31st December

"Why won't you simply forgive him?" Phoebe whined waiting for her hot chocolate to cool down. I guess it's a mystery that we only drink hot chocolate at work. Seriously everyone only drinks hot chocolate here, well, besides parties which include alcohol. I mean the jar with quick coffee hasn't been touched ever. I shot Phoebe a glare which caused my short haired friend to sigh.

"You perfectly know that-"

"It's just a freaking rumor. You never believed rumors, why would you believe this one then? Ok, so she pushed him under the mistletoe." Phoebe said that simply, as if Amelia was harmless, of course she is. As I'm a ballerina.

"He kissed me under the mistletoe too, Phoebe." I said quickly taking a gulp of my hot chocolate. I let it cool too much. I mean maybe I would have thought about it, if he wouldn't have reacted so coldly after Christmas and in several days tell me that I was drunk and he was drunk. Maybe he never liked me in the first place.

"That's why you went on a date with Pete?" Phoebe smirked blowing on her hot chocolate, so it would cool a bit faster. I moaned remembering that kid practically drolling as we walked around the park and in the cinema. I nodded slightly.

"He's airing the New Year program with Mia, isn't he?" I asked her as she simply nodded and took her first gulp. Her hazel eyes were fixed on her drink. Phoebe nodded and sighted. It was like sighting day or something.

"Don't worry 'bout me, Phoebe." I smiled. Everything will be alright, I'm sure of it. I drank my hot chocolate half way, when the door opened and Liborio appeared. His hazel eyes were focused at me for a moment, but then he headed up to the sink and put his cup there, hesitated for a moment and began washing it.

"So, you're airing the New Year show?" Phoebe asked slightly unsure, since she wasn't a conversation starter. I looked at the light brown haired girl confused and gave a quick warning look. Liborio turned his head and nodded with a 'mhmm'. I quickly turned my head so that I wouldn't catch him staring at me.

I mean as if I needed his attention. I'm quite sick of relationships actually. It always ends up with me getting dumped or me dumping. They all seem so same, I guess. I grinned happily, as Liborio finally left us. Phoebe silently drank her hot chocolate thinking of some way to bond me with him.

She kept raising the topic, but I'd quickly replace it with some other topic, even about the weather. I had enough of Liborio. I mean, I'm sure he'll end up with some busty female and have a whole kindergarten of kids. I sighted and headed outside, since Phoebe knew that I had tons of work. Phoebe said she'd catch on and that we'll continue on our next brake.

I walked on the corridor wishing that it wasn't long. I walked on staring at my light pink docs. Ok, black docs are in front of me? Damn, Liborio. I lifted my gaze and before we both exchanged glares I swear I saw a light blush across his cheeks. No, it was my imagination, I'm sure of it.

I walked on and opened the door mine and Martha's. I missed her she and George went somewhere, he broke her heart saying, that he wants to go skiing. Well, Martha grew up in a cold place, so skiing isn't a big problem, but still he shattered her dream. But whenever I call her, I feel like it's no big deal for her.

"Hey." I heard a familiar male voice. I didn't even look towards the door. I kept doing my work, completely ignoring me. When he closed the door and headed up to me, I continued typing. How I wish that I had the holidays free, but hey, this is television, damn it. The brunette sat in Martha's chair and whirled around waiting for some kind of reaction from me.

"Tanya, Matt told me-" Matt's our vice-president. Well, the second in charge after George, anyway.

"I'm busy, so I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me alone." I cut him off and tried to make my voice less snappy and emotionless, but failed. He simply sighted and walked up to me. Tanya, keep your eyes on the screen.

Keep your eyes on the screen.

Keep your eyes on the screen.

"You're airing the New Year special with me." Liborio said and leaned against my desc looking straight in the eye. I stopped typing and stared at him dumbly. I expected him to laugh heavily on my reaction, but he simply kept looking at me. Expecting a slap maybe? I slapped him a lot lately. A smile could be seen on his lips. Damn him and his cute smile.

Do not blush.

Do not blush.

"Mia got ill and she won't be able to air tonight. You're the only one of our strongest crew members left, well Matt says so." Too bad for her no making out session alone with Liborio in the studio. No one is healthy is walking around with no tights and short skirts in winter. Ok, now brain the second part.

I'm going to spend the first and last hours of this and next year with Liborio and the cameraman and other shooting members? I quickly stood up and headed towards the door. He didn't lock it to kiss me passionately or anything, phew. He said something, but I ignored it. I didn't care. I'll have enough time to stare at his pretty face.

I was going to tell Matt what I think about his replacement for Mia.


He literally pushed me out of his office, saying that my rocky relationship with Liborio isn't his problem. Also, he told me, tilting his head high, that he can't fire either me or him. Right, Liborio's fan girls will commit suicide. Massive suicide between ten year olds ain't a joke.

About Phoebe I thought, that she'd complain (well, I hoped, but I knew her answer anyway) she turned into a fan girl and turned hyper, that we're so cute together and all. I silently sipped my chocolate, since it was a hell of a day.

I sighted remembering all day's moments, as I was getting the final touches of make-up. I hated going air because my face would turn into a mask due to the heavy amount of make-up. Liborio kept trying to talk to me threw out all the day, apologizing all the time. Why won't he bug off? I sighted as the final touch was done. Several hours were left and the show was starting.

It included an interview from several celebrities and announcing the chart and congratulating the lucky fellow.


"Well, we'll see you guys in the New Year then." Liborio smiled at the sitting two punk dudes, which kept smoking, that I could barely hold myself from coughing. They nodded stood up and walked away.

"We'll see you in a couple minutes, after the speech." I smiled at the camera and Liborio nodded. I breathed out, relaxing myself. Not much was left and I'll be free to join Phoebe. I leaned back in the sofa, closing my eyes, ignoring the fact that Liborio sat next to me.

"Hey, just a few minutes left." He said rather softly. "Sorry, if well, I don't why I said I was drunk back then, alcohol doesn't work on me and well, I thought it would soften you." Liborio added that all of a sudden, that my eyes flung open. I stared at him in shock.

That doesn't change anything, you jerk. I thought and after a while nearly held myself from saying that aloud.

"It's not Christmas when you tell the truth, but well, I can't wait until the next Christmas. Tanya, I love you." He said it with a pause, as if he was about to add somethin, but waited for my reaction. "There was nothing between Mia and me, she was hitting on me for a while, but then stopped when I told her that I have no interest in her." He added.

"I…" Then I paused. I mean I had confessions thrown at my way from while to while, but I had to lie in order to comfort them, because you can't love many times threw out your life. I guess I kept denying it and all. That's when I answered him, what I had been denying not only from but from myself.

Then he kissed me. I ignored the fireworks and the clock which already hit twelve times. I kept answering his kisses.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE CAMERAMAN BILL!" I heard Bill yell and mouth some bad words at us as we both leaned back. Oh, Jesus. Our viewers saw us kissing. Nevermind Pete, but a crowd of angry rabid ten year old fan girls will start hunting me down tomorrow. Liborio took a deep breath and with his hand still across my shoulders, smiled. Right, smile.

"Happy New Year!" We both echoed Bill's greeting and smiled. You know, I'm sure it will be a good year. With whom you meet the New Year you'll be with him through out the year. I don't mind that at all.


Claudia: Yay, I finished in time. xD Happy New Year everybody!!! Love you all!!!