Strawberry Cream.




Chapter 1:


( A/N: I guess you can say its real...Thanks Queenie for the Title. xD its making my HUNGRY! Me and Queenie are working on this story together. :D )


Welcome to my life.

A life of boys, work and friends.

Welcome to my land of confusion, Break-ups and a whole lotta' laughter.

It all started whe- Oh wait.

Oops. I forgot. My names Queenie.

It all started when I was a child.

Aww I was- I mean, My parents..divorced and I had to choose between my mum...or my dad.

Sorry Dad. I chose Mum.

Originally, I was with my Dad until he got went through rehab and just ditched me.

Right. I'm in Japan right? My father used to have a business you see..and we went to Japan together.

But...he got fired for attempted murder.

Yes, long story. But I never found out who he wanted to murder (coughHISBOSScough)

And now, I'm saying goodbye Japan, Hello New York City!

12 Years later.

" Bye Mum! " I yelled at the door.

" Bye Honey. Give Mummy a big kiss "

I shiver. " Mumm! My friends are outside waiting for me!! "

I hear her sigh and I grin.

" Oooh Okk..."

I walk out to my 2 friends that I always walk to school with.

" Heys! " I say.

" Hey Queenie. Give Mummy a kisss Mwah mwah!! " Angela teases.

" But Muuumm!! " Elise whines.

"...Shuddap " I murmered and glared at Elise.

" ..N-no You! " Elise talks back.

I swear. Elise has the lamest comebacks.

When we arrive to our school, ( The New York excelled achievers academy or NYEAA )


(A/N: :D Haha Me and QUeenie couldn't be bothered brainstorming anymore. )