I feel alone

Though I am in a room

filled with people

I feel misunderstood

when you try to understand me

There is nothing to understand

At least, nothing that you

could comprehend

It's too foreign a concept

too strange to your normalness

I feel so evil

when I am trying to be good

I feel so cold

while you feel so warm

I feel hatred

at your ill-placed labels

Things are not always as they seem

that is double in my case

I hide what I am

from you always

I portray the opposite

when I long to shine true

I smile

when I want to cry

I laugh

when I am in pain

I look at you innocently

when I want to rip out your throat

I stay

when I want to walk away

I come

when I want to leave

I am your friend

when I want to be friendless

I cause myself pain

instead of hurting you

I act like you understand

when you don't

I seem like I want help

when I want to be left alone

I seem to hope

when I gave up long ago