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Good-Bye Love

Here I am.

Can't you see?

How loving and loyal to you I'd be?

Accept me.

Welcome my love.

Let me to the stars above.

Won't you look?

I'm right over here.

Shedding more and more tears.

I waited.

For that special day.

When you'd accept me in every way.

But you didn't so,


I've vowed myself not to cry.

Now I'm soaring.

Across the skies.

With my cries of freedom and good-byes.

Good-bye to love.

Good-bye to chains.

Good-bye to my love that was in vain.

So here I am.

Flying way up high.

Saying my very last good-bye.

Good-bye to you.

So long to love.

I'm doing things I've never dreamed of.

You wouldn't accept me.

Now I'm free.

To start living my lifeā€¦ as me.