From a Distance

You will never
Know I cared

Remember me
At all

At least
I doubt it
I will never know

It's in my mind
Chrystal clear
But far away

Three years ago
Or maybe four
You turned to me

And asked for help
I was flattered
That you came to me

An older girl
A teenager
I thought you invulnerable

Yet you told me
Your secrets
Spoke of your fears

Things that
You never
Told anyone

It was easier
To tell a stranger

We never spoke
Except that once
Not a single word

But for years
I watched
From a distance

Now you've left
And we'll never
Meet again

I didn't even
Say goodbye
Too shy, too scared

You'd never remember
We'd both be awkward
Excuses are easy to find

So I slipped away
Lost in the crowd
A false smile on my face

'Cause I've no right
To mourn
We weren't even friends

I shed no tears
Spoke not a word
But it hurts that I care

And you'll
Never know