"Rufus, get the fuck out of the way!" I yelled at the fat cat sprawled across the kitchen floor. His eyes squinted up at me and I rolled mine as I walked around him with a platter of food balanced in my right hand. Mom looked over at me with those eyes that just screamed, "Watch your mouth."

Christmas Eve is always so chaotic. Every family member within a 50 mile radius comes to visit, and the house was hardly ever big enough for just my three brothers, my mom, and I. Not to mention there's always a new member of the family when this night comes around, so every year it gets so much more crowded. This year, Jesse's coming with his new girlfriend he met while in college for his first year. Hopefully, she's not a complete slut like that last girl he was with. We actually caught her groping at least three of my cousins one year, one of them being a girl.

"Isaac, can you get me that other tray of cookies? The last tray is almost done," I heard mom say as I was placing some dishes in the sink.

I'm the last one of the boys living at home, and that makes me the only one to help mom with the food, decorations, cleaning, and basically everything that needs to get done throughout the night. Paul's only in town for tonight, he's always got some business meeting to go to in San Francisco on Christmas Day. Jaime and Jesse both are here for the next week, but of course they didn't dare show up a few hours early to help.

A faint knock on the door was heard, and I quickly handed mom the tray of cookies as I rushed to answer it. My aunt Tracie greeted me with a big hug and said, "Merry Christmas Isaac! Golly, it's so good to see you, the last time I saw you, you were this tall," she put her hand up to about my shoulder's length.

I want to correct her and make her remember I haven't been that short since I was twelve, and I'm seventeen now. She says the same thing every year, though, so I just brush it off and step aside so she and her six kids can walk in with their presents in tow. I almost shut the door after counting the last head of kids when I realized there was a man and two other kids following them. I turned to my aunt and gave a questioning look.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Isaac, this is my new husband, Brent. You met him at the wedding, didn't you?" Having six kids must make you delusional because I didn't even know she had a wedding, never mind the fact that I apparently was there. Mom walked out of the kitchen and into the foyer where we were all standing and gave Tracie a hug much like the one I had received.

"Tracie, it's so great to see you. Nice to see you, again, Brent," she said with a smile. I decided to ignore my previous thoughts of how I had never even met this man before and headed back into the kitchen as my mom gathered the presents and put them under the tree while she talked with my aunt and her new family.

After a few minutes she joined me and said, "I think we've got enough food out here, Issie. You can go out and have fun. I'll take care of everything in here." I cringed at the use of her girlish nickname she used for me and walked through the dining room and into the parlor, where everyone was crowded around, opening presents, drinking wine, or chatting amongst themselves. A conversation was going on between my cousins Angel and Marie about how cute Ashton Kutcher was in That 70's Show.

As I glanced around, looking for one of my brothers, a smiling face caught my eye. Brent, aunt Tracie's new husband, was chatting with one of my uncles as he held my cousin on his shoulders. His smile was probably the best looking smile I'd ever seen on a man's face, but I tried to push the thought out of my head. I came out to my family when I was fifteen, and everyone except for a few cousins were okay with it, but I'm sure no one will be okay with my lusting after my aunt's husband, especially when he's probably twice my age.

I pushed the thought out of my head and went to sit down on the couch, next to some cousins playing Super Nintendo. Tonight was definitely going to be a long night.


An hour or two had gone by, and people started leaving. Only a few more people came in after Tracie, and all of them had left already. I felt it was time for a smoke, since I hadn't had one all day, so I stepped out back and walked to the center of the yard, pulling out and lighting a cigarette. I sat down on the damp grass, not caring that my jeans would get soaked, thanks to the snow that just melted down yesterday. After a few drags, I heard the door open and then close, and feet were heard shuffling in the grass as they drew nearer to me. I felt someone sit down next to me and I turned my head to see Brent.

He must've noticed my confusion because he explained, "I came to bum a cigarette off of you. I saw the pack in your hand as you left the room." He smiled sheepishly and I offered him one. "Thanks, those kids are too much for me. I don't know how you deal with all of these people every year. Just our wedding reception was too many people, but this is fucking chaos."

I smirked as he described the evening perfectly with just those two words.

"You weren't there, were you? At our wedding I mean."

I shook my head and said, "Nope, I didn't even know she had a boyfriend."

"Well, she didn't. Ha, it's a complicated story, but I had a hard time with my ex wife, and she didn't want to pay child support. Kids were going to be taken away, so your aunt is helping me out by doing this pretend marriage thing."

I nodded, not really understanding what the hell he was talking about, but not really caring either way. I glanced at him for half a second and asked, "So, you're not even in love or anything?"

"I'm not even straight," he replied with a chuckle. This made me raise an eyebrow and turn back to him. He laughed at the expression on my face and continued, "Yeah, the whole reason my ex and I broke up was because I cheated on her with a co-worker of mine. Your aunt's told me you're gay, too."

I nodded at the statement and sort of stared at the grass in almost shock. I didn't even think that there was a possibility of something like this. Something made me ask suddenly, "How old are you?"

Brent turned to me and smirked, replying with, "Thirty-five. And you're seventeen, right? What a perfect age…"

That same something that made me ask his age came back and made me lean in fast and kiss him deeply. To my surprise, he returned the kiss and pushed me back slightly so he was leaning over me. After a moment, he broke the kiss and asked, "This probably isn't right, but I can't really resist it right now."

I nodded, that being the only thing I seem to be capable of doing right now and wiped my mouth.

"Want to give me a tour of the upstairs part of the house? Maybe your…" he trailed off, but I knew just exactly what he wanted to say. My room, he wants to go to my room. I put out my cigarette in the ground, and he did the same, as I got up and started walking fast into the house. No one noticed as he followed me up the stairs, and no one noticed as I shut my door and locked it after we were both in. I turned around to continue what we started, but I caught Brent looking around my room for the bed. They always get so confused.

"It's over there," I said, pointing to what would look like a random wooden spot on the wall to anyone, but to me, it's my cloud nine. The most comfortable bed probably ever created. I walked over to it and pulled it down.

"That's really cool…" he said and stared in amazement. I had to laugh a bit, because his face was priceless at that moment. But after a few seconds, I started to strip down to nothing but my boxer briefs. Brent finally realized I was almost naked and started to follow suit, and walked over to me, kissing me again, with the taste of lust on his tongue. Eventually we moved to the bed, and had some of the best sex I've ever had in my whole seventeen years. Not that I've had sex that often, but it was pretty amazing.

It was Christmas Day before we realized that we should probably get dressed and part ways. Every Christmas Eve after that, I got the same present from the same people, but only one of those presents was ever worth it.

Hi Katy. Sorry this sucks ass, titties, and balls. :| This is like as bad as me trying to figure out what the fuck to write for my goddamn essay for my GED testing shit. I tried, I really did. I've been brainstorming since I asked you what you wanted, and, well, I failed. I know. :( BUT AT LEAST I TRIED, RIGHT!??!#!$# ;~; Part deux and trois of your Christmas presents are on their way. Whoa I don't even think this is like a whole three pages... I am a fucking failure. XD