Chapter 1 Prologue

My Name is Tiffani Carrie Valentine I'm a junior in high school, I live in Denver, Colorado with my mom Taylor, my sister Tatiana, and my step-father Chris. My father Ryan died about five years ago due to being hit by a drunk driver.

My father was a pretty wealthy doctor and when he died he of course left us everything he owned but money was never important to our family.

I go to Providence Academy which is a expensive private school.

I've never had a boyfriend hell I've never even been kissed.

I'm not popular at school which doesn't really bother me, I mean I do have friends.

All the boys at my school has never caught my eye but little did I know all of this was about to change!!!


AN: okay this is just setting the scene for the story I know it's not the best but it tells you about Tiffani anyway just so you guys can really get what the story is about I'm going to post the second chapter. Please please please Read and Review!!!