Inspired by Tues, hope yah like it. I don't know if I do, but still, it was worth a try =D [And after re reading this a lot of times, I just realised that this is loooooooooooooong] XD

Reading the screen

The white burning my eyes

I shake my head

And I wonder why


Why bother texting?

If it was so evident I didn't want to talk

Maybe I wasn't obvious enough

That I wanted you

To just take a walk


My mind comes up with nothing

But it is my heart that seems to be

That one little something

That I turn to in need


I search deep and listen

Quietly, deftly breathing

My breath coming in shallow puffs

My mind finally easing


Maybe you clung onto

That one idea of hope

Maybe you did so

After all,

You were running out of rope



I am not your saviour

From all your problems

I decide not to answer


For it is you

That has to solve them


And yet you pursue

In your seemingly relentless quest

And I can't help but notice

That you are everything

That screams

''I'm hopeless''


I tried to let you down softly

Hey, what the heck

You're still a good friend

But that doesn't stop me from wanting

For all of this searching

To finally end


Or maybe that's not it

That was not the problem

Maybe it was just my mistake

Of a too close involvement



I knew you knew what I would say

Even if I ever replied

I'd always respond

Just text on the glass

All your hope

Ruthlessly Denied


My reply may mean nothing to me

After all,

It's just black print on a screen

But deep down I knew

That I had the power

To dash all your hopes and dreams



I may not be all that

I could be a cold heartless bitch

But I knew I couldn't bear

To hear your heart and voice crack


Alas I look

Back down to the phone

My fingers hit the keys


You couldn't hear my uncaring tone



How naïve you could be

It was almost relieving

But you could also be different

Dark, cold and deceiving


I knew what you would be doing

Waiting for my text

Staring out the window

Your jaw muscles tense and flex


As you receive my message

You face falls and see's

That not everything in this world

I knew

Could be, what you wanted it to be.


I guess it's a good thing

That you knew what I thought

But deep down I knew

That wouldn't stop

The havoc the past had wrought


"She will not be there for you

She will not stay

She will not love you

For she is cold, dark and grey"

Inspired by a good friend of mine, she presented me with a situation that almost everyone went through. I felt urged to write, and why not? So I did. The poem didn't turn out what I had expected it to be and I'm not sure what people would think about it.

So hey, enlighten me =D Whatcha' guys think?

Oh, and I thought I should mention this, this is what I think about these situations. Not anyone else. I'm just me, for me, because that's how I roll =]