Okay, this was originally going to be a story but I couldn't get it down right so I decided to go for poetry. I think it came out as close to perfect as it's going to get. (There's an explanation at the end if there are some people out there who didn't get what it was about)

Enjoy! :D

A moonless night


Without you

Thunder crashes

Closing my eyes, I pretend it's your heartbeat

Lightning flashes

Your light guides me, if only for a moment

Rain breaks through dark clouds

Rushing to meet the Earth

Rushing to meet me

My eyes still closed, I feel your fingertips

Caressing my face, running through my hair

An embrace brings warmth against the night

I finally open my eyes, bringing back reality

Your heartbeat disappears into the distance

I'm left in the dark, grasping for your light

Your warmth is taken away from me

All I'm left with is rain

And my memory of you

I know, it's painfully short but this is my first entry so please go easy on me. And please don't judge on how long it was but on the quality.

I promised an explanation:

In the poem, the girl is missing her boyfriend, husband, whatever. (I hope it was at least that clear) She's outside when a storm is about to begin. She misses him and pretends he's the storm. The part where she says that she feels him caressing her is the rain sliding down her face. The other part where there might be confusion is the one where she talks about an embrace. When it rains, the water makes her clothes stick to her skin, kind of like when someone squeezes tight. She pretends that's his embrace. And her love is so strong, that she can actually feel his warmth.

And I guess that's it.

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