This is in the point of view of a lamb at Jesus's birth. Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy!

I stopped bounding around the meadow to join the rest of the herd. Our Shepard boy counted us thoroughly as I watch him. There must be at least fifty of us, yet he counted us all every night. He passed by me, his brown staff in hand. "Ro."

I jumped at the sound of my name and began prancing around his feet. He smiled and picked me up. "You are so lively, Ro. How do your parents keep up with you?" I let out a delighted baa. Josiah was the best Shepard boy a sheep could ask for. He named my parents and set me near them before going and naming off the other sheep. They settled down on the grass and told me to go sleep, so I lay down too. Millions of stars sparkle in the night sky. I used to think they were frozen drops of rain suspended in the sky, but it turns out I was way off.

I rested a bit. The pasture is so peaceful in the evening (except for the occasional bird call). I opened my eyes and made sure my parents were asleep before getting up. Almost every sheep seemed to be asleep. Josiah sat on his rock, his head resting on his staff. I quietly weaved through all the white, fluffy bodies. There was a dip in the meadow and I slowly tumbled down the hill when it caught me off guard. I shook my fur and pranced across the lush green landscape.

I glance gradually up and slow my pace, eyes transfixed on the brightly shining star. I've never seen anything so luminous and beautiful. I don't know why, but I began to think about how odd I am. I'm so small for my size; all my friends are larger than I am. My wet, pink nose seemed to automatically lift towards the sky. This star is too beautiful for words, I decided.

But even with all its beauty, it stood out like my white coat in the night. I put my tiny hoof forward. "You seem so lonely," I said. I feel so insignificant, being so bold as to speak to something so great in such a way. Its tail flickered and I blinked in surprise.

"I'm oddly small and you're unusually large." I baa'd in amusement at the irony. It seemed to twinkle at my remark and I figured it's a yes. I walked on until the grass came up to my neck. I must feel pretty lonely too, because I began to speak to the star about many different things. I took one flicker as a yes and no flicker as a no.

To think, something as undersized as I, is speaking to a star in the heavens. Apparently I talked so much that I lost track of time. Now all the stars were visible, and a silver crescent lay in the sky. I dipped my head at the star and bid it farewell before heading home. I hope Josiah doesn't worry…

A rustle in the grass made my little ears perk up. I ignored it, focusing on getting back before anyone noticed my absence. The grass was starting to become less and less tall. I glanced back and just barely caught a glimpse of gray in the midst of all the green. A low growl met my ears and I sprinted toward home in a heartbeat.

My heart pounded so loudly that anything in a one mile radius could probably hear it. I forced my small little legs to go faster. By the sound of its breathing it was almost upon me. A sudden whine from the wolf made me stop dead. It snapped its fangs. I heard Josiah cry out.

I turn to see my Shepard boy attempting to shoo it away by kicking it in the side. It snapped at him, but it bit the staff and he slammed his foot into the wolf's head. The gray creature let out a whimper and fled into the tall grass. I sighed in relief, and stared at the boy, his chest heaving. Josiah gave me a chastising look and scooped me up in his arm. I saw his other hand, looking like it had been bitten into. But he just held his staff and walked on.

All the sheep's eyes were on us when we made it back. I leapt onto the grass and followed him as he went to the other Shepards that took turns watching us. I felt my fur grow hot in embarrassment when I thought I saw Josiah tell the other Shepards about my wandering. Some of the bigger lambs snickered when they saw me. I stared at the ground in shame. The Shepards all laughed until they saw his wound. With my head hung low, I let them take care of it and went over to hop on Josiah's rock.

Even from this distance, I could still see the shining star. It flickered a few times. A lovely sound seemed to ring from above. I stood up. The star seemed to shine brighter every time the chorus of voices sang. I stumbled and fell off of Josiah's rock, making the lambs laugh some more. I ignored them and rand frantically to my Shepard boy. I ran circles around his feet. But he just stared at the sky.

I suddenly realized Josiah was trembling. I've never seen him so scared before. I fell backwards when I saw winged humans walking down a stairway from the heavens. All the Shepards looked afraid. They wore white clothing that shined like the sun. I also strangely understood what the brightly clothed people. They told the Shepards, "Do not be afraid." A smaller winged human spoke directly to me.

"The north star thanks you for your kindness and wishes that you journey with the other Shepards."

I blinked; startled that she was actually speaking to me. "But where is Bethlehem?" I asked.

The girl smiled, eyes sparkling with excitement. "Follow your new friend, and you'll find a stable, with a new king sleeping in a manger." I tilted my head, wondering how or why a king would possibly sleep in a manger.

She returned with her friends as they sung the words, "Hosanna in the highest."

I watched them go, unsure if Josiah would even let me come with him. He and the other Shepards stood there, stunned. Then Josiah spoke up. "We must choose who will go and who will stay. I volunteer to make the journey." I baa'd and jumped like crazy, trying to get the message across that I wanted to come too. Josiah smiled, picking me up. "And Ro will accompany me." I glowed with pride and nuzzled him.

I saw two older Shepards nod and stand behind him. The other two stared at us understandingly. "Safe trip!" one called as we headed down the slope. My heart raced wildly as I looked up at my starry friend.

"Thank you!" I said. "Thank you for this adventure!"

I didn't want to strain Josiah's wound, so I decided to walk. We came to the taller grass. I swallowed, staying extremely close to my Shepard boy. There didn't seem to be any sign of the wolf, but I'm extra careful anyway. I let out a huge sigh when we were out of the grass and onto the sand. I tripped a few times but at least nothing could sneak up on us out here.

After walking for what seemed like hours, I collapsed from exhaustion. I soon felt Josiah holding me, stroking my back. I yawned and dosed off for a few minutes. Josiah nudged me lightly. I blinked my eyes open. There lay a small town ahead of us. My eyes shone with wonder. What's so special about it?

I looked up at the star and saw a beam of light coming from it, leading us to a stable. A puzzled look crawled across my face. Why would a king be here, in such a nasty place?

A baby, in swaddling cloths, lay sleeping in a manger. I saw three men, kneeling with their heads bowed as they placed extraordinary gifts in front of the manger. The mother of the child smiled warmly at our coming, and the father stood above his wife. I saw the other Shepards kneel, and Josiah joined them. I shook my head, thinking that would somehow clear it.

I turned to the donkey that was also kneeling. "Why is everyone kneeling? What's so special about this stable and this baby?" I questioned.

The brown animal's ears twitched and he turned to look at me. "This is God in flesh." I tilted my head. "God? I've heard of him, but this is just a baby, he can't be as powerful as you say."

The donkey pointed his nose at the child. "See for yourself."

I hesitated. My star-friend's rays were shining directly upon him; the star must like him very much to do so. I felt a twinge of jealousy. I was his only friend, and he shined his light onto a child he didn't even know. I picked up a hoof and waited for the girl to acknowledge me before walking up to the manger.

He yawned, not knowing I was there. This was the most confusing thing I've ever come across. He looked perfectly normal. I put my cold nose to his tiny fingers and his eyes slowly opened. But they didn't seem to be the eyes of a newborn baby. They looked as if they were filled with wisdom and many things wonderful things… I blinked. It's probably just the light, I told myself.

I prepared to rush to Josiah if the baby was to cry, but he didn't. He put his soft hand on my pink nose. I became ready to flinch away if he grabbed too tight, but he didn't. He let out a small laugh. I narrowed my eyes, it was pretty cute. Then a strange voice spoke. My eyes darted around the stable, but no one's mouth was moving.

It echoed from above. I stared into the shimmering light. "With God, all things are possible. This is truly my son."

Taken aback at the star's words, I baa'd, "But how can this be? A regular baby, born in this lowly stable, is your son?" It took me a moment to realize that I was speaking to God, not just a star. For the star was God. I dipped my head.

"He, who knew no sin, will take on the burden of all your sins." I glanced at the innocent baby who was now falling back asleep. "He is our savior?"

"Yes, little lamb. He is."

Now that I looked around, the scene was so breathtaking. Everything was so peaceful it could remain like this for hours. I walked over to my Shepard boy and nudged him. He scratched me behind the ears but didn't look up. I didn't blame him, so I joined him.

It was all so amazing watching such and event take place, yet strange. The thought of it made me baa with laughter. There couldn't possibly be anything stranger than God in a manger.