beauty, brain and brawn all in one package with a bow on top.

She looked my way and smiled. When we were younger I'd like to think it was a smile only reserved for me. As we grew older I came to realization that it was. It was never wide and bright. But content, her lips would quirk up a bit and her gaze would soften. It was her smile; for me.

I found myself smiling back; an automatic reaction you could say. She walked towards me, her steps graceful. She held herself so high, on a golden pedestal made of her accomplishments throughout the years. As I mentioned before, she had the mind of an Einstein in the making. Her breakthroughs in medical science and technology for the military were nothing to frown upon.

She stood before me and out gazes locked just for a moment. As cliché as it may sound, the world stopped around us. It was just her and me in our own universe, happiness spiked within me. It was a feeling I hadn't experienced in a long time.

"I see you've made it," she said, keeping her smile.

"I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Plus, it's nearly Christmas I was bound to get a day off."

In truth I really hadn't gotten the whole day off. I had planned this from the beginning of the year, so I went the extra mile to make the boss happy, doing extra missions and small little things. In return he said I'd get half a day off, but when I returned I needed to work twice as hard. That was fine with me, as long as I was spending my time with her.

"Thanks for coming," a small pink appeared on her cheeks, "it means a lot to me. Knowing your busy schedule and such."

"It's your birthday. My busy schedule can wait, on the other hand, you can't."

She nodded, the smile still upon her lips. We were quiet for a moment, a comfortable silence we'd grown accustomed to over our time.

"I heard you were proposed to."

Yes, it was true. And when I had found out I was enraged and heartbroken at the same time. Well yes, we never really were an item, but I was still hurt and a little afraid that she might've said yes. We didn't see each other much after college and I knew deep inside of me she'd find someone else, but I wished so hard against it.

"I declined."

I was ecstatic, but I wanted to know the reason behind it. And maybe, just maybe she declined because of me. "Why?"

"I guess I don't have time for a really serious relationship," her eyes flickered to the fireplace then at me, "and there's always been someone else occupying the place in my heart."

Me? Me?! Was it me? Oh heavens above please let her say it was me!

"And who might that person be?"

She brought a finger to her lips and winked. "A spy never reveals her secrets."


Then her finger was on my lips and with her other hand she point up. My eyes followed and I saw what she was pointing at; mistletoe.

She brought her finger away and smiled, a slight impish grin to it. Her eyes sparkled now more than ever. I smiled and tilted my head slightly down, while she tilted hers up. The moment our lips came in contact pleasure surged through me. I wanted to deepen it so badly, but she pulled away before I could.

It was short but sweet. I guess with everyone else here she didn't want anyone watching our display of affection, because I'm sure we'd go farther if we wanted to. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She quickly placed her lips on mine, stealing another kiss from me.

I was so surprised I wasn't able to react fast enough. She brought a finger to her lips and winked, before walking away. I stared after her, a smile on my face.

I suppose in a perfect world I wouldn't have to hide my feelings about her. In a perfect world we'd already be together, happily together. We wouldn't have to hide how we feel and I wouldn't be sounding like a love-struck moron every time I think about her.

But alas, our world isn't perfect and I suppose that kiss was as close to perfect as I would get. I was willing to wait though. No matter how long, because she was worth waiting for.

I was willing to wait for a perfect world. Where I'd hold her, kiss her... love her.

Because I love her...


. . .


And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you readers out there! (: I showed this to my friend and she asked me, "Who's point of view is it from?"

I'll leave that to you guys (: You can always guess who's telling the story, everyone has different opinions ( ;


P.S: Props to Google for writing prompts o.o without it I wouldn't have been able to write this. (: