An 'Expected' Holiday Special

By: DStone39

WARNING: If you have not read Unexpected Love all the way through, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. This story contains MAJOR SPOILERS from the ending of Unexpected Love. It also helps to read some of Lucky No. 13 to get a sense for the characters...

A/N: Merry Christmas all! Besides a new chapter of Lucky No. 13, here's a holiday themed story with both the cast of Unexpected Love and Lucky No. 13. Enjoy.

December 24th, Christmas Eve. A day like no other, where families and friends spend time at their houses, anxiously waiting until the morning. This was no exception to the small town in the mountains, named San Maria. On this cold winter evening, in a time after all the light has past, one could see a single snowflake drop from the heavens. It'd had been snowing for the last week or so and the roads were covered in the white powder. Along with Lake Cerrito, everything had been frozen for this special time of year. Yes, I imagine you could simply stand outside your favorite pine and enjoy the peacefulness of…


…A red pickup truck barreling through the snow?!

"Oh, dashing through the snow, with a knife shoved in my chest, I probably should have known, not to listen to that devil in a dress."

"I made to Killing A,"

"…and me to Murder B"

"Then I shanked that stupid bitch to fall right by the tree!"

"Oh, paintball shells, feisty belles, Davey's still alive! We're on our way to ruin his perfect Christmas night. Paintball shells, feisty belles, we'll win this time you'll see! No more shall be we caught in such conspiracies!"

Maybe…expected was the wrong term used here…

"Hurry up Dave! We don't have all day!" Tim shouted from his car outside of Dave's house.

"Coming!" Dave said running out the door, wearing a new green jacket that was thick enough to resist the snow.

Tim stared at the figure frantically running through the snow.

"What are you wearing?" Kairi asked from the back seat.

"My winter jacket…" Dave replied, sitting shotgun, "It keeps me warm in the snow."

"You look like a green marshmallow." Tim added, pulling out of the cul-de-sac.

"Yeah, yeah, off to Paige's location for this party. It sounds like it's going to be a good time."

"Yeah, well with us, it always is, isn't it?" Tim said, has he drove off.

The small silver car drove into the streets, heading towards Lake Cerrito.

"Johnny boy! Your date is waiting here and her body is getting cold!" Tom yelled through the front door of John's house.

"Gah! Keep your eyes elsewhere, mister!" Nicky demanded, crossing her arms across her chest in her thin winter sweater.

"I'm here," John said, locking the door behind him. "Tom, stop staring at Nicky chest…"

"Not my fault she wore such a thin piece of clothing to freezing temperatures!" Tom defended, heading back to the car.

"Well, excuse me!" Nicky whined, "Yo vivando en New Mexico por trece anos!"

"John, what is your girlfriend saying?" Tom asked, opening the driver-side door.

"She says she lived in New Mexico for thirteen years. It's very hot there, so…" John explained, crawling in the back seat with Nicky following.

"There's no snow! Dios mio. It's freezing here!" Nicky said, shivering.

"I think she needs a little warmth, Johnny boy." Tom suggested, turning on the car.

"Turn up the heater then." John added.

"Are you guys going to bicker like this forever or head towards the party? Seriously…you guys are more boring than a card game manga." Donald stated, sitting in the passenger seat.

"Whatever you say, Donny." Tom said, pulling out of John's driveway.

"Don't call me Donny."

"What, aren't we practically family now that…say, where is the not-so-virgin Mary?"

"Gah! You're lucky you weren't the bastard that did the deed, you…sicko." Donald exclaimed, gritting his teeth.

"Well, I already knew that, but man is she-"

"Tom, seriously, I don't think Donald wants to hear how you…" John interrupted, trying not offending anyone.

"Yeah, you're lucky I haven't sliced your head off with my replica of Zangetsu…" Donald added, somewhat infuriated.

"What? She liked me, I liked her, and then we-"

"John? Where are we going and is there going to be central heating?!" Nicky asked, still shivering.

"To this house on the lake. There was a flyer posted at the Hall and we thought, why not. I bet there will be a fireplace or something." John replied, putting his arms around her.

"Yeah…you know, I don't mind if you guys want to get-"

"Thomas. Head towards the party and if you say one more thing about anyone or anything relating to a person in this car me and John will beat you senseless." Donald ordered, putting his feet on the dashboard.

"Whatever." Tom said, still looking at the road. "Plus, no one calls me Thomas."

"We're even then." He closed his eyes.

"Tom, I thought you had to take a course to get a driver's license." John asked.


"Did you take it?"


"Do you have a driver's license?"


"Then why are you driving the car?!" John asked, frightening his partner in the backseat.

"It's easy, it's just like GTA or Burnout." Tom stated, one hand on the wheel.

"On the most dangerous conditions…" John sighed, "You had better get us there in one piece."

"I will. I'm better than those clowns!" He pointed his thumb towards a speeding truck.

John kept quite, Nicky started to shiver and Donald had fallen asleep in his seat. They were all at the will of a crazed maniac at the wheel, but it wasn't worse than the red truck flying past them.


"Who is it?" Paige asked in a festive sweater to the visitor.

"An old friend," the voice said.

Opening the door, she found a tall girl wearing a green sweater with long brown hair and blue eyes.

"Kat! My God, aren't you…" Paige exclaimed, surprised at the figure in front of her.

"Dead? I know, it's a long story…"

"Yeah, but why are you here?" she asked, still shocked.

"This is my house, isn't it?" Kat said while stepping in to the wonderland Paige had spent weeks preparing, "and it's collateral."


"Yeah, it seems Hell released some winter demons your way and the boys upstairs needed to balance things out. After all, I'm still Dave's little angel," she said, as a slight halo appeared around her head.

"Demons? Why would they release…"

"Don't worry about it. They're just little hell raisers, they won't kill anyone." Kat said, sitting down on the couch and biting the head of a gingerbread cookie.

"Okay, whatever, you're here. The others will be arriving soon enough… Do you want something to drink?"

"Blood, type A if you got any." Kat said, biting again at the man-shaped cookie.

"Come again?" Paige asked, almost dropping the glass in her hand.

"I'm joking… you'd have to go to hell to be a vampire… would be cool though… No such thing as 'good' vampire y'know," Kat laughed, " Uh, got any Joneses?"

"Yeah, for Dave. He's the only one that drinks the stuff."

"Pass me one."

Paige tossed a can and half-expected it to fall right through the ghost's appearance. Although, she caught it just the same.

"Good 'ol Dave, always looking out for me." Kat said, popping the top and kicking back on the couch.

For Paige and soon everyone else, this wasn't going to be a regular night…


"Ooh, they're here! Aren't you going to fly up somewhere or disappear so no one sees you?" Paige asked, running to the door.

"Nah, it's no big deal. Like we haven't already broken the walls of fiction already." Kat said, still sitting on the couch.

"Whatever," Paige said, opening the door to let in the guests.

"Hey Paige!" Dave said, walking straight through the doorway.

"Hey," she said bleakly.

"Paige! Have you read the new story yet?! I hear there's a cute guy name Scott in it!" Kairi exclaimed as she walked to the door.

"No… I haven't."

"Hey Paige, something up?" Tim asked, noticing that she looked as white as the supposed ghost that sat on her…its couch.

"Yeah…you'll find out as soon as you get in. Where's Jacob?"

"His parents made him audition for the role in New Moon!" Kairi yelled, running back to the door.

"What now?"

"The second Twilight book-movie… I don't think he'd make it, but they could use him for the flashback…or a stunt double…" Kairi babbled as the two had a disgusted look on their face.

"He's missing a hell of a party," she said, ignoring the reference.

"Considering the last party, I don't think he'd want to go either way." Tim added, as him and Kairi went to the main room.

"Ahh, my expected visitors! You come from the-" Paige began, the front door still open to the snow.

"Treinta Valley, my dear." Tom said, taking Paige's hand and giving it a kiss, "The name is Thomas. Thomas Chris."

"Don't you dare touch me!" Paige shouted, pulling back her hand.

"Ahh, feisty. I like a belle like that…" Tom said suggestively, his eyebrows in an arch.

Before Paige was about to respond, two fists pounded his head on to the ground.

"Ignore our friend here… he's a little…" John began.

"…Sick," Donald added.

"Right, you three best come in, and you're-" Paige began, slightly shocked at the familiar face.

"Nicole Key, chica."

"I thought you were-"

"New here, yes I am… it's freezing out here, where is your fireplace?" Nicky asked wildly, shivering like a leaf.

"Uh, main room." Paige pointed in the house.

"Gracias." Nicky ran in to the crowd that had built around the couch on the far wall.

Everyone except the four that just walked in stood with their mouths open at the figure seated on the couch.

"Hello everyone!" Kat said, holding a tray of cookies. "Want some? They're really good."

The crowd was silent until…

"Ohmijosh! It's the schizo!" Kairi blurted quickly, standing in front.

"Who now?" Kat asked, not quite understanding her exclamation.

"Kairi, settle down," Dave said, pushing her back into the crowd, "Is you're name Caitlyn or Kathyrn or something like that?"

"No silly! It's me! Kathleen!" Kat laughed, sitting back on the couch.

"But, Michelle…" Tim began.

"Yes, it's complicated. I'm here for one night because of my Dave here. Something's occurred upstairs and I'm here to keep tabs on it."

"Who are you again?" Nicky asked, moving to the front of the mob.

"Kat. My name is Kat," she said slowly.

"You were the girl that this chica got me confused with?" the brown eyed, six-foot girl asked.

"Guess so," the blue eyed, 5' 11'' girl responded.

"Okay, you died, right?!" Dave asked, suffering slight shock, "I watched you die on this floor that day, did I not?"

"Dave, Dave, Dave," Kat said softly, walking over to Dave underneath the archway. "Can't you understand? I'm here tonight…for you."

"Me?" Dave asked shocked, "So you're a ghost?"

"More than that," she said, only inches away from his face, "could a ghost do this?"

The crowd stepped back as Kat started to kiss Dave under the arch.

"I knew that mistletoe was a bad idea," John whispered to Paige,

"You brought a date, why are you complaining?" Paige replied.

Soon the couple broke away and was left in silence for a while.

"Kat…" Dave said, still staring in her beautiful blue eyes.

"I'm here for you," she whispered in his ear, "I'll always be your little angel."

After a quick kiss on the cheek, she grabbed his hand and walked to the couch again. Everyone steered clear of the plant they just realized was hanging from the arch.

After the shocking entrance, the party goers continued their festivities. Mostly games of Xbox 360 and Wii, but some decided to chat a bit amongst themselves.

"So, you guys are from downtown San Maria?" Tim asked the leather-wearing boys sipping on glasses of root beer.

"Yeah, we play pool at a hall not far from the local high school." John said, straightening his jacket.

"He's the best, I'm not bad myself though," Donald said smugly.

"Cool, think I could drive down and shoot a few?"

"You don't have breasts, do you?" Donald asked, pointing at Tim's chest.

"Uh…no." Tim replied, slightly disturbed.

"Then you can come there any time you like."

"Why would you ask such a thing?" Tim asked wildly.

"We have a strict 'no girls' policy… it's for liability reasons." John stated in a smug tone.

"Liability? Are you sure you don't mean gender discrimination?"

"What's that?" Donald asked.

"Unfairly treating someone of the opposite sex that you would of the other." Tim stated, trying to keep his cool.

"Listen man, we aren't trying to hate on the chicks. We love them, is that right John?"

"You'd best agree with Tom, I treat chicks with respect." John said, shooting down Donald's act.

"Alright, why do you agree with this no girls rule then?" Tim asked.

"Why let someone play if they're automatically going to fail?" John stated before taking another sip of root beer.

"For equal opportunity." Tim reminded them.

"Opportunity?" Donald laughed. "Do you know what happens when you give chicks an opportunity? La Senorita Trece."

Nicky looked back at the boys as she was playing a game of Wii Billiards with Paige.

"Hey boys, what's up?" Tom asked, running in, out of breath.

"Nothing, we're just talking." John replied quickly.

"About what?"

"The girls policy at this hall," Tim finished.

"Oh, girls! Well, best move this to another room if you want me involved."

"Why's that?" Tim asked.

"Well, my comments tend to…displace the girls if they hear them."

"More like offend." Donald added.

"It's perfectly natural! I told John the same thing!" Tom shouted above the music.

John and Tim synchronized a ten-point facepalm for the previous comment.

"Hey, now that's not right. I may be perverted to Johnny here, but-"

"And me," Donald added.

"And me," Tim said.

"Me too!" Nicky yelled over Kat's drums.

"Okay, there's no need to get all overreacting."

"Leave, Tom." John demanded.

"Whatever, I'll see what there is to drink." Tom said, leaving towards the kitchen.

"Anyways, as I was saying…" Donald began, "This girl has made a mockery of the Shark ranks at Jay's. She's beaten everyone except for John here, because she can't get within 39-and-a-half feet of him."

"So, just because she's a girl you deny her the right to be one of your Sharks?"

"She cheats! The Sharks are a respectable bunch, we pay our dues, and we hold to the code, we are not a bunch of cheaters!"

"She's just a dirty player, take Nicky over there." Tim said, pointing to the Wii screen, "She's beating Paige by a lot of points. She's a clean, fair player."

"On a video game." Donald added as John almost choked on his drink.

"Yes, but if she's that good on a game, she could be as good on a real table!" Tim explained.

Regaining his composure, John was able to speak. "Y'know, with the way Miss Thirteen is playing us, maybe it is time to let in some more diverse players."

"Oh no, not you to, John. They cheat. They lie, cheat, and steal. Chicks are evil!"

"But Nicky… She really wants to go the Hall, and I think she could really play there, with my help!"

"John, listen to me, No. Girls. At. Jay's. Period." Donald stated coldly, "She can play here all she wants, but she'll never get to the Tide. Got it? Or are you nothing but a kiddie?"

"Look at you talking shit!" John shouted, " It's me, the King of all Sharks, and you had best remember it! As far as I'm concerned, she's nothing but a pawn in all this, if that."

"That's the John I know and look up to!" Donald said, holding his glass up.

"I give up. You all are going to lose to this Miss Thirteen. I bet my word on it." Tim said before walking away from the boys clinking glasses.

In a lull of the songs, Tom runs in from the snowy outside, horrified. Everyone looks at once to see who barraged into the house.

"Guys! Remember that red truck we saw coming here?" Tom asked the guys in the car with him.

"Yeah, what about it?" John asked.

"It's headed this way… fast." Tom said, running from the door.

"What do you mean? They're not going to-"


In a blast of wall and snow, the red pickup truck found it's way half inside the house, windshield cracked.

"Goddamn it! I wanted to return this for my deposit!"

"Whadda ya mean? It was a rental to begin with!"

"Yeah, but your merriment almost killed all of us!"

"How can you kill someone already dead?!"

The party goers turned around to Kat and Paige.

"I told you guys," Kat said cheerfully.

The figures from the wreck started to make their way out of the remains of the truck.

"Who the hell was that?!" a high voice asked.

"I dunno, it sounded familiar though," a deeper voice answered.

"Yeah, like it was a friend from our past lives…" another replied.

"The voice responsible for your death, I'm afraid," the driver stated.

"You don't mean…"

After the dust cleared, one girl and three boys were standing in front of the gaping hole in the house.

"It can't be…" Kat said softly.

"But it is, you stupid bitch!" the shadowed girl ran towards Kat, placing her in a chokehold.

"Michelle…" Dave stated, no emotion what so ever.

"Oh, so you are here, Davey," the shadow said, her red eyes staring directly at Dave.

"Us to, Dave, but she dragged us along." Derek said, pointing to Sean as well.

"Well, don't forget me! Hey Dave, happy holidays!" Chad said, leaning on the crimson wreckage.

"Okay, enough introductions, what are you doing here, angel?!" Michelle asked the caught Kat, forcing her at the wall.

"To protect him…from you." Kat coughed, still choking.

"Like you don't already know… I can't kill anyone, but I can cause a lot of terror." Michelle announced, throwing her to the floor.

"Nonetheless, me and Chad are here to keep tabs on you and your cronies." Kat said, getting up.

"Well, Dave's the one I want anyways…" she said, walking towards him.

"You can't have him!" Kat shouted, blocking her path.

"We gone through this deary…"

"I don't care… find someone else." Kat said, blocking Dave from the red-eyed girl.

"I have… and he's much better than Dave here. Older, handsome, and knows how to treat a high class lady, like myself."

"Grr, so why do you want Dave?" Kat asked, practically growling at Michelle.

"Payback, my dear. He broke my heart so I'm going to give him a similar pain. Imagine, living forever never to be reunited with his precious Kat in Heaven… Sounds…too tasty to resist." Michelle stated loudly before licking her teeth.

"Go back to the hole you crawled from. He deserves to live as much as the rest of them." Kat said, pointing to the crowd.

"Do all of your parties end up like this?" Nicky asked Paige quietly.

"No…just when these two are here…" Paige sighed, pointing at Kat and Michelle.

"My point exactly… why shouldn't he have the opportunity to live?" Michelle said, starting towards Dave.

"Not like that. His life deserves a beginning and an end. With no end, there is no life."

"Deary, you're not making this anymore easier than it should be. If you want him so bad, get someone to kill him right now!"

"He deserves a just end. Not brutally taking by a trick!" Kat yelled, remembering her death.

"How sweet…but I do believe I was stabbed in the back by the same bastard you're protecting…"

"It was I," a voice said.

"Who was that?" Michelle asked, looking frantically around the room.

"Me." Kairi said, walking to the front of the crowd.

"I know it was you, you stupid girl. But he! He was the one that gave you the chance."

"Yes, but he didn't want to… he didn't want the blood on his hands…he did everything you requested of him including the last dare! If anything, Dave is not a backstabber. He stood by you until your deep end demise."

"Quick interruption. Who's frakking idea was it to dump my truck and the bodies in the lake?!" Chad asked, pounding on the metal.

"I think it was Jacob's…" Tim replied.

"Gah! Just because we're dead doesn't mean we can't feel the fish eating away at us!"

"Or kisses…" Michelle said under her breath.

"See, you remember…now of all nights, Christmas Eve, you plan on torturing the boy that stood by your every wish until you died?"

"Don't blame us, the Christmas ghosts went out, we just followed." Sean replied from the back, eating a cookie.

"Well, you're right…Kairi. But…"

"But nothing. I'm Dave's angel now, and I won't you sink your teeth into him. He's too good to be a bad guy."

"Girlie, you're making me sick here." Michelle complained, making gagging noises.

"Exactly, you want to deny him of this happiness?" Kat asked, still in blocking position.

"What happened to the rest of us?" Tom asked, "and what's with the vampire chick?"

"I don't know, some unfinished plot hole or something…" John said.

"Ugh, it's like a bad Twilight crossover…" Donald said.

"You read Twilight?!" John asked, shocked. The boy with the glasses reddened.

"No, I had to sit through the movie with Mary… but as far as I can see…it's like all the roles have taken their place just fine in whatever the hell is going on here."

"Was it really that bad? I heard it was a good book."

"Dude it's a romance with supernatural characters…written in a girl's point of view…" Donald stated, "Another point to why we can't have girls there…they're too damn sensitive… We don't want tons of chicks crying about him and them and whatever while we're trying play now, do we?"

"I guess not," John replied, slightly confused.

"Honestly, I think I'll just end this right now." Nicky said, walking over to Michelle.

"Nicky, no!" John whispered loudly.

"Who are you? Another Kat?" Michelle asked.

"No, not another Kat…and can you finish this up soon, we're missing some good TV specials here!" Nicky asked without fear.

"But, I'm supposed to bite Dave so that-" Michelle began, somewhat out of character.

"Shut up and let me end this…" Nicky said, before grabbing Michelle and kissing her in front of everyone and then-


The radio blared on Christmas morning, waking DStone from his sleeping position at his desk in front of his computer. He saw that he had written a short story in a box on the night before…

On the night before Christmas, and the author did sit.

He was typing a storm, trying to make everything fit.

A Holiday Special like no other can compare

With nothing silly like werewolf-like bears!

Yes it would have the cast of Love and Lucky

A brand new story without Derek-ducky.

Not Michelle, Kat, or Sean as well.

Why not a good rendition of Jingle Bells?

Too cliché for the Readers of Love

Yet something for Lucky to undoubtedly love!

Still, he pondered and puzzled, with ideas galore

And nothing came to him but Rock Band, Twilight, and more.

So, defeated at this minute after the midnight hour.

He made the best that his Readers could devour

A simple rewrite of the old Christmas story.

Hopefully with all the rhymes it isn't too boring.

And before logging off, he type with all his might.

"An Unexpected Special for all, and to all a good night!"

The End

References: I do not own the legal rights to the Night Before Christmas story or Jingle Bells. Or would it be 'Jingle Bombs'... considering since I used the rhyme scheme from Achmed the Dead Terrorist... hmm, best add it or he'll say "I kill you!"

I do own the legal rights to Jones Soda, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii Biliards, Wii Play, etc.

I do not own the rights to the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer, but I thank for (somewhat) permission to reference it...

If anything seems real, I don't own the legal rights to it, most likely.

A/N: Ooh, I see a lot of questions arrising from all this... Best way to put it, I started out with an idea and I horribly screwed it up to the point where I couldn't find a ending for it on Christmas Eve/WAY early morning, so I scrapped the whole thing and added the Christmas Story (part of my original idea) at the end for an acceptable ending. I'll probably end up having to write a explanation for everything chapter, because this was a lot like the off-topic Chapter in UL where Chad shot Nathaniel in the head for popping in unannouced. Still, I said I was going to get you guys a Holiday Special and here it is! Once again, Merry Christmas and please be gentle tieing me up to the chair...