It had been almost a year after they escaped the rebels camp, also it was almost a year that Velkar saw Lily's face for the last time, they couldn't find any hints about her, it was just like if she had vanished from earth. Every night he would recall their last moment together her blood staining his clothes, and those wings that still hid a lot of her true nature, he could not understand why did he loved her, why did he care, he felt betrayed, he felt alone.

Deidra was now the proud mother of a 5 months old baby girl named Mirna, she definitely had her mother's eyes, the day Mirna was born was also the first day Deidra spoke after what happened, she, did also confess that in that night Muner was not kidnapping her, neither forcing her, she was blindfolded by love, she had surrendered her heart to him a long time ago, when she found out she was pregnant, Muner suggested that they should start a new life together, far from Cybale, he also convinced her that the only way to live in peace was to surrender the shard, they had planned the escape for a couple of weeks, but as the moment approached, she declared she was scared, and when she tried to drop the plan, Muner had gone insane, the crave for power had made him gone insane, but she still loved him, even as foolish as it might sound if she had a chance to live all over again, she wouldn't choose a different path, no matter the suffering, the pain, the regret she felt, she had a chance to live by the rules of her heart.

Deidra asked for forgiveness to her brother, Velkar only stroked her hair and then held his niece, "She is beautiful, absolutely perfect" was the only thing he said to his sister, no regrets or heart feelings in his words.

Cybale, same as every city or town of survivors was running low on resources, it came almost impossible to grow anything in the now frozen soil, winter had extended its wings for far too long, or at least that was what people had been thinking, Freigar had been gaining more and more power every day, even as he did not yet possess all the fragments, his power was far too great for any human, so, he considered himself a god, he managed to control nature almost at his complete will, he forced the clouds not to leave the blue sky and the blizzards to haunt the land, he was weakening the enemy, so when he strikes, nothing stands in his way, only the cities that Freigar controlled had just enough to sustain themselves, everything else was destroyed, so no one attempted to steal those extra resources, and no one would dare, Freigar had people observing everything everywhere, it was impossible to get an extra piece of bread or meat and get away with it, it was a prison, but at least a prison where you had your survival assured.

As Velkar observed the outskirts of Cybale from the guards tower, Freigar observed an old portrait hung in a dark corner of his castle "Eireane… Lady Eireane, the warm hearted they called you, ever beautiful, many man wanted to have you, oh Eireane you could have had everything, it was I the only one that knew who you really were, the ever cold, the ever proud they should have called you" Freigar said as he paced in front of the large portrait, her eyes were icy blue, dark hair framed a porcelain skin, a flowered gown and a bucket of wild flowers were the only thing joyful in the portrait, she had no smile, no spark in her, "don't be sad Eireane, my dear, we WILL be together at last, even if it is not completely you, I'll have you only for me… she'll fulfill your once broken promise" he said as he left the room.

At nightfall, someone walks alone in the middle of the rebel's camp, wearing a hooded cape, brakes trough the crowd as if knowing where to head, and stops quietly in fron t of Yevke's tent, he sitting in front of it, "You must have a lot of guts to face me, in my territory, among my people and alone, or are you simply stupid" Yevke said trying to show his bravery trough his words, "the shard, submit yourself to my masters will, give the shard as a gift and you might be spared" the stranger says, Everyone laughs, "and who might your wonderful master be?" Muner asks within the crowd, the stranger does not answer, "Oh, so this master of yours has no name?, and if he has NO name why should we submit to his will?" Muner said mocking as he walked trough the crowd, still the stranger does not answer, Yevke moves his hand commanding silence, "tell me, why don't u answer?" he says, the stranger answers, "you have not made any questions".

Muner approaches the stranger, "are you deaf!?, don't you hear me talking to you idiot", the stranger remains silent Muner then takes his sword out of its sheat, "answer you dog!" he says threatening with it. Yevke then asks, "Why don't you answer him?", the stranger moves past Muner and simply answers, "I was sent to you, it is not my duty or will to answer to lesser beings" Muner enraged strikes at the stranger that evades every hit, Muner then calls for the guard that also attack the stranger only managing to rip her cloak "stop!" Yevke commands once he notices a dark lock of hair hanging outside the hood and a strange reddish gleam through the ripped parts of the now ragged cloak, "reveal yourself and your masters name now" she then removes the cloak revealing a crimson glassy armor hugging her body, her long dark hair framing a familiar face, her eyes blindfolded "My master, Freigar the great wizard, demands the shard, I shall deliver it to him wether you give it to me or taken by force". Muner is so astonished he only manages to mumble "Lily… the crimson knight…" She turns to face him, "my name is Dhanya, and yes I am the one you know as the crimson knight" her armour starts glowing like ruby's as she faces Yevke again, "I knew there was something going on with you" he says, "good for you, now, surrender and give me the shard, I'll have it anyways, you choose" Yevke grabs his sword, and take a fighter's position saying "Never in my life" he lunges at Dhanya with all his rage, she still blindfolded makes a ghostly red sword appear out of nothing and before he even reaches her, her sword is buried deep in his chest with one hand and with the other makes a symbol in the air making the shard that Yevke kept under his garments burns trough them and lands in her hands.

Everyone is shocked even Muner can't move, her sword vanishes and Yevke falls on the ground lifeless, she turns and walks away stoping briefly in front of an elder blind man, "aren't you going to call me Lady Eireane this time?" she asks, "no, you're nothing like her… your cold… she was warm inside" he answers, she just walks by and disappears.