He Calls Me Baby

By: Payton

He is funny and sweet

Cheerful and kind

He really loves me

And will always be mine

He makes jokes and tricks

And sometimes

Pokes and Picks

But he is always just playin'

And alot of times

Just sayin'

He pulls on my hair

And stumbles my feet

And out into space he stares

On my shoulder he plays a beat

He laughs at wat I say

But not at my jokes

He looks at me funny

Says, "Is this some kind of hoax?"

He always says, "I love you"

Even when I'm mad

I say,"I love you too."

Then, I'm just plain sad

I really want him by me

To make my heart feel warm

He always makes me happy

Even through a terrible storm

My favorite thing about him

My friends all think I'm crazy

Is when we're both so tired

Then... He calls me baby