Jolly Holidays





Sometimes I have this feeling, that this is the only words which I think as I walk to work. I kept rubbing my nose with my mittens. No matter how much sweaters or warm my jacket was, I'd always manage to freeze outside. God, how much I hated winter. I guess the only month I actually do enjoy is December. Maybe because I was used to mum's cranberry pies and other fruit pies or the smell of Christmas trees, which filled up the air.

"Damn." I sighted, as I stared at the mad fans holding up photos of Liborio. At every other time of the year I'd laugh my butt off, but now when I wanted to get inside as soon as possible, I didn't bother. So I simply walked on, surprised where the bloody hell Pete was.

Ok, those were our channel's hottie fans and Pete's one of my few fans, since I'm behind the scene. I write the scenarios, because I'm too shy to smile at the camera all the time. Ok, you guessed it, if not, well, tough luck. I should stop talking like pretty boy, seriously, I doubt Phoebe's cards tell the truth anyway. Who believes in them, besides Phoebe whose cards told her that she'd end up with that creepy guy, who she met on some cooking class.

Anyway, I work on a TV channel. I'm the person, who's behind the scene, but pops up from while to while. Yeah, seen the damned posters which the fan girls were holding? He's the reason video games got popular, since he tells about the new video games. Hell, he's good and not to mention handsome.

If you think I've got a crush on him, you're so-

Ok, let me get this straight.

I opened the bloody door, which has this really nice big poster of all of our workers grinning like idiots in Santa Clause's hats (and my boss thinks that we're hidden from all off the paparazzi, with this poster and with the fact that we're on one of the town's busiest streets, riiight, dare to dream, boss) and before I heard Liborio yell ''morning' to me, since he's always smoking when I come inside and his ''morning' is usual too.

"Tanya, there's a mistletoe above us, my love!" And then Pete kisses me straight on the lips and I stare at my fan in shock. I heard Liborio choke from above. I'll kill Martha for hanging that damned mistletoe, since she flirts with our boss. Well, even if she didn't think about it and only thought about her future honeymoon in Bahamas straightly after their first romantic kiss under the dreadful mistletoe, I still blame her.

"Tanya, you seen the scrip- What the hell is going on?" I head a rough male baritone from above. My boss and Martha's love. Amazing, simply amazing. I pushed Pete and he simply stood grinning like a five year old who bought a giant lollypop with the size of his bloody head.

"Meet Tanya's new boyfriend, boss." Liborio said with a smirked and inhaled one last time before throwing his cig into the bin. No one goes around with fans chasing him and is freaking proud of it like he does.

"So not true. Pete kissed me!" Right, I shouldn't tell about the mistletoe with is a damned big surprise, as if our boss didn't notice it. Liborio whispered something into boss' ear and they both burst out laughing madly.

I didn't hold my anger and stormed right up to yell at Liborio, just because he's the dream of all ten year olds that simply doesn't mean anything and that he's worker of the month every blasted month.

We started yelling on each other and Pete slowly walked away touching his lips and not even with a small thought of defending me. Such a loyal fan! And that thing promised to save me from the dragon. The dragon is definitely Liborio here.

He stopped yelling and rolled his eyes at me. We were standing alone, I guess everybody got used to it, since we yell at each other from while to while. At first Martha always stood afraid, that I'd hit him or he'd hit me or some freaking crap like that, but nothing ever happened. Weren't we standing to close? That's when we both shut up and I blushed. Liborio blinked, but then a smirk appeared on his pretty face.

"Can't get enough of my pretty face? Admit it, I'm gorgeous." He smirked. After a second a red mark appeared on his 'gorgeous pretty face'. He's so immature. With that I left Liborio standing and I headed searching for the lost script.


"Tanya, relax. Damn it!" Martha cursed blowing on her hot chocolate. Her hazel eyes were fixed on my eye roll, now it was her time to roll her eyes. She repeated her last phrase. I kept on ranting how annoying Liborio was and so on and Matha listened carefully, as if afraid to miss a word. I guess I ranted the same thing nearly every time after we'd argue.

"But admit it, he's good looking." Martha winked, poking the snowman which stood on the kitchen table grinning happily. Of course, he didn't have to work with an idiot. I sighted and fixed my ponytail. My best friend smiled happily, that I finished my long rant.

"Tanya, is the new year script ready?" I saw George, our boss peep inside the kitchen. I guess from all bosses he was ok. Maybe it was because everyone knew his crush on my best friend and the same thing only in reverse? Martha blushed as George gave her a small wave. I tried not to spill my hot chocolate, as I carried it to the table. I nodded to George and sat down, slightly exhausted.

"You know that Amelia and Liborio are doing the New Year special? I'm just telling you where your script will go." Martha said with a sigh, finishing her hot chocolate. Mia? I stared at her. Amazing, they'll make a wonderful couple, both hell in a body. I sipped my hot chocolate silently.

"C'mon, she's not that bad." Martha said patting my hand. She tilted her head to see Mia running by and yelling George's name. "Ok, maybe she is." She smirked slightly. Amelia flirted with anybody, not to mention with my ex, which dumped me last Christmas. Wow, a year.

It's not like I count and remember, I still love Christmas, and it's simply a fact, which remains a fact. Well, if to believe the rumors, he dated Mia for quite a while. The New Year show was two of our team doing random stuff until the clock would show 00:00 and then say "Happy New Year". Usually it meant coupling new couples, since usually everyone was either partying or home, but not at work.

Me and Martha planned to go somewhere with Phoebe, somewhere fancy. And you know what we will and we'll have a hell of a good time.

Well, if Martha and George don't do to the Bahamas after the mistletoe thing.


I guess it's no big fun describing my day which usually is Liborio ranting on my script and then going to rant to George then back to me. Well and my brakes for hot chocolate, and chats with Martha, that's it.

Then we had the usual Christmas party. I guess it's nothing special, drunk colleagues signing along with the victim of the deadly karaoke. Martha's usually flirting with the boss, as me and Phoebe take chances at the deadly karaoke. I caught a glimpse of Mia chatting with Liborio. Why do I feel nervous all of a sudden? Phoebe noticed that and handed me another glass of champagne.

"Which song, Tanya?" Robert asked me, who seemed to be the only person which wasn't even a bit drunk. I nodded, as he scrolled down the songs. Ok, I watched a bit too much 'Love Actually'.

I noticed Martha stare at me sing "All I want for Christmas is you", actually everyone was staring. At small brakes I took gulps from my glass simply to get drunk and to simply shrug the next day muttering that I was really, really drunk. I caught Liborio clapping, as I finished the song which was another purpose for another glass.

The party was going on with more embarrassing contests and yes, Martha and George won some kissing themed contest. Ok, so the Bahamas will get Martha for New Year. Well, good for her. I think I yelled happier than Martha did. I mean, she's been bugging me through out all the year.

Soon enough everyone was leaving, besides several who didn't want to give up in the karaoke contest. Martha called me saying sorry, that she'd be spending Christmas' at our boss' it was as if I minded. I said goodbye to Phoebe and headed towards my office to grab my coat. I felt the alcohol get to my brain, that I had to fix my hat, since I kept mixing the back and the front.

Oooh, nice snowflakes on the door. Wee! Ok, I'm drunk. Try to concentrate. I managed to walk downstairs, yet I wobbled. I shouldn't have drunk so much. But then, I'm drunk and I can't erase that fact.

"Merry X-mas, mistletoeeee!" I waved at the mistletoe which was several feet away from me. I heard footsteps behind me. I raised my head to see a chestnut headed male walk up to me. Ooh, Liborio. I waved at him. White definitely suits him. I said that compliment aloud and he blinked but smiled. What a cute smile he has!

"You sang good, y'know 'All I want for Christmas is you'. Too bad, that you lost to Phoebe's 'Jingle Bell Rock'. I mean, she sings good, but you sang better." Liborio said walking up to me.

"Yeah, I know that your 'Jingle Bells' sucked." I smirked patting him on the head. I had to stand on my tiptoes to do that, since he is taller than me. Now our eyes were on one level. As if I cared, he's cute no matter what level my eyes are. Liborio smirked, as I showe my tongue.

"Yeah, yeah, I suck at singing, I know." He smiled and took a step forward. Oh, Good Heavens. Then we both looked up. The small white flower hung above us. We kept switching our gazes from the flower to each other. I'm drunk, but not enough. The small fragment of my brain yelled at me, but I simply ignored it.

"Um." I said quickly nodding at the flower, which caught Liborio's gaze.

"Mistletoe." Liborio said quietly and kissed me.


Claudia: Merry Christmas everyone!!! This is going to be two-shot, so what will happen next I'll try to post on the 31st or 1st. Yes, this part's setting is Christmas and the next setting will be 31st going on 1st. I hope you liked it! ^^ Happy Holidays!!!