A Very Special Christmas

"Are you sure it's okay with your family that I'm spending Christmas with them this year?" asked Luke, apprehension heavy in his voice.

Eric looked over at his smaller lover, smiling. "Don't worry! When I asked my mom if it was cool, she said absolutely! Actually, she said, and I quote, 'It's about time I get to finally meet then young man who captured my little Eric's heart!'"

Luke snorted in jest. "Pfft, 'Little Eric' indeed."

Currently the two of them were traveling on the highway towards Eric's family home. It was Christmas Eve and it was only now that the couple could get away for the holidays. Eric's job as a supervisor forced him to stay until the very last minute and Luke's job as a waiter caused him to fight with his boss for a vacation. The woman tried to keep Luke in the restaurant during Christmas; Luke simply threatened to quit. It was either that or call Eric, and despite his boss being a bitch at times, Luke didn't want to subject her to Eric's terrifying nature.

As soon as they were both off work, they threw what they needed into the car and took off in the afternoon. Now they were less than an hour away from their destination, and Luke still couldn't shake his fears of meeting all of Eric's family for the first time. It was one thing to just meet parents – it was another thing entirely to meet brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, the whole shebang! Truthfully Luke was feeling a little queasy; despite Eric's assurance of his family being cool with him being gay and meeting his boyfriend of two years, there was still many stark differences between them. Luke was dark skinned, showing his Indian ancestry, with straight black hair and a small frame. He never classified himself as 'petite' and anyone who did would receive a blow to their frame. Not even Eric called him petite if he wanted to sleep in the bed that night and not on the couch. Eric however, in extreme contrast, was both extremely tall and extremely broad compared to Luke. With a body heavily muscled from high school and currently college football, and with a hairy frame, it was easy to see the Norse ancestry in the man. When the two walked next to each other down the street, people stared at the oddly paired couple.

Luke sighed again. Eric caught this and took his lover's hand in one of his own. "Hey, listen to me. Christmas is a time to spend with family, and I am honored that you would spend it with mine." Luke looked at him with unspoken gratitude. The topic of Luke's family remained unspoken between them, Luke's family being estranged due to his coming out right after high school. When Luke saw Eric pulling out suitcases and asked where he were going and Eric responded that the two of them were going to his home for Christmas, Luke had burst into tears. Eric had been startled, but he accepted the tears as he held his smaller half against his chest. He would rip out his own heart before he let the man he loved spend a special day like Christmas by himself.

Spotting the sign for their exit, Eric pulled back his hand turned on the car's blinker, signaling their intention. It was getting dark and snow was starting to fall from the heavily clouded sky. The silence between the two men in the car was thick – not with tension, but with an unspoken warmth and understanding. The drive continued on, with only the radio gently playing Christmas carols on the air for listeners to hear.


Driving up to Eric's family house, Luke couldn't stop the gasp that escaped from his mouth. "Eric, are you sure we're at the right house?"

"Yeah, why?" questioned Eric.

"N-no reason…" stuttered Luke, looking over his lover's house once again. The house was huge, almost mansion sized! There were lights strewn across all the rain gutters, small electric candles lit all the darkened rooms, and there was even a small Nativity scene on the front lawn. But to top it all off was the large evergreen tree in the lawn as well, wrapped in a rainbow of sparkling lights. The snow that the two travelers had encountered less than an hour ago had only intensified in the weather, thus the whole neighborhood was now covered in at least half a foot of beautiful pristine and untouched snow. Looking at the house, Luke figured it was like looking at a classic Hallmark card, and he was once again reminded how out of place he felt.

Pulling up to the driveway, Eric parked at the end of at least half a dozen vehicles. "Hmm looks like most of the family is here." Catching the sound of the gulp that Luke made, Eric quickly rectified, "But they'll all be gone after dinner. Mom wants Christmas morning to be a quiet affair. So it will just be us, her and Dad, and probably my sister with her husband and three kids."

"Okay love."

Opening the door, both Luke and Eric moved out of the car. Eric walked around to get the luggage out of the trunk. Suddenly a loud HONK interrupted the silent reverie of the night. Jumping a foot in the air, Luke glared over at Eric.

"What the hell was that?! Do you want to let the whole neighborhood know we're here?!" Luke sputtered in an exasperated voice.

Eric gave a mischievous grin, "No, just the family. You're about to be treated to a real Christmas welcome!" With that being said, Eric quickly ducked down and hid behind the car.

Luke stared at his boyfriend as if he were crazy when suddenly he heard the door behind him bang open and, before he could turn to see who it was, he was, for lack of a better term, crushed in an overbearing hug by some woman.

"And who is this handsome young man here?" questioned the woman in a loud and jubilant voice.

"HCK!" was all Luke could get out as his face was smashed unceremoniously in her bosom. While he could speak, let alone barely breathe, Luke could hear multiple voices exiting the house. Little kids voices, teenage voices, adult voices; everyone was exclaiming how happy they were to see the two young men after their drive. Soon however the voices began to question where Eric was, since the young man currently ensnared wasn't their blood relative.

"Mom… Mom! You're crushing Luke!" came the loud exclamation from Eric. Joyous voices rang out once again as people rushed to see the once hidden young man. Gradually Eric made his way over to where Luke was still being held by his mom. "Mom, I would like for you to meet Luke Eknath. Luke this is my mother Karolyn Saulderman."

Luke, with a frazzled look, stepped back and trued to shake hands. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Mrs. Saulderman." He had his personal space for all of 3 seconds before he was once again held tightly against his lover's mom.

"Oh don't be so formal, just call me Karolyn, or even Mom!" she exclaimed with gusto.

"Dear, you're crushing Luke again." came a quiet man's voice. When Luke was released from his fleshy prison, he saw where Eric got his looks from. While Karolyn was a short plump woman with a radiant smile, Mr. Saulderman was a bit shorter than Eric and had the physique of a football player gone to seed. The man looked to be in great shape for his age, yet he still sported a slight overhang on his stomach. Despite that however, it was easy to see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

"Mr. Saulderman, it's great to meet you as well." spoke Luke. The two men shook hands and Luke felt like things weren't going to be so crazy anymore. Gradually everyone made their way back inside, with Luke being introduced to all of Eric's family that were there for the Christmas Eve dinner. He had a hard time keeping a name to a face, but everyone was just so friendly that it was easy to remember.

As they came to the foyer, Eric turned to Luke and said, "Let me take the bags upstairs and put our stuff away." Hoisting up their luggage effortlessly, Eric turned and pounded up the stairs before Luke could get a word in. However Luke did see a mysterious smaller bag in Eric's hand that he didn't notice when the two of them were loading up the car before they left.

"Eric, what's in that bag?" Luke called up the foyer.

"A Christmas surprise, go get food!" came the muffled yell. Luke rolled his eyes and moved back to the living room where everyone was gathered around the television watching Christmas movie specials. The tree the Saulderman's had was magnificent in the corner, with a plethora of presents stashed underneath its full branches. Many decorative ornaments adorned the limbs, and there was a heavy scent of pine in the air. Luke took in all that he was experiencing, thankful for his lover and his family.

Soon he lost himself amongst the rest of Eric's family, talking about all sorts of things, from what he was majoring in at college, to where he worked, and even to his and Eric's relationship. Normally Luke wasn't shy or embarrassed by his love for Eric, but these were Eric's family members. Somehow he didn't think they would see the humor in him telling them about his latest sexual exploit with their relative, which oddly enough, had been that morning before either left for their last day of work.

Luke jumped a bit when he felt a pair of strong arms wrap around him from behind. "A little jumpy are we?" questioned Eric as he nuzzled his boyfriend's hair.

Luke chuckled. "I can't help it. Your mom insists on death hugging me every time I'm near her, all of your sister's little kids jump me when I'm not looking, and your cousins our age want to wrestle me in the snow outside." He turned in Eric's embrace to give him a quick kiss on the lips. "Your family is very physical with their love." He gave his bigger half another peck. "I can see where you get it from now."

Eric's smile grew bigger. "Can you blame them? I've been telling them about you for two years and they finally meet you. They're happy that I'm happy, and I'm happy that you're happy." They were lost in each other's self when the moment was interrupted by the sound of a flash and click going off. The two turned to see Karolyn smiling at them with a camera pointed at them.

Eric groaned, "Awww Mom! No embarrassing photos!"

Karolyn laughed, "Oh hush you. I'll always take pictures of my babies and their special moments. Speaking of which, Luke dear, would you like to see some photos of Eric when he was a little baby?"

Eric felt Luke tightened his grip on him and knew he wasn't getting away without a fight. "Maybe later Karolyn." Eric's grip slackened a bit, and Luke couldn't resist poking some fun. "Although I find it hard to believe that this man was ever a little boy."

Giving a playful growl, Eric looked down at his lover. "I'll show you little." He began to mercilessly tickle the smaller man until Luke was shrieking with laughter while trying to escape. He couldn't get loose, and eventually conceded defeat with cries of 'Uncle! Uncle!'

The family laughed at the couple's antics and soon it was time for dinner. Eric's parents sat at each end of the large table, with other relatives spread throughout as well. Eric and Luke sat together, eating and talking and holding hands the entire time when they weren't cutting something up. Luke had never experienced such a large family gathering before outside of his own, and it was truly an eye-opening experience. Finally he leaned into Eric and whispered, "So are you going to tell me what was in that random bag love, or do I have to find out on my own?"

Eric merely smiled and placed his hand on Luke's thigh, close to his crotch. Slowly, in a teasing manner, he began to massage closer and closer to Luck's groin. "That's a secret that Santa will reveal in good time, that is if you've been a good boy this year." Luke shivered in silent apprehension at Erick's words. Something was up and Luke, knowing how both playful yet devious his lover could be, wasn't sure if he should be excited or scared.


Eventually all the family that wasn't spending the night left, leaving behind a kitchen that was practically devoid of any form of edible substance. Luke was directed upstairs where he and Eric would be sleeping together for the next couple of nights on their holiday vacation. Speaking of Eric, Luke hadn't seen his lover in over half an hour. Walking into the bedroom, he noticed a small note on their bed. Reading it, Luke found that Eric had to go help a family member with a last minute Christmas decoration problem and that he would be back in a couple of hours. He wished for Luke to go to bed without him and that he would wake him when he got back.

Luke pouted, slightly resembling a child that didn't receive their gift of choice for that year. With a sullen 'hmph' he changed out of his dinner clothes and slipped down to his usual bed attire of white boxer shorts. Throwing back the covers and snuggling into the cool sheets, Luke couldn't help but wish that his bigger half was here with him. At least then he wouldn't be cold in the sheets, alone in the bed, solitary on Christmas night.

With one last huff, Luke rolled onto his side, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep.

Hours passed. At least that what it felt like to Luke. Not a sound stirred in the house, there was no creaking on the stair case signaling a newcomer. Struggling with his worry, Luke sat up on his knees, back to the closet across the room. He couldn't help but begin to worry about Eric. What if his car slid off the road? What if he had crashed into an embankment? What if he was buried under snow and couldn't escape!

So many 'What if' situations flashed through Luke's head that he didn't hear the bedroom's closet door slowly creak open. It wasn't until the door was completely open that Luke heard and gasped in surprise as he twisted his neck around to peer into the darkness. He could vaguely make out a humanoid figure.

Slowly, the unknown person walked out of the darkness and into the moonlight that was filtering in through the blinds.

Luke gasped once again. Not from surprise. But from excitement at what he saw.

Standing before him, wearing nothing more than a tight pair of red leather pants, black leather boots, and the classic Santa cap, was Eric. His body was impressive, filling in and stretching the leather tightly with his muscles. His skin seemed to glow in the pale lunar beams, while his hair fell out of the hat in a casual, yet sexual style. Neither said a word as Eric, dressed as Santa Claus, made his way silently across the bedroom.

"Ho ho ho little boy, Merry Christmas." spoke Eric in his deep voice.

Luke couldn't believe what he was seeing. So this was what was in the mysterious bag that Eric had earlier. Deciding that this fiasco more than made up for his loneliness in bed, he decided to play along.

"Oh Santa! I didn't expect to see you tonight!" whispered Luke quietly in the room. He was still resting on his knees, back to 'Jolly St. Nicholas'. Starting to turn around to properly face his erotic visitor, he was commanded to wait. Stopping his motions, Luke waited, hands poised on his knees as he slightly bent forward, exposing his narrow wait and slim butt to 'the Big Man in Red'.

He heard a deep intake of breath. "You've been a good boy this year." declared Santa. "So here is the gift you asked me for…" And with that, he started to slowly, sensually, provocatively, lower his tight leather pants, revealing him wearing a black jockstrap.

Luke could see the fabric of the material strecthing in the soft light and wanted nothing more to yank it off to pillage the goodies hidden. Continuing the charade, he replied in what Eric had decided was his 'sexy' voice, "Oh Santa! It's so great, I can't believe this is happening to me…"

Santa chuckled deeply as he climbed onto the bed behind Luke. "It's my pleasure lucky boy. Now let me see that tight ass of yours…" He finished his wish by pressing his front against Luke's back, their bodies meshed together with sexual excitement and anticipation.

Luke could feel how excited Santa was to give his 'gift'. He tried to push a different angle. As Santa slid his hand underneath the white fabric of his underwear, Luke leaned forward and voiced out, "Actually, I want you to be the bottom Santa." He felt the hand next to his cock pause, and then there was another deep chuckle, this time right behind his ear.

"Ho ho ho little boy. I said you had been good." His Santa paused, but kept fondling Luke's cock, stroking it further into life. "I didn't say you were nominated for sainthood." Luke would have pouted and tried to press the issue further; that is if Santa didn't decide to play dirty. A set of teeth slowly began to nibble on his right ear and Luke arched back up at the contact. Eric knew that his ears were sensitive!

The other hand clamped down on his left shoulder, slowly pressing Luke closer into his nightly visitor. "Oh, and what is this down here?" questioned St. Nick as he began to stroke Luke's cock. "A present for Santa Claus as well?"

Luke was being tortured. Santa kept nibbling on his ear and his cock was going into overload. Wishing to quicken the pace, he snapped out, "Well it's certainly a better gift than that little candy cane I feel poking me back there! What say you to that, eh Santa?"

Luke tried to turn around again to instigate more sex and less talk when he was pushed down into the bed sheets beneath him. Despite his squirming, he was held in place by a large unyielding hand. "Now boy, no one insults Santa and gets away with it. Don't you know I can get into any house?" Luke heard the sound of shuffling and a drawer being opened near him. Peaking around, he saw Santa's other hand disappear into it and quickly pull out a small bottle.

"What's that?" Luke questioned. Being ignored, he heard the bottle cap pop open and felt a large glob of cool gel land on his now exposed ass. He continued to hear the bottle being tossed to the floor and the sound of the bed creaking as Santa shifted his heavy muscular frame over his helpless bed victim. Suddenly a few fingers were thrust in front of his face, heavily scented of something. Luke took a sniff. "Peppermint! You put peppermint lube on my ass!"

"Edible peppermint lube, now open up little boy or no gift for you." spoke Santa in a commanding tone.

"Screw you ya perv! I'm not going to-- oomph!" The fingers were shoved into his open mouth at that moment, and Luke couldn't help but savor the delicious taste of the lube in his mouth. With a hot slick tongue, he began playing with the fingers in his mouth, eliciting groans of approval from the Santa Claus on his body. The fingers began to stroke in and out of his mouth, Luke's saliva coating them further with moisture for their next trip into his body. Soon the fingers were completely withdrawn from his mouth and they disappeared behind him. The glob of lube that had been forgotten was now being pressed into him by one finger, soon joined with another. When Luke felt he was sufficiently stretched, he wiggled his ass a bit, signaling that he was ready for the last finger. When it too penetrated him, he bit his lip to halt the load moan that threatened to escape. It wouldn't do to alert the rest of the household of the current nocturnal activity!

When the lube was evenly spread throughout Luke's tight passage, Santa began to press into him. "Oh, by Rudolf's red nose, you're so hot and tight…" Slowly, much like his stripping performance, Eric began to push his thick girth into his lover. When he finally bottomed out, he laid on top of Luke, totally enveloping him with his larger muscular frame.

When Luke began to shift uncomfortably, Eric pulled out and slammed back in. Not expecting such a sudden change, Luke choked out a long groan. Eventually he felt Santa's large dick pump in and out him in a rapid pace. He held onto the pillow in front of him, biting it roughly to stiffly his loud grunts. Eric's hands were clutching at his smaller lover's hip as he pounded in and out of him, moaning in tandem with the other man.

"That's it little boy. You feelin' this little candy cane?" he questioned as he withdrew before slamming in again.

"H-harder! Deeper Santa!" was all that was spoken as Luke panted for his next breath.

Soon the two began to quicken their pace even further, and Luke made known that he was approaching the end. "Oh Santa," he cried out, "I'm coming, I'm comin--" his exclamations were cut off as his lips were quickly latched onto by another pair, the slamming on his ass not lessening even for a minute. Luke shot his load onto the bed sheets beneath him as he was continuously manhandled. Grunts were forced into his mouth as Eric exploded deep within him, his potent cum mixing with whatever remained of the peppermint lube.

When the two slowed done, Eric broke off the kiss and gradually lowered the two of them onto the other side of the bed, away from Luke's mess. Landing on their sides, Eric slowly pulled out of Luke and finished taking off his leather pants and the black boots. He also threw the red and white cap onto the floor with the rest of his clothes. Reaching over to a tissue box on the other nightstand, he wiped up most of the mess on the sheets and tossed that into the wastebasket. Luke remained silent the entire time, still lost in the haze of post-coital bliss. When he has finally coherent, he merely snuggled deeper into the warmth provided by his ever creative lover.

"So what did you think of your gift, my Luke?" asked Eric in a quiet voice. He wrapped one large arm around Luke waist and secured his body against his own.

Finding comfort in the strong appendage, Luke murmured, "It was beyond what I expected love. Now I have to think of something to give you that matches it. Somehow I don't think a renewed gym membership is going to compare…"

"You re-newed my gym membership?" asked Eric again, surprise and glee in his tone.

Luke realized what he just gave away in his near sleeplike state. "Shit…" he mumbled.

Eric smiled, kissing Luke on the neck. "It's okay Eric, I really love the gift." He pressed his crotch into Luke butt, both still exposed to each other. "Besides, it's still Christmas tomorrow night. You could get me a last minute gift by then."

"Hmmm, we shall see you goof." was all Luke responded with, a clever grin tugging at his lips.

Soon the room became quiet, as each man's breathing slowed down and sleep began to creep upon them. Yet the night's hush was broken once again with a:

"Hey love?"


"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too, my heart."