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"Hikure-kun! Wake up! Can you please get up we are getting ready to leave!" cried Akine her hands on her hips, her hair already fully perfect. "We are going to leave without you!"

He opened his blue marbles for eyes and took a good look at the girl standing right in front of him. He sat up slowly and observing her with tired eyes, the silence he made lasting for long seconds. "get out of my face ugly girl…" he said with a yawn when suddenly…his eyes fully snapped opened and he realized what he said. He did not dare take a look at the face of the girl afraid of what she would do. "Crap…"

"Hikure! Get up!!" She shouted with fury smacking the younger boy with strength. "Can't you take responsibility of what you are going to say?!"

The boy finally looked at her and smiled shyly not bothering to get up again to afraid to get hit once more. He looked at her with sorry eyes, the place once again gone silent…yet something made the boy quickly get up grabbing his sword in the process. He pushes Akine behind him protecting the girl.

Akine blushes a little bit and looked at her protector with a tiny smile. "Um…"

The bush in front of them began to move suddenly more and more as the seconds passed. Hikure still protecting her began to shake suddenly when he saw Keiiji coming out. She took one single glance at him sending a chill down the boy's and the blue hair's girl spine. "If I was a killed, you standing in that position would send him flying scare of his mind, I mean I was I'm scared." She spoke sarcastically with a sour voice.

"Shut up Keiiji! I just wanted to stand like this! Do you have…?" He was cut off when he suddenly saw the floor; he had been pushed down by Akine. "What the hell…?!"

"Keiiji-kun you always say such cool stuff! You make Hikure look so pathetic!" she stated with a small blush upon her pale face. "That's what I like most about you! Your amazing!"

Hikure looked at Keiiji with a bitter face, his hand trembling with anger—an anger that was slowly building up inside him. 'Amazing, huh?! Well I will show her!'

Akine continued with her babbling about Keiiji her blush increasing, "I wish I was like Keiiji-Kun! She is amazing always so cool! She makes my heart jump!" Not noticing the girl began to stare at Keiiji with dreamy eyes.

'What? Why does Akine-Chan keep looking at Keiiji like that?' The boy thought as he slowly got up from the ground, and he suddenly walked over to Keiiji graving her by the collar of her shirt with anger. "Well Keiiji you think you are so might!? Having everyone love you?!"

Akine watching this glared darkly at Hikure, "Hikure leave Keiiji-kun alone! She doesn't have time to mess around with people like YOU." She once again punched the boy off of Keiiji but Keiiji always angry glared at both, "Im sorry Keiiji-Kun! You have to excuse the fact that he is really annoying!"

"You both are annoying." She said ending the conversation. She turned around and began to walk away to where Hikure was lying. She offered him a hand only to get rejected by him. "Hmph…" She murmured while looking away even more annoyed. "Anyways…the point I came to even get you people was to tell you that, we would be leaving to the nearest village to get foot."

Hikure looked at Keiiji and got up from the ground once again, without knowing he tripped down and fell into the deep lake that was behind him. He landed with a big splash, and the current began to take him far away from the group. He tried to swim back up, but the water wouldn't let him, he tried and tried but it was no use, he was sinking to the bottom of the river. He had one eye closed and the other barely open, he knew that he wouldn't last long but he had to do something to get out, his life couldn't end by this river, no…! 'I wont let Keiiji get her way…! I won't let her think she's better than everyone else! I have to survive through this!'

Yet…the current was to strong for him, that was until he felt a hand reach to him and slowly pulling the boy out of the water. Hikure fell into the ground and began to cough out water, he rubbed his eyes and looked down.

"What the hell were you thinking?! Were you trying to kill yourself or something?!"

Hikure still looking down, he blushed deeply, the thought that it was Keiiji who was talking… "Thank you Keiiji for worrying about me…" He spoke in a timid voice and got up hugging the person tightly. "Keiiji-kun!"


"Y-Yes thank you so…"

Hikure felt two cold hands touch his face, opening his eyes slightly, the young boy's eyes met a pair of orange eyes—Hikure was sent back a little with immense surprise. The person wasn't Keiiji; it was another girl with long orange hair. Hikure's eyes widen in shock and the blush became bigger upon his face. "Y-You're the most beautiful girl I have ever met!"

"Thanks?" The voice sounded annoyed and angry at the same time, "It would actually matter to me if I was a girl…"

Hikure blinked a couple of times, letting what the boy just told him sink into his head. His eyes suddenly widen in horror, "W-WOW! I-I'm sorry I thought you were a girl!"

The orange wonder glared at Hikure as he began to get up from the ground, "Anyways you mentioned a certain name in which got my attention."

Hikure looked curious at the boy as he tilted his head to the left, "What name are you talking about?"

The boy signed deeply and repeated the name with some anger in his voice, "Keiiji."

"Oh yes! Her…" Hikure got up his clothes wet as ever, but he didn't care at all…his stared turned grim and he continued to talk with a sour voice, "She thinks she's all high and mighty, because she is better then everyone, but I will prove her wrong!"

The orange hair boy's eyes widen a bit, but then he shook his head with a frown. "What I have heard is that Keiiji Aimi is one of the strongest warriors alive—mostly because of the 2 marks on her cheek—but what I think is that no one is strong enough to beat her."

Hikure taken back by the cold words he just heard, shook his head in disapproval as his hand turned into a fist, "What what you want! I will make sure I'm the first one to beat her!" the enthusiasm from the young boy had earned a laugh from the strange boy. "Anyways…become I get mad and punch something! What's your name?!"

"Tsk…like I would tell an annoying kid like you."

"I'm Hikure!" Hikure ignoring the annoyed tone of the other smiled widely offering a hand, "Nice to meet you!"

The orange hair boy glared at Hikure but then decided to give in; he knew that Hikure was the kind of boy who would never leave until he got his answer. "I'm Zakuyo." He took Hikure's hand and shook it, "So I bet you are going to the market place in the nearby town?"

"I was until I …I fell into the river and the current took me away…and according to Keiiji the market is somewhere straight ahead… Akine told me she wants to buy many flowers for someone, girls are weird." Hikure shrugged and looked at Zakuyo with a smile, "That's why I'm not interested in them right now."

Zakuyo showed no emotion to what he was saying and began to walk on the direction to the Village. Hikure made a face and followed him; a smile for no reason crossed his face.

"So uh…I couldn't help but noticed, you smell just like roses!"

Zakuyo stopped walking and his face turned bright red, his head looked down immediately to the ground, "S-Shut up! So what if I d-do?!"

"I like it." Hikure said simply with a smile, his eyes showed honesty to what he just had said. Zakuyo didn't want to hear more from the boy so they decided to walk in total silence, Hikure looking around and Zakuyo annoyed to have someone following him…that what when they reached the village. It was small, that was true, but many people were walking around buying stuff for themselves or for their families. Many small shops were selling food, swords, armors, and other stuff for fighting or eating making Hikure's eyes go big with pleasure to eat! "Whoa! This place may be small for it sure is full! Amazing!" Hikure cried out in happiness, walking ahead of Zakuyo as he looked around with wide eyes. The red hair boy crossed his arms and began to walk slowly behind Hikure saying nothing. Hikure took noticed and turned around to look at him, "Hey, Zakuyo you have been really silent! What's wrong?


"Eh…?" Hikure waited for a response, but he knew Zakuyo was not going to respond so he decided to change the subject, "By the way, how old are you?"

Zakuyo looked at him with one eye closed and the other open, "I'm 15."

Hikure laughed hard, knowing that he could not bet 15, he looked more like 18, but then he noticed in Zakuyo's eyes that he was being honest. He became silent, when he saw that he was rather taller than Zakuyo, causing him to sigh in relieved. "I'm 18 by the way!" Hikure declared cheerfully.

"What?! 18?!"

"Yes 18, I might now look like it though." Hikure said with a small sigh, but then that sigh turned into a grin. He put his hand up and patted the red hair boy gently on the head, earning him a hard punch—what he saw next was the floor. Hikure laughed in his head, knowing that he probably deserved that. He got up slowly and faced a glaring Zakuyo. "I cant believe your that young you know! That's kinda cool! I can boss you around and everything!"

Zakuyo gave Hikure a death glared and grabbed him the black hair boy by the collar of his shirt, their gazes met for a second, and their faces close enough. "Oh really? You say im small? You say im young, huh?"

"Well…" Hikure wanted to continue his sentence but for some reason he found himself blushing, everyone who passed by was obvious to his blush. "We-well shut up, and listen to me cuz I'm older!"

"Why should I?! You might be older but that doesn't mean you are stronger than me!" Zakuyo shouted back at Hikure setting him free, making everyone hear their conversation. "I'm as tall as you after all!"

Hikure's face was lost in a wave of embarrassment, knowing that the boy was rather right. That was when something snapped his thoughts.


"Hurry up Akine! You're so slow!" The voice which belonged to none other than Keiiji complained in an angry voice. The stubborn girl looked around when her vision turned to Hikure. "Oh, I thought you had died."


"I thought you died."

Hikure glared at her darkly and began to walk towards her, when Zakuyo got in front of him. He glared at Keiiji and walked passed her but the girl turned around telling him to face her, "So I see you again, it seems. How…interesting. Never thought I would see you again in my life."

"Same goes for you—vanished leader." Zakuyo responded to her in a bitter voice, his eyebrows narrowing, he noticed that the air was cold and tense. "It's not my fault people don't like you that much—like that boy over there." He pointed at Hikure with a frown.

The stubborn girl glared darkly at Hikure and Zakuyo, anger all over her face, she knew well that Hikure didn't like her, but he didn't have to tell the whole world.

Hikure looked at Keiiji with a glare when something made his eyes go slightly wide, he absolutely saw nothing in Keiiji's eyes…no love, no mercy no nothing. That's when Zakuyo and Keiiji were about to punch themselves when Hikure got in the way and punched Keiiji square in the stomach with full strength. Keiiji fell on the ground hard, face first then the rest. He stared in disbelief at the action he just had done, he had punched Keiiji on the stomach… Akine's eyes went wide with surprise; she couldn't believe what Hikure had just done, he had hurt Keiiji! The orange hair boy was standing still in shock, he didn't know what to make out of the situation…

The group stood in total silence, not wanting to know what would happen next…to experience Keiiji's full anger. Akine was the first one to walk up to Keiiji and try to help her, but was knocked back by the evil glare that the fallen girl sent her.

"Keiiji-kun I'm sorry, I…" Hikure tried his best to apologize to the girl, but he could tell that even if he did tried to say sorry, it wouldn't work.

"Shut the hell up." Keiiji said to him enraged at the fact that he had actually punched her. She began to slowly get up, her glare darker than the night itself, turned around and walked away, not saying another word. Akine looked at her and followed Keiiji behind, wanting to make sure she was ok.

Hikure was left there with Zakuyo alone, he didn't know what to say or do, "What did I just do?"

"You did say you wanted to teach her a lesson or something."

"Yes but no this way!" He yelled at the red hair, with anger.

Long minutes passed, and the night began to fall fast bring life to all who worked at night in the market. Hikure sat on a bench nearby Zakuyo leaning to a nearby tree with his eyes closed then suddenly he opened them, he saw that Hikure was standing right next to him looking down with a sorrowful face. The orange hair boy glared at him and walked towards the grass lying down with his eyes closed. Hikure frowned and followed him; he looked down at Zakuyo with a smile. Zakuyo did nothing for a minute just lost in his own thought until he got up bumping his head with Hikure's, he groaned in pain and lay down on the grass again.

"You…You moron, don't do that!" Hikure yelled at him with anger, "That really hurt!"

"It was supposed to."

"I feel horrid for what I did to Keiiji-kun, but for some reason I don't know, I needed to punch her, it was as if my body just moved me." Hikure stated in a low voice, sitting next to Zakuyo looking at the moon that shined with beauty. "Hey Zakuyo, I have an idea, why don't you come with us?! It would be fun! I'll—I'll convince Keiiji of letting you come!"

"After what you did to her, I'm sure she would never want to speak to you again."

"She'll get over it! And if she doesn't, I'll make her get over it!"

Zakuyo laughed with a low voice, and opened his eyes looking at the moon.

"And anyways, You're really cool, and well I want to know you more for some reason." He smiled kindly at him, his smile brighter than the moon, as if…as if Hikure's smile could make anyone smile. "So what do you say?"

"I don't know…" He reached into his pocket and took out… a necklace putting it up so it could face the moon, the reflection lighting up the whole place where he stood. "For some reason this thing makes me feel calm…"

Hikure looked away dazed off, wondering in his own thoughts, wondering if Keiiji would forgive him for what he had done to her. Zakuyo took noticed of that, but didn't say anything not wanting to interrupt the boy's thought. For some reason they had just met today, but he felt as if he had knew Hikure from a long time. He shook that thought away and put the necklace back in his pocket, when he saw someone running towards them, it was…


She had a horrified look on her face, pale as ever as she shook with fear written all over her eyes. "K-Keiiji-kun…" that was all she managed to say, before collapsing into the ground, but still managing to keep her eyes open. "S-She…"

Hikure got up in a flash and ran towards her picking her up, "What happened to Keiiji?!"

"R-Ruby! R-ruby is a...Attacking her!"

"Ruby?" Zakuyo asked also getting up interested in that was happening.

"WHAT?!" Hikure yelled with all his might, his hand turning into a hard fist. He began to run towards where Keiiji and ruby were, his face showing anger, and determined to defeat Ruby once and for all. Zakuyo grabbed Akine and put her on his back running after Hikure.

"You must be the girl with the demon, if I'm not mistaken?" Ruby asked in a fierce voice, a sword on one hand and on the other a small knife.

The whole place was dark, lights turned off, and people rushing into any house trying to save themselves from the fight Ruby and Keiiji were about to have. Many others watched from the windows of the houses they were on, getting ready to watch.

"Well are you going to answer, or am I going to have to knock it off of you?" She asked in a cocky voice, getting in a ready to fight position.

Keiiji glared at her, "I would never tell you such information."

"Oh ha ha, your hilarious you know that." She laughed faking the whole time, "So I guess, you travel with Hikure and Akine?"

"I'm not telling you anything."

"Alright, if you wish to be that way, and then be that way, after all I know everything about you."

Keiiji flinched a little and took out her sword, "You might know my weakness, you might know my flaws, but you will never defeat me."

"Don't be so full of yourself, Lady Keiiji." She began to run after Keiiji, almost slashing her but the stubborn girl managed to do a backwards flip landing with a smirk. "Oh ho ho! You sure know moves, I'm impressed!"

"You aren't facing your average warrior."

Hikure arrived kicking Ruby square on the stomach sending her flying a couple of feet back, she landed on the ground with a frown, until she saw the boy's eyes. "Well, if it isn't my favorite boy. Hikure! Nice to see you again!"

Zakuyo's eyes widen when he saw that Ruby was standing behind him ready to slash him with her sword, but luckily Hikure managed to push them out of the way. "What the hell do you want now?!" Hikure shouted with all his might, his face showing nothing but anger. "Why are you following us around?!"

"Because, I like none of you." She said with a smile filled with evil. "Is that clear enough, for you?"

"I said leave us alone, now!"

Keiiji stood trying tall, looking at Hikure, who had his swords out determination showing in his eyes. 'That girl knows him' she asked herself with interested eyes.

"Leave this to me, everyone! I'll take her down" Hikure shouted at everyone, especially to Keiiji. "This time, I'll finish you off."

"I'm sorry to crush those daring dreams of yours, but I am stronger than you, smarter than you. You could never kill a person like me. I am the death that followed you behind like a shadow that never leaves!"

Hikure glared at her darkly shaking with rage. "You are no one, that's what you are!"

Ruby laughed harshly at Hikure's remark, and looked at everyone, getting to strike one of them out, but which one? "Which one should I attack?"

"L-Leave them alone!"

Ruby's stare suddenly turned to Zakuyo who was standing tall with his sword out, "Well, who Is THIS? Is he new to your group? He sure is cute, a give you that, Hikure you sure have good taste in friends, but whatever. You want to fight me alone, then so be it! Let's fight to the death!"

"I'm stronger than I appear!" he shouted and began to run towards her, almost striking her on the chest, but she punched him first on the face. She grabbed him by the collar of the shit and kicked him sending the boy flying into a wall of a house leaving a hole. "Agh..!" Ruby standing in front of him in seconds, punched him so hard in the stomach that he coughed out blood.

"Hikure-kun!" Akine shouted her eyes widen in horror, as she covered her mouth.

"Hikure…" Zakuyo said softly to himself.

Keiiji on the other hand, stood completely silent, watching the fight.

"COME ON, SHOW ME ALL YOU GO!" Ruby's voice went psychotic as he eyes widen with pleasure to see him in pain.

'Am I truly this…weak?' Hikure asked himself, cleaning the blood from this mouth. He looked down with displeasure, not wanting to face the fact that he was so weak.

"Your comrades don't want weaklings like you in their team, really. Why don't you just give up already and let Lady Keiiji fight?"

"N-Never…I will n-never let ANYONE fight for me, you got that?! That's not my way! …sure maybe everyone here is stronger than me, maybe I'm not a worthy opponent, but I cant let anyone fight for me…I wasn't brought up that way…"

Akine looked at him with surprised and put her hand down, knowing that Hikure was strong enough to defeat her, she just had to believe in him.

Hikure faced Ruby and ran towards her almost punching her in the face but she blocked it completely, he threw his sword at her at her cutting her right arm a bit. She glared at him darkly and punched him on the stomach once more, this time with all her strength.

"Hikure…" Zakuyo once again said to himself something inside told him to go help the boy, but something else told him not to.

"Just give up, the fact that you CANT win! Just stand up and face the reflection of your weak-self. How hard is that?"

"NO! if I lose, Keiiji will never take me seriously!" His voice was breaking into sadness knowing that he could not win, but he had to risk everything. "I have people I need to fight for, I h-have someone to p-protect…just because of that, I cannot lose to a dirty person like you. I'll be the one to defeat Keiiji, not YOU, I won't let you make Keiiji look bad!"

Ruby observed him and set a cold laugh to split the air, "What? Me make Lady Keiiji look bad? What are you talking about; I would never do such a thing! You are so funny! How little you know about the world around you."

Keiiji glared at her with hatred, knowing that Ruby was mocking her and oh no she did not like that.

"What are you talking about?!" Hikure asked her in a demanding voice.

"She was just standing in my way, that's all. I don't want to harm her, at least not now; I need her for future plans." Ruby whispered that so only he could hear, making his eyes grow larger. "The way I need you dead, is the way I need her to live."

Hikure couldn't take it anymore, he couldn't take the fact that Ruby was going to kill him, and he needed to defeat her now! His eyes went red with power, power that even he didn't know he had. His right arm began to glow a bluish color, and he ran towards Ruby with full speed hitting her on the face, sending the girl flying back many feet, she landed on a pile of rocks. Hikure fell do the ground, trying to catch his breath.

"H-How extraordinary, that power…is the power that we all fear will become the fear of the world someday…if only you knew how to use it…" She began to get up, spitting blood from her mouth, "Hikure…remember…I will always be one step behind you, watching you…don't ever forget that." And with that Ruby disappeared with an evil laugh splitting the air.

The boy smiled to himself and fell to the ground unconscious.


"Is he alive?" The voice which belonged to Keiiji asked in a neutral voice.

"I Hope so, I…" A kind voiced answer back, worried surrounding it. "I really hope so, he's not answering."

"Hn, I really don't care either way, he only gets in my way."

Hikure opened his eyes, and saw that he was standing in the middle of the forest, in a bed made of leaves, Keiiji and Akine looking at him as he woke. The sun had just come up and it was shinning everywhere, making the forest look livelier than ever. He touched his head and noticed that he had a bandage, he wondered who did it. That's when he saw that Zakuyo wasn't around…

Hikure got up and from the distance noticed a certain someone standing with a serious face. "Zakuyo?" He asked himself with wide eyes. "Zakuyo!?"

Keiiji turned around immediately with a glare, her mouth turning into a deep frown. "What the hell is he doing here?!"

Hikure's eyes widen with some sort of happiness building inside him, he ran towards him with all his speed, in a matter of seconds he was standing right in front of him, "W-What are you doing here, I thought you weren't going to come!"

"I decided to come."

"I'm glad."

"You…uh…you were really good out there when were fighting that girl."

Hikure's eyes widen with happiness, "Thanks!"

"You are very interesting, you know that."

He blinked as Zakuyo's remark, "Interesting?" He began to walk next to the orange hair boy, a smile creeping over his face.

Akine suddenly snapped and looked at Keiiji with an excited face, "O-Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you, Keiiji-kun! I promised you earlier that I would show you the cave in the moutains! All my friends live there! They will treat you guys like royalties, I promise you that! Let's go!"

Keiiji ignoring the girl looked over at Zakuyo a small glare forming, her hand turning into a hard fist.

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