Of all the hard things they had to do, nothing compared to waiting…

Five different doors slammed. Breathless panting…the scent of fear mixed in all of the boys. Jackets and hats were taken off and hung neatly at the door. They all wore black and gray; a color that matched the night eagerly. No words needed to be spoken.

Though not the youngest— he held the spirit of one—Chi went straight to the window. He wasn't very good at holding certain emotions in like the rest of his friends. Sora, his roommate sat on the bed, his hair untouched by the rain. His fingers fiddled in his lap.

No words needed to be spoken.

The two eldest shared a room. After throwing down a large hand bag, the oldest— Daimond— only by a few months fell, onto the bed, positioning himself to his side, and using his arm as a pillow. The look on his face was solomn. The other stormed into the bathroom, grabbed the towel off its rack, and proceeded to dry his hair. Looking in the mirror, fear was not the only emotion on the surface of this one's soul. The glare he gave to the mirror sent it right back to the owner.

The leader of the group presented himself as the adult, though he was by no means the eldest physically, he was mentally. The air around the room was probably the most calm, swirling away fear into something relaxed. It was obvious that he had taken these steps before, had waited as all of the others that were waiting in the rooms around him.

Ryo's appearance was still of a boy in the middle stages of puberty. Baby fat graced and puffed his cheeks. He had on three necklaces of no value to anyone but the person wearing them.

Still he had the aura of a leader about him.

Chi was the one who saw them first. A moving blackness in the night. Their hoods were up, poorly shielding them from the rain. There was no rush. The three men were coming closer to catching them. Chi looked at Sora with a glance that told the latter he was about to cry. One look was all it took. One look and Sora nodded already moving towards the door. Brindle, Dante, and the others needed to know it was time to move on.

The knocking on the door warned everyone. Ryo, who had taken leave of his chair to watch for them as Chi did, calmly sat down once again. He placed his head gently on his fingers. The footsteps of his comrades' warnings made him smile gently. No knocking at his door though, they all knew better. Ryo's sense of knowing allowed him to envision Daimond nodding at his roommate, Yuya, who had turned his head sharply at the warning knock to look at the other.

Time to go...

In the safety of his own room, Ryo's smile turned sly, his eyes glittered mischievously. In a voice that was just above a whisper, he called out a name.


The footsteps were slow, but heavy. Yellow eyes peered menacingly through their owner's hoods. Thick black gloves shielded their skin against the weather. Almost there. Almost. The level of excitement rose up. Only one didn't think much about the almost capture. It was like playing Hook with Peter Pan and the lost boys. Too many times had Ryo gotten away from his grasp. Learning not to get overexcited by a near-catch was like learning calculus and trigonometry at the same time. It was hard, but years of experience said it was a necessity . A great power melded itself with that child. It was such a pity that that power was given to someone so ignorant of its greatness.

And to a kid no less…

It was no surprise that when he opened the door, and the three entered, Ryo was nowhere to be found. The two behind him entered quickly. The wind blew in the air from the hallway, making the white curtains flow. One went one way; the other went the other direction. The leader stood still. His two lackeys forgot to close the door behind them. It was the most open escape route he could have provided. And he knew that his target was gone. Gone the instant the door had opened. If Ryo was gone, then so were the other nine with him…

He didn't feel inclined to listen in on his two companions' conversation.

"He's gone."

"He was here a moment ago though."

"How do you know that?"

"His chair's still warm."

Of course it was. The power from a Shadow is magnificent…and he wanted it.

"Next time, Ryo," the leader said with an aura of calm hatred.

(AN: I got this idea from Hey!Say! JUMP's new Music video *pv* with the same name. .com/watch?v=kHR9BvC-Wjg if you want to watch it.)