My little Christmas Present for you guys! Merry Christmas!!

Mistletoe Hung

Christmas. Doesn't the word just bring you a wave of happiness? A rush of warmth? Yes? No? Well certainly not for me. You see every Christmas my family, after the opening of presents, would go over to a certain Debbie Millers house. Debbie and my mum were best friends. They had been since they were in High school. My dad and Debbie's husband Frank were best friends, had been since they were in high school too. In fact the four of them went to the same high school. It was Debbie that set my parents up together and in turn they had set Debbie and Frank together. The two couples had been high school sweethearts.

Now, my parents decided to have a big ole' family. First popped out my older sister Nancy, then came my older brother Sam, next was little ole' me, then my two younger twin brothers Joe and Kyle. Debbie and Frank just wanted two children but ended up with three; Jacob, Nick and Colin. All boys, poor Debbie right?

I bet you're wondering what this has to do with me not liking Christmas, right. Well, I'll tell you. Colin, the youngest of the boys was my age; seventeen. Ever since we were little children I'd grown to dislike him.

Why? You ask.

Again, I'll tell you. Colin was a very sneaky child. When we were both ten he decided to roam around in my room and read my very personal journal. It had a few secrets that I had only ever told my best friend, Stacy. Thinking that I would laugh about it, he decided to read that very personal journal out to my form class. He even read the part about me having a crush on a certain Drew Tyler. Oh yeah. I was mortified beyond belief. After recovering from the initial shock of having my journal read out in class, I proceeding to kick Colin in the groin. He wasn't very happy about that. Neither were my parents. More to the point, I had disliked Colin since then. I mean, what normal person wouldn't? If you're wondering what happened to Drew, then don't. It's far too painful to talk about.

The worst thing about all of this is the fact that sometimes I can't hate him. Gasp, I know. After all he did to me I can't hate him sometimes. I don't know whether it's the way he flicks his hair back, or his dark mysterious brown eyes, or his gorgeous smile. There was just something about him that made me weak at the knees. Don't you just hate that? You can't hate somebody no matter how much you want to.

So anyway, the whole point to all of this is that I've had to endure Colin for the past seventeen years of my life. Well, ten, he wasn't so bad when we were younger. Do you think I wanted to spend Christmas with him? His family, maybe. Him? No way. He makes me so mad at times but then there's those times he makes me giddy and girly inside. Giddy plus girly in me equals trouble. So, there I was standing in the freezing cold with my family outside his door waiting for the next six or so hours to miraculously fly by.

"Jessie! John!" Debbie cried when she saw us standing outside in the cold. "Oh come in, it's freezing!" We all trotted inside. My younger brothers were holding the bags with presents and were shoving them in Debbie's face. She laughed and took the bags off them. "Oh look at all of you! Norah my you've grown so tall since the last time I saw you."

I rolled my eyes. "You saw me two days ago Deb," I said smiling nevertheless. "I doubt I've grown that much since then."

"No, she's still the same elf she was ten years ago," a voice said from the staircase. I looked up and saw Colin standing there looking as delicious as ever. He was wearing a red Christmas jumper and grey sweats. His brown hair looked dishevelled but his eyes were sparkling. I sighed inwardly; he was so unattainable it made me like him even more than I did. You must be very confused. I have this love hate relationship with him. It confuses me as well as Stacy, the best friend I mentioned earlier.

"And you're still the same idiot from ten years ago. Now that we've established that, where are the Miller boys I actually like?" I asked emphasizing the like. A light laughter rippled around the room. My parents, brothers and sister followed Debbie to the kitchen.

"How did I know you were here? Colin's glaring which means my favourite little sister is here!" a voice from the other room said. I looked to the left a little and saw Jacob leaning against the doorframe.

"Jakey!" I shouted out and ran up to him. I threw my arms around his neck; he lifted me a little off the floor. He was so big and muscular! He was twenty-five and still a child.

"How's my favourite girl doing?" he asked me. There was a cough from behind him. "OK second favourite."

"Naw," a woman said walking up to us said. "I'll just have to face the fact that I'll always be second to you," she said to me.

"Norah," Jake said after seeing my confused face. "This is my girlfriend Fiona."

"Girlfriend?" she asked glaring at him a little. "Not girlfriend." She held up her hand and I saw the ring glittering on her hand. I squealed and hugged her.

"Congratulations! When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me sooner? How long have you known each other?" I demanded releasing her.

"A week ago, because I wanted it to be a surprise and a couple of years."

"Years?" I echoed. "Why is it I'm only hearing of you now?"

"Well, we were high school sweethearts. You were young then but we went off to different colleges and lost touch but about half a year ago we bumped into each other and…"

"The rest is history," she finished off for him. He wrapped an arm around her waist and she leaned into him. I faked a sob and patted my eyes.

"My baby's grown up!" I said pinching his cheeks. "Gosh, I'm so happy for you! Oh, I remember you now. I remember coming over here and Jake would be up in his room practising asking you out! Ha-ha. Good times," I said. Jake blushed.

"You practised? For moi? You shouldn't have!" she said mocking him.

"Thanks," he said sarcastically to me.

"Do my mum and dad know?" I asked. "Does any of my family know?" They both shook their heads. "You'd better go tell them." I shoved them into the kitchen. I watched as Jake lifted Fiona's hand up and everyone save Jake's parents look at him in confusion they squeal (women) or roar (men) in surprise and happiness. I leaned against the doorframe and sighed happily.

"Jealous?" a voice asked me from behind. I didn't have to turn my head to know that Colin was standing behind me. His body wasn't touching me but I could feel his heat radiating onto me. I frowned. Why would I be jealous?

"I'll get my day with my perfect guy someday. I have no reason to be jealous," I said smiling at the happy sight before me. There was silence. I tilted my head to the side and saw Colin looking at me with a small frown. "What?"

"Nothing," he said shaking his head. I nudged him. "I always thought you had a crush on Jake."

"Ew!!" I said flapping my hands about. "Jake? Seriously? I can't believe you thought that. I love Jake as a brother, nothing more, and nothing less. God, Colin, you surprise me every day." I shook my head and laughed. "Jake and me." I snorted.

"Where's Nick?" I asked. Colin pointed upstairs. I nodded and started to make my way up the stairs. "Oh and before you ask, I don't like him in that way either." I winked and laughed as I saw his uncomfortable face. I walked to Nick's room and knocked on the door.

"Mum, I said I was coming down in a second. Hold on!" a voice from behind the door said.

"Oh! So I have to wait now? Fine, I'll wait," I said mock annoyed. There was shuffling and the door swung open. I was leaning against the wall opposite his door.

"Nor!" Nick cried out and pulling me into a hug. "Man you've grown."

"What? You saw me- Oh no, that was your mum. Of course you didn't see me, living in university and all. Evil," I said pouting as we withdrew from the hug.

"Oh, poor baby," he said pinching my cheeks. Nick was twenty one. It was a nice age gap between the boys. Jake was twenty-five, Nick was twenty-one and Colin was seventeen. Nick slung an arm around my shoulders and we walked to the stairs. "How are you doing?"

"Meh," I said. "Exams, teachers, best friends, drama, high school, same ole'." Nick laughed. "So, you're not engaged are you? I just can't handle all the Miller boys being engaged!"

"No I'm not. Neither is Colin. Oh, well of course when Colin gets engaged it'll be to you, so you can't complain then." I punched Nick on his arm. Our families had always been teasing us about dating and getting married, even more so now that we were older. They also teased my older sister and Nick. They were both twenty-one. My parents and their parents were already set with the couples; me and Colin and Nancy and Nick.

"Oh I guess when you get engaged it'll be to my sister so it'll be OK. We'll actually be related then!" I teased him. Nick blushed ten different shades of red before recovering and punching me on the arm. When we walked into the living room everyone was already seated. My little brothers were glued to the TV while Sam and Jake were already talking about bachelor parties.

My parents gushed over Nick for a moment before settling back down on the sofas. Ironically enough Nick was placed to sit next to Nancy. I too was sitting next to Colin, funnily enough. I wagged my eyebrows at Nick who again blushed.

"What are you two signalling each other about?" Frank asked me. I smiled evilly.

"Oh I was just mentioning how you guys kept trying to set Nancy and Nick up together. They're names start with N too, huh, would ya' look at that?" That prompted our mothers to gush and reminisce about them when Nick and Nancy were younger. Nancy and Nick just flushed under all the stares.

"Evil," Nancy mouthed to me. I shrugged. "Well," she said with a glint in her eye. "What about all the setting up you guys did for Colin and Norah? Remember those?"

I mimicked her earlier gesture and added a glare to go with it. Nancy just shrugged. This too prompted our mothers to gush over how 'cute' Colin and I would look together. My dad just looked at the guys.

"You two hurt my baby girls and you're both dead," my dad said looking between Colin and Nick, who both just nodded robotically.

"I can't exactly threaten you girls," Frank said thoughtfully. "You still hurt my boys and I'll get Fiona to kick you to the next century." He smiled after that. Nancy and I exchanged glances and nodded. "Of course I'm not going to get Fiona to do that because nothing bad will happen."

"Will you guys' please hush? We're trying to watch something here!" My little brother Joe said glaring at us. Once he turned back to the TV we all laughed silently.

"We'll let you kids catch up; we'll be in the kitchen." The adults followed Debbie to the kitchen, once they closed the door the guys sat next to Jake and talked about his engagement while Fiona and I sat next to Nancy.

"Thanks for before by the way," Nancy said sarcastically. I glared at her.

"Likewise sis," I said.

"Babies, the both of you. It's inevitable; you're bound to get together."

"You don't get it though," Nancy sighed. I asked her what she meant. "We're already…together," she whispered the last word.

"WHAT?!" I shrieked.

"You told her?" Nick asked with wide eyes. Nancy nodded. The guys asked him what he meant and he told them. They all looked at him with shock. Sam gave him the older brother talk, even though he was younger than them, then slapped him on the back on congratulated him. I picked up a cushion and started hitting Nancy with hit.

"Why-" hit "-didn't-" hit "-you-" hit "-tell-" hit "-me?" Nancy just laughed. I rounded to Nick.

"And you!" I said pointing a finger. "You all suck. You're all happily in love and here I am bound to grow old and die as a spinster." I fell back onto the couch and pretended to weep.

"Amen to that," Colin said. I glared at him.

"Even Sam's going out with someone!" I wailed. Fiona and Nancy patted my knee sympathetically.

"You're going to find the man of your dreams darling. You never know, it' may be sooner than you think," Nancy said winking at me. I peered at her through my hands and saw that she had a huge smile on her face. I frowned at covered my eyes again.


We had a huge Christmas dinner. I was sitting next to Colin. It was kind of distracting, him being next to me. I had to make sure that my hand wasn't shaking when I picked up my glass of water to drink. Thankfully dinner went smoothly and quickly. There was laughter, jokes and mindlessly chatter amongst people on the table. Nancy and Nick finally came out about being together. This caused tears, yes tears to form in our mothers' eyes. It was all very touching to watch. Really.

"So, ready for the movie marathon?" Colin asked me as the dessert was served. I rolled my eyes at him. Every time we were over there we would have a movie marathon. The TV always aired Christmas movies and we had made a habit of watching them all till late at night. Our favourite one was The Sound of Music. A timeless classic, you have to admit. I can even say that Colin enjoyed watching it. Yes Colin, Mr I'm-a-bad-arse-macho-masculine-no-feelings-showing guy had a guilty pleasure of watching The Sound of Music.

"Of course," I said to him. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Oh you just moan about movie marathons every year and I'm not hearing you moan. God that sounded wrong on so many levels." I punched him on his shoulder.

"I'm not complaining about it," I said putting emphasis on the word complain. "-because everyone's happy. People are engaged, some have come out of the closet about being together and all in all it's a good Christmas."

"You're being very mushy all of a sudden," Colin said looking at me strangely.

"Duh. Love is in the air."

"Definitely is," he said quietly again looking at me weirdly. He looked back at the table. I looked around to see if anyone else had just heard or witnessed what I had but everyone seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations.

"So," Debbie started once everyone was seated with dessert. "What are you planning to do after high school Norah?" I inwardly cringed. I hated it when people talked about what I was planning to do or asking me anything to do with life after high school. I fidgeted on my chair.

"Um, well, I haven't' exactly, um, decided on anything yet."

"Still?" Debbie asked. "You've only got a few more months to decide."

"I know Debs," I said sighing. "I'm still in limbo."

"Don't worry pet, you're bound to be amazing at anything you choose to do," she said smiling at me. I smiled back gratefully. Though, I was still a little put off by her question. I kept tapping my hand on my knee. Her question had got me thinking about what I wanted to do. She was right, I only had a coupe more months before I was leaving high school forever and I needed to have a plan. My tapping must have been distracting for Colin because he took my hand and rested it on his knee. I looked at him with wide eyes for a moment before relaxing my hand and properly intertwining my hand in his. I don't know what made me build up the courage to do that but I did and was I damned happy about that.

We stayed like that for the rest of the meal up until we had to get up and watch the movies. Our parents had always watched TV downstairs while we children went upstairs and watched in the games room which consisted of a giant flat screen TV. Nick and Nancy settled themselves down on a beanbag. Fiona and Jake sat down on the couch with Sam. Joe and Kyle sat down right in front of the TV but Sam made them move back a little so they that they didn't ruin their eyesight. The single seated couch was left. Colin and I looked at each other and then to the others. They all, save Joe and Kyle, looked back at us with innocent looks on their faces.

"You can share can't you?" Sam asked me blinking innocently. Evil brother, I thought. Pure evil.

"Sure," I said with gritted teeth. I looked at Colin who had already spread himself on the couch. He was wearing his famous arrogant smirk that had won over many girls at our school.

"Move," I hissed. The movie had started and I didn't want to earn a glare from Joe or Kyle. Colin just patted the little space there was near his legs. I glared at him and crossed my arms.

If that was how he wanted to play. So be it.

I sat down on top of his legs. He was in an awkward position so I knew that it would be very painful for him. He emitted a yelp and pulled his legs out from underneath me. He shot me a glare. I just smiled at him sweetly and focused my attention on the screen.

Sometime during the movie we had swapped positions; my legs were on his lap and my back was resting on the armrest. Colin was drawing circles around the bare skin that was showing from between my socks and skirt. I didn't usual wear skirts but my mum made me using the old 'It's Christmas' card. I was watching his hand robotically draw the exact patter over and over again. His other hand was resting on my knees. I took that hand and began playing with it. I darted my attention to the screen; I saw Colin look at me through the corner of his eyes. He didn't stop drawing patterns on my leg and I didn't give his hand back. Both of us were content like that.

"I'm going to the toilet," I announced after another half hour had passed. Nobody really paid attention to me, except Colin who had to move to let me go. I heard some whispering going on when I left the room but I didn't think anything of it. To be honest with you I didn't need a toilet break, I just needed to get some air. Colin was making my heart beat erratically. I was sure that that wasn't good for my body.

I splashed some water on my face and gripped either side of the basin. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Get a grip of yourself woman. He's just a guy. No, he's not just a guy. He's Colin Millers. He's the guy who read your diary out loud. You do not get all hot and flustered because of him," I told myself.

I wiped my face and took a deep breath. I was focused on getting out of the evening unscathed. My brain was now back to normal, it wasn't all gooey and I wasn't weak at the knees anymore. My heart had, thankfully, gone back to its normal beating pace.

I opened the door to the toilet and all that prepping went down the toilet. No pun intended. My brain was gooey, I was weak at the knees and my heart was back to beating erratically.

"You need the loo too?" I asked trying to slip past him. Colin blocked my way. He stared at me for a long while before answering.

"The loo is not what I need," he said quietly. We were centimetres away from each other. His eyes were penetrating into mine. "Look up." I looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging there, right above where we were standing. I swallowed.

"It's tradition for the two standing below the mistletoe to kiss."

"Oh?" I said nervously. I swear, I thought I was going to have a heart attack at seventeen, my heart was beating so fast.

"Yeah, so I'm going to carry on the tradition." I opened my mouth to say something but all my senses were cut off when Colin lightly pressed his lips against mine. My heart fluttered more so than it ever had. He brought his hand to the back of my neck while I cupped his check with on hand. We both pulled away for air. My hand was still on his cheek and hand was still on my neck.

"I like you," he said simply. "I could fall in love with you."

The word 'love' being said out loud by Colin Miller sent off warning bells in my head. Colin Miller doesn't love any girl. He dates them then dumps them. He wasn't the type to hold a relationship for more than two weeks tops. It made me think who's to say I won't be like one of those girls?

"This is no time to play games."

"Which is why we should stop with the games," he said quietly, his eyes looking straight at mine. I couldn't look away. Even though my mind was screaming at me to look away, forget about what just happened and walk quickly back to the TV room, I couldn't.

"Games?" I echoed.

"You and me. Us."

"Us?" I echoed again, my throat was suddenly dry.

"Yes!" he said frustrated. "You can't ignore these…these feelings."

"Feelings?" I echoed again.

"Stop doing that! You know there's something between us. Everyone sees it and I see it. I was hoping you would too. You know I'm not good with…this kind of thing."


"Would you stop giving me one syllable questions as answers?" he snapped.

"Colin. You don't like me," I said softly. "I'm just a girl who hasn't fallen for your charm." Lie. "I'm just a challenge that you want to win."

"What?" he asked incredulously. "Is that what you think this is?"

"Well what else could it be?" I cried. "You don't have relationships Colin, you have flings. Two weeks tops before they're out on the curb. Why would I be any different?"

"It took me a couple of years to see what was in front of me the entire time. I like you Nor," he said using the nickname I hated anyone using, but I didn't seem to mind so much now. "I do. I don't know what I have to do to prove it but I'll do it." The intense emotion I saw in his eyes told me that he wasn't lying. I looked at him surprised for a moment but a smile slowly spread on my face.

"I said it before, you surprise me everyday. Mistletoe's still there," I said lightly. Colin looked a little confused and disappointed with my response but then his eyes lit up like a boy on Christmas day. Ironic, no?

"Yes it is. Tradition says the two people under it kiss," he said casually again.

"I've heard that somewhere," I said looking at my nails pretending to look bored.

"Eyes here darling," he said demandingly. I laughed lightly. I grabbed the edges around the neck of his sweater and brought his lips crashing down on mine. I think we were there for quite a while because a search party was sent to look for us; our brothers and my sister.

"Eww!" the twins cried out before covering their eyes. They ran off.

"Aww!" Fiona and Nancy cooed. The guys just coughed. They looked a little awkward seeing their sister/practical-sister kissing the life out of someone, even if that someone was my soul mate.

"You guys can stop now," Jake said after a while.

"No can do mate, we're standing under mistletoe," Colin said wrapping an arm firm around my waist.

"And tradition is to kiss under the mistletoe. We're just doing what tradition tells us to do."

"What she said," Colin said happily bringing me down for another kiss. I smiled into it. Our family had come to see what all the commotion was about. When our mothers saw us locked in lips, which was a little embarrassing, there was another round of tears.

"Told you the mistletoe idea would work," Fiona said sounding smug. I pulled away from Colin and looked at her.

"What?!" I demanded from a nervous looking Colin. He held up his arms. "Run," I said in a deadly voice and Colin did just that.

Oh yeah, love was definitely in the air.

Merry Christmas all! Hope you have/had a great day. I know I did! :D

Hope you like this little Christmas oneshot, I was feeling festive. It's not supposed to be brilliant, just fun, light and full of fluff. Hope it was all of that…

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