Some things are a fake in this world. They seem to cover it up with bejewelled innocence, but what if they really were innocent, just wrongly set aside like a fake the rest of the world seemed to be.

As I lie in these shadows

Watching and waiting

Tossing and turning

Vengeful and hating


In my dreams

I see your eyes

A vision of love

A vision of lies


As my tears fall

I watch them drown themselves

As they trail down my skin

Creating foreboding wells


In my heart

I curse you to hell

Whispering words of hate

As it is my soul you sell


I snort cruelly

Sitting up with the covers

There's no such thing

As a four leaf

Lucky clover


You sell those lies

You promised to keep

It is everything about you

That makes my body

And heart weep


Standing up in my room

My feet colliding

I glide to the window

My mind still

Set on deciding


The raindrops fall

As soft tattoo on the glass

My eyes widen and blink

As they watch

The damned crawl across the grass


They arrive at my doorstep

I let them in

Willingly giving them the knife

Their faces stretching

Into a lecherous grin


The steel blade plunges

They run to the door

They turn around and watch

As my cold dead body

Hits the cold dead floor


I am at peace

There are no more dreams

To dream for now

But alas I still remain in this world

As it is the angels

That begin to bow


To you my love

It is you that is a curse

But I cannot be rid you

Because it was you

That put me in that Hearse


I watched you cry

Those clear meaningless tears

And it is now I see

That there was nothing left

But your fears

I don't like how I wrote this poem. It seemed all over the place, exactly how I felt. To be honest, I felt empty, unable to think, let alone feel. But in my head I thought I should at least put some words together on the paper, and see what happened.

So then

What happened?