Too much too much too much too much
(she called me:called me to tell me that
she had could only have been
mere moments since she took those
pills,and the first thing she does?calls me)

Breathe breathe breathe breathe
(she's DYINGright now… ohmygod
she's dying.)

Don't think,don't feel
(my knees smack the floor,hands
barely bracing myself) weak,so weak

Just run(to my room,dial a number,

No no no.
This is not happening.

AN: allright. I know that the sentence&punctuation structure is different. But that is kinda how you think when something like that happens...

ILY: hannabell. so I swear to god, if you ever put me through that again...
ILY2: kalibell. thank you thank you thank you for answering your phone and distracting me.
I(don't hate)Y: jo. thank you, too, for being on MSN.