Masculine Feminine

Chapter Two

Andi was still contemplating what she should do.

"To go, or not to go? That is the question." She sighed. Lying in bed while trying to finish up her English class assignment was not as easy as it seems, because she was totally distracted.

"What should I do, Hamilton?" She turned to her stuffed piggy. Hamilton has been with her though the good and the bad. Her daddy gave her Hamilton on her fourth birthday. He's been though a lot, maybe a little too much, since he is start to look like anything but a pig. Nonetheless, this is Andi's most precious possession.

Realizing that it was only a one way conversation, Andi shook him one last time. Giving up she carefully set him back on her bed.

Lying on her back, she began to talk to the ceiling.

"See my favorite band with my best friend or staying in school on Thursday without him." She said gesturing with her hands.

"What kind of band plays on Thursdays?" she was thinking "I mean tons of their fans must still be in school and stuff. Unless this is what they want! They want their fans to miss school and see their concert! That's just rude!"

"Ahh!" She screamed into her pillow.

This startling noise made one of her brothers barge into her room. It was Nolan. Nolan Christopher Simms to be exact, twenty one years old, the younger of her two brothers.

"Andi? What are you doing?" He asked her.

She was still face down on her pillow.

"Uh... sleeping?" She replied.

He wouldn't know what she was stressing out about. He was currently in college, but he never was serious about school. He starting changing his party, school ditching ways long ago, and if he found out, or even worse, if Landon found out, she would be dead.

Landon, well let's just say both of her brothers are quite overprotective of their little sisters.

"Yeah, right." Nolan was not easily fooled. He knew her better than anyone else. She was closer to Nolan then to Landon. "Now tell me really, what's up?"

"It's nothing, Nolan." She said lifting her head from her pillow. "I just can't figure out this assignment."

No. Maybe she shouldn't have said that. Now Nolan's going to want to try to help her, which means he's not going to be leaving her room soon.

"Let me…" Nolan started to be of assistance, but he was quickly cut off.

"Noooo, no. It's okay. I have to figure this out on my own." Andi said with a smile.

"Okay. If you need help, you know where to find me, baby sis." He said before leaving and shutting her door.

"Thanks, Nolan." She made sure to thank her brother. He was one amazing brother, especially to turn his life around in such a small amount of time. No one believed in him when he needed, but Andi did. Now he is going to be as successful as she imaged.

"Ay, I can't concentrate on this bed! Especially with all these distractions!" She exclaimed giving the evil eye to Hamilton. No response.

She moved all her school work onto her desk.

"11:07. Just great. It's almost tomorrow, and I still don't have an answer." But she pushed off thinking about the concert until she finished her work.

Working for a hard forty minutes, she finally came up with a conclusion. For her paper that is. But soon her decision about the concert was set too.

Either way, she didn't know how Adam will react.



Wahh! So sorry, it's been forever. I have the worst case of writer's block. College has been a huge challenge for me. It's been distractions here and there, but I'm back trying to get as much done as I can.

Please bear with me! This was probably the shortest chapter you've ever read, but I just needed it to get going. I do find more inspiration for this story, which means that the others will be placed on hold for a while longer. :/