This story has been rated K+ for some ideas younger readers may not understand and brief mild language. Enjoy!

A Worlds of the SightSpirit Short Story

Divine Souls, Episode 1:

"Chosen Ones"

By SightSpirit

"But I don't want to be a Chosen One!" Beston complained, sounding very much like a whiny child (he was sixteen).

"Too bad!" his twenty-year-old sister Rora retorted. "The Dekashu spirits make the decision, not you." She walked away, loud chewing noises coming from her mouth; she was chewing pisel, a variety of chewable (but not able to be swallowed) flower that tastes like whatever you want it to.

"I don't want to leave this world," Beston whispered.

Beston, Rora, and their parents hiked into the forest. They knew they were protected by the Dekashu spirits from any wild beast that threatened their lives.

The family reached a large near-empty grove after one hour of walking. In the center of the grove was an area of old, mossy cobblestones on which what seemed to Beston to be some kind of altar. Beston also noticed that two other forest paths led into the grove. A family was walking out of each of them. Each family had one member about Beston's age who looked very nervous.

A glittery sparkle drew Beston's attention away from the emerging strangers. The sparkle was shimmering above the altar in mid-air. Then, as if from the sparkle, the image of a bearded man appeared. Beston saw that everybody was getting on his or her hands and knees in a bow. He then realized who he was looking at and joined the others on the ground.

The Dekashu spirit nodded in acknowledgment of everyone's respect. He then spoke in a loud booming voice. "Chosen Ones, it is now time to say farewell to your loved ones." One of the Chosen Ones, a girl with blond pigtails, began to weep. Her parents comforted her.

Beston had a sudden impulse to scream at the Dekashu spirit, but he didn't wish to be put to death. He merely turned and hugged and kissed his family, even Rora, and turned back around and walked to the altar without a word. The others also finished their farewells and joined Beston at the altar.

"Are you ready?" the Dekashu spirit asked. The Chosen Ones nodded. "Then let's begin" was all the spirit said before all hell (at least in the Chosen Ones' opinion) broke loose. Three bolts of lavender lightning shot from the Dekashu spirit's fingers. They all struck the Chosen Ones in the chest. Beston screamed in pain. And then it was over.

"Kid," a voice said. Beston could tell it was a girl. "Kid, wake up."

Beston opened his eyes and saw the blond-haired girl staring down at him.

"My name's Gert. What's yours?"

"Beston," he croaked. He got up and saw many adults sitting at a long table.

"Welcome, Beston, to the Dekashu Council. We're Dekashu spirits now!" Gert said.

To be continued…in Divine Souls, Episode 2: Enemy of Dekashu

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Author Notes: This is my second short story. It is also 2008's second SightSpirit Holiday Gift story! Yes. I decided to write another one! I know that you don't usually get just one gift for the holidays! So I'm giving you two! Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it), happy Hanukkah (if you celebrate it), happy Kwanzaa (if you celebrate it), and happy new year (know matter what you celebrate, if any)!

This was a very fun story to write! I made it up as I went along. When I finished it and read it over, I noticed that many things seem to point that the Chosen Ones were to be sacrificed! So, here's the deal: that's what Beston thought, too! Imagine his surprise at the end when he finds he was chosen to become a Dekashu spirit!

The first in a series of ten "episodes" (stories), "Chosen Ones" is one of only two or three short stories in the series. Everything else is in novel form. Such as episode 2, for example!

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This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between real people and events and the characters in this story are either used fictitiously or are purely coincidental.