WARNING: The story this is previewing is rated T for some intense fantasy violence and mild language.

Divine Souls, Episode 2:

Enemy of Dekashu

A sneak preview!

The warriors took the woman away. More warriors charged into the tiny village, killing innocent lives with their spears. They set fire to the straw roofs of the small mud cottages. Their spears pierced the hearts of young and elderly alike. They showed no mercy to anybody that stood in their way.

The leader of the ruthless murderers ventured into the forest looking for anybody that may have run away. No man, woman, or child should have escaped him and his troops. He would not let anyone get away.

The leader came across an altar in a wide clearing. His expression remained unchanged as a bearded apparition appeared on the altar.

"Jargus Darot. What a surprise to see you here," the ghostly man boomed. "Not a surprise that you are murdering innocent peasants, though. I command you to stop your cruel, pointless operation at once!"

Darot grinned. "Why should I, you great buffoon?"

The spirit narrowed his eyes. "You don't know who you're talking with, do you?"

"I'm talking with a Dekashu spirit. What's your point?"

"So, stop your destructive operation this instant, or you shall be banished from this realm!"

Darot merely laughed. "You can't do that! You're technically not even alive!"

The Dekashu spirit stepped off of the altar. Darot took a step back. Sparks of lavender electricity began to dance around the spirit's hand. He then unleashed the lightning on the evil warrior. Darot laughed as he began to fade out of the world.

"I will return, and when I do you shall all perish!" Darot continued laughing until his cackling was only echoes.

The Dekashu spirit walked back to the altar and returned to the Dekashu realm. Darot's evil henchmen left the village to return to their own homes, now that they had no one to command them. They all dropped their weapons and headed into the setting sun, the village behind them littered with rubble and debris, the fires of death still blazing among the ruins.

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Enemy of Dekashu tells the brief story leading up to the events of "Chosen Ones" and what happened afterwards. The recurring villain, whom you already know (in a way), of the series is also introduced, and he will unleash his first attack on the Dekashu spirits. How will Beston, Gert, and Heran (the third Chosen One, whose name was not mentioned in Episode 1) deal with this new threat…and their new lives? Find out when Enemy of Dekashu comes to FictionPress!

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