The heart of Eboda

The night left its veil upon the camp, few stars sparkle in the sky, the moon is gone…

A man holding a torch leads the way, his steps stop in front of an old tent, he motions for you to enter, as you do, you notice a single lamp lit in front of an old man, his eyes closed, he remains sited and silent as you approach him, as you study him, his white long beard covering his legs, the wrinkles of time cutting his dark skin, his hand lies on top of his legs.

"Sit, young one" he demands, and you obey, "you seek for answers, and I only have a story" he says never opening his eyes, "I'm not here to waste my time hearing a story, I need to know how can I end my people's suffering, the blood of my brothers is being shed and you offer me a story…" you said ready to leave, "the young blood is always boiling, I offer you a story, for the answers are for you to find, sit and hear me, for the blood that has already been shed cries from the soaked soil, hear their wisdom and live to avenge them tomorrow, leave, and soon you'll be joining their chant…" the old man replies, you sigh, "I apologize… wise man" you say.

"Listen carefully, listen with your heart, my story… it's your story, the story of all this land called Eboda, a story filled with joy, stained with greed, covered in blood painted life…" the wise old man said, opening his eyes as the light from the lamp faded, soon all you can see is his white eyes as he starts the story…


Of Eboda…

All life in Eboda came from a sacred lake, left with no name, the water it contained, was the source of all life, it was said that a single drop from this water could rip a pure soul from the claws of death, all forms of life found their alpha and omega in this lake, the lake was held in the heart of the highest mountain in the land, a land that was sacred, and were all forms of life were respected, in this place, there was no hunter nor prey, there was no king and no pawn

Eboda was once a land filled with magic creatures, Eboda was such a perfect land that the gods provided Eboda with a singular gift, a crystal that contained the power of all forces, this crystal was guarded by life itself, Everything alive was bound to the crystal.

This crystal was named as the Kadian crystal, whomever possessed this crystal would be the most powerful creature on all Eboda, but if the crystal was left without master, the crystal would grant all the habitants in Eboda peace, health and prosperity to all lands. But as the night is bound to daylight, so good is bound to evil, no one can survive without the other, soon the creatures living in Eboda had their hearts corrupted, nations attacked nations and war had consumed the lands.

A council of king of all nations, gathered, and together secretly, they marched towards the Kadian Crystal, they marched through the valleys, defied the mountains, until the sacred lake from which all life flows came to their view, the Kadian crystal floated among they holy water, as more they approached it, the more intense the moment became, some of them overwhelmed by its beauty, others, craving for its power, the air was so pure and their corrupted hearts could not breathe, but greed was more powerful, they penetrated the sacred lake, the water was contaminated and a great evil was born in that moment, a Dark being formed in the water, a water-like cocoon emerged from the lake in plain view of men, they left the lake but it was too late, everything dark a human soul could bear, was forming this dark being.

It was time for man, to correct their mistake, but the dark being could not be defeated by those who created it… only one escaped its rage.

The dark creature, did not follow him, for its lust for power was greater that its bloodlust, but the crystal could not be hold by it in its actual form, and yet the creature desired the crystal in such way, the creature was resigned to lurk surrounding the crystal until the time came, the time for it to posses al power

The only survivor of the expedition ran towards his kingdom, loosing no time, he explained what the secret expedition was, and ashamed of his acts he begged forgiveness to the heavens, but he got no answer, yet the consequences of their action were destroying Eboda, every single river became poisoned in a matter of days, the crops were taken away and the sun burnt the land, sickness was all over Eboda, the balance that was provided by the gods, was taken away by the imprudence of a few man, and the whole land was punished, and war came over Eboda again, every resource, every drop of clean water was so precious and worth killing thousands, the survivor king, whose name story was bound to forget, ended his days locked away, driven by insanity he had killed his family, his nation became unstable, civil war emerged, everyone wanted a the big slice of power that was lying ahead, and soon the rose crown and the axe, symbols of his house were lost, and so the symbols of many houses.

Seeing that mankind had failed, creatures from all Eboda came to fight the dark creature, its magic had no match among this creatures, for its magic was born from man, but the mystical creatures of Eboda could not destroy this dark creature, for it was not in they nature, and as they believed it was not in their power to decide to take life away, and seeing no other option the eldest from creatures gathered and sacrificing themselves they locked the dark one inside the Kadian crystal hoping that the purity of the crystal would destroy the dark one, it was contained but at a high price, the Kadian crystal broke into 6 pieces, each one had an amount of power from the original crystal and could not overcome the other pieces, yet there was a price to pay, whomever hold the shard would give their energy to the shard and so their essence (good or evil) would be transferred to the shard, meaning that the shard would act the same way as the nature of the holder, as the soul of the dark one was never destroyed, each piece had a little of his essence on it, the mystical creatures agreed that keeping all the pieces together would raise a big evil, and so they spread the pieces trough the land, hiding them from the eyes of mankind, trying to hide the object of lust, they thought they would cease on their lust for power, but they were mistaken, hiding the pieces only made the remaining man crazy about finding them.

Indeed the plan worked for a while, peace seemed to come back to all lands, but as the years passed by, history became a bed time story and soon was forgotten, the new lords of mankind driven by their lust for power began another raid, this time, they destroyed the creatures that saved them from certain extinction, looking for the pieces of the Kadian crystal they destroyed magical worlds, the forged metal became unstoppable, taking advantage that their 'enemies' possessed such a peaceful nature they ripped the crystals from the silvered blood poured in the sacred forests.

Only one shard was kept hidden from mankind, and as the years passed by, it was forgotten; even they thought it was destroyed, or maybe it was only a lie…

Nature of mankind is so tricky, not all is covered by darkness, there are some, even if they are few that still had the light inside of them that tried to stop the unstoppable once, when the third war of ages begun, they swore they would keep mankind safe from their own desires, and so the white order was born, a council of wise man, raised in the mystical arts.

The White order survived the centuries, few man, leading those who wanted peace in Eboda, the White order remained as a secret order, and was protected by a King who realizing what his ancestors had done, gave the piece of the Kadian shard he possessed freely, and submitted himself and all his bloodline to protect and serve the white council, after this, the white order also became forgotten, some say they hide in the mystic forests, other say they were corrupted by the crystal, but those who know the truth know that they will come when the time is proper.

Many lives were lost, and the blood still stains the battle fields, but mankind, adjusted to it, as it always does…

Many centuries have gone by, many have tried to reunite the Kadian shards, all have failed, but now one of them is close to make it, Freigar, a powerful mage joined by an army of evil, have gathered 4 of the 6 Kadian crystals, and on their way have destroyed many nations, no one knows exactly how this started, Freigar, was once a friendly Mage, many thought of him as one of the last members of the white order, but then his heart was corrupted and made an alliance with the worst kind of beings on Eboda, creatures, he released from the corrupted hearts.

All of them, you must fear, for everyone is more twisted than the other, but recently, the one people of Eboda fear the most, the Crimson Demon, with eyes like fire, skin made of a glassy armor, and a blade cold and frightening as the worst nightmare, those who have survived the sight, claim that the Crimson Demon is no other than Freigar's heart… maybe that's not far from truth…