A/N: Howdy! This poem was originally for Juri and Saionji from Utena but I've decided to change it to fit Love Spell. The first poem, A Second Cry for Help will be from Hiroshima's POV and the second one, Asnwering the Cry will be from Ammonia's POV. If you like these and you haven't read Love Spell, please check it out under my profile!

Charisma Hishaw

a.k.a. SilverIsamu

A Second Cry For Help

Am I so terrible that no one seems to notice me?

I am like an unnoticeable shadow in the corner of an old abandon house.

Ready for someone to just shine a light on me.

I sit here in my cold and damp corner, smelling death

I go to stand up, but something's holding me back.


What are these chains?

I close my eyes and see memories

Memories that cause me such pain

I look down at these chains of black

Void, colorless chains that give me such anger, pain and anguish

I want to run but every time I refuse to stay in this place of agony,

The chains grip me tighter.

I want to yell, "Get off me!"

But I know once I did, it wouldn't solve anything

All those tears I shed ever since I've been here

Have a sick and twisted tint of red...

My blood

I hate this feeling

I look in front of me, and see people laughing

When all I can do is cry

Why can't I feel that way?

Be the person that everyone notices.

I close my eyes once more

And yell at the top of my lungs.

But the laughter grows louder

As if they are laughing at my weak call for help

I stand up as a sharp pain goes through my body

I bite my bottom lip and scream louder

This time...

The laughter stops

And they all look in my direction

Now, they listen, but I don't know what to say

I am trembling

Not even the comfort of my own blood can stop me now from what I feel

I want to disappear

I'm getting dizzy

And I feel myself fall


Perhaps to hell where I belong...



I feel the arms of someone

Maybe someone does care

I open my eyes and to my surprise

A lock of orange hair is what I saw

My eyes widen

"Ammonia...You care?"

I hear a voice say in my ear.

"Hiroshima, it's ok, I'm here."

And I close my eyes and actually feel peaceful.

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