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Chapter 20: A little too not over you/ Fall for you

Tell me why, its so hard to forget

Don't remind me, I'm not over it

Tell me why, I can't seem to face the truth

And I really don't know what to do

I'm just a little too not over you…(not over you)

(Nate's POV)

Weeks and Weeks have passed and I'm still not over Tiffani, it is New Years Eve.

I have not seen Tiffani in about two weeks (since Christmas break began) I didn't see her on Christmas, shit I was more zombie like on Christmas so I didn't really see anyone. If only I had not made the stupid mistake of telling her it had to be all or nothing, yes I blame myself.

Candace went home the day after Christmas, I was ecstatic. Tiffani and Adam have grown close; if I were not sure that she still loved me I would think, she was dating him.

Jessica and Derek are dating, yes your read that correctly.

Right now, I am sitting in my living room with Derek and Jessica watching a movie; well they are more like making out than watching…

"Will you guys please stop making out and watch the fucking movie?" I half yelled… these last few weeks I've given up on being nice to everyone.

"Stop being an asshole Nate… if you would apologize to Tiff than you guys could be getting some too." Jess said rolling her eyes.

"Nathaniel you and your friends need to haul your lazy asses off of my sofa and get ready for the party." My mom said. Yeah did I forget to mention that my family throws a big ass annual New Years Eve party that I am actually dreading this year.

"Sorry Mrs. Hernandez we are going to go and get ready now." Jess said.

Derek and Jess got up and let themselves out.

"Goodbye to you too." I mumbled under my breath.


(Tiffani's POV)

I may have failed

But I have loved you from the start Oh

So hold you breath!

Because tonight will be the night that

I will fall for you over again

Don't make me change my mind I won't live

To see another day I swear its true

Because a girl like you is impossible to find

You're impossible to find

It's New Years Eve, Yes I still love Nate but I'm starting to get over him.

Adam has been really sweet to me, he is my best friend; I am just as close with him as I am with Jess or Em.

Okay so Christmas was uneventful for me, the whole day all I could think about was how I wanted to be with Nate.

I am at Adam's house with him right now.

"So Valentine what ever happened to that Jacob boy that you told me about?" Adam asked.

"Aw Jake… I kinda went on like one date with him but then I kinda started dating Nate so it went no where, I actually talked to him over Christmas though." I said.

"Maybe you should start dating people again."

"I don't know Adam, I'm not sure I'm ready yet."

"The only way that you get closure is to start dating someone else."

"I don't know, maybe." I said turning back to whatever pointless TV show that was on at the moment.


It eleven thirty at night and I am still with Adam, we are walking around outside.

"Looks like we'll be bringing in the New Year together." Adam said putting his arm around my shoulder as we reached his doorstep.

"Yeah I guess." I said a little sad.

"Tiffani I have to tell you something."


"How about I just show you." He said and before I could respond, his lips were on mine.

I immediately pushed him back.

"Adam! What the hell?" I yelled.

"Look Tiffani I tried to give you time to get over Nate, but I just can't take it anymore. I like you so much and it makes no sense." He said.


"No let me finish. I know that he broke your heart but I never will, he's not even worth all the tears that you have cried over him."

"Adam I love you, but I do like or love you in that way. Nate is everything to me and is worth every tear that I have shed for him, every pain that us breaking up has caused me and every thought that has ever crossed my mind about him, I may have took me to now to realize it but I was foolish in the past and I won't make that mistake again." I was crying now.

"I'm sorry Adam but I have to go get my boyfriend back." I said and with that, I took off running.

It was eleven forty five; I had fifteen minutes to get to him before twelve o'clock, he lived twenty minutes away.

I ran faster, my heart was racing, I could hardly breathe, and my eye-sight was blurry from my tears and the heavy rain that had just started; but I didn't car I just kept running.

I was literally soaked by the time I reached his doorstep, I looked down at my phone, it was eleven fifty five.

"Shit I forgot the Hernandez's have this big ass annual New Years Eve Party." I mumbled.

I rang the doorbell.

"Tiffani what are you-?" Derek said opening the door but I cut him off.

"Where's Nate?" I asked impatiently.

"In the ballroom." He said and I pushed passed him.

As I as running throught the house I got a lot of funny looks but I didn't care, I had one person in mind and I had just spotted him.

I ran over to him.

"Nate!" I said he turned around.

"Tiffani what are you doing here? Your soaking wet." Nate said placing his hands on my cheeks.

"Nate look I came here to tell you that I am so sorry I told you to wait until Candace is gone, I don't care about her anymore, I've spent the last month without you and I can't take it anymore, I love you so much and I hope that you forgive me." I rushed the words out.

"5…4!" The crowd around us started to chant.

"Forgive you? I should be asking you to forgive me; Red I should have never gave you an ultimatum, I all won't is to be with you, fuck everybody else they mean nothing to me. I love you so much and I will never ask you to make another choice like that again." Nate said.

"3!" The crowd chanted.

"Tiffani I love you with all my heart… will you be my girlfriend again?" He asked smiling.


"I love you too Nathaniel and I would like nothing else in this world than to be your girlfriend…Now shut up and kiss me." I said smiling and pulling his body to mine.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" The crowd shouted as Nate crashed his lips down on mine.

It was a long and bumpy road for Nate and I, but we made it!!

And I finally got my New Years kiss!!!


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