The grim reaper is not one person

The grim reaper is the world

The grim reapers are the ones who are lost

The grim reaper is the one that slaughters the forests

The rivers and the prairies

The grim reaper does not leave a trail of blood

He leaves a trail of asphalt and smog.

His domain is the world

In almost every corner are his minions

Reaping for him

Spreading his empire

Slowly but surely

He can sit back and watch them

Destroy themselves by living

They are puppets on strings

Doing a dance of death

And with every step

They become more entangled in their own mechanisms.

Is it for good?

They honestly think they are the saviours of the world?

The higher man?

'Saving the ferals'?

'Taming the savages'?

Leading their worlds to be the same as ours

Murdering their ways

Forcing them to fade into the mere pages of books?

Are they helping them for common good

Or because they are afraid?

I watch as they encroach

Forcing cultures of old to fall

I watch as their leaders struggle to stop it

To stop the powerful waves that crash against their strongholds

Threatening to pull them and their people under the churning waters of the great oceans

I watch as some let the waters nip at their ankles, taking a wade to see what the water feels like

Blind to the riptides that will grab them and refuse to let go

Dragging them under

Forcing them to become one more wave in the rushing waters of the Reaper's empire.

I watch as still others dive into the waters

Swimming amongst the invisible sharks as if they are not there

They think this ocean is a beautiful dream

A land they only thought could exist

But watch as they watch it unfold into a vivid nightmare

Grotesque and horrific,

Watching as their world becomes grayscale and dead

Lifeless, listless.

But now it is too late

The ocean has iced over

Refusing to let the seals trapped below its surface leave

Watching in cruel irony as they choke in its waters



The ocean calls to those at its shores, pondering,

Come in, come in.

((Another poem. It is about westernization and how I personally feel that its risks are completely ignored, and that it is glamorized, and it was glamorized in the colonial times, too.))