The young soldier stood firm at his post. The world passed by him, giving him little to no attention. After all, he was just another British officer guarding General Cornwallis' conference with his fellow leaders. It would be natural that they would put a stone faced boy on guard in front of the tent.

The soldier was one like any other; his brown hair tucked under his velvet hat; his athletic figure clothed with red garments. His piercing blue eyes gazed onwards, staring through anyone who dared look at them. His gun was placed expertly upon his shoulder. His pale face seemed to be chiseled out of cold marble.

A beautiful statue indeed.

But what most did not know, or could not know, was what the man was doing. To most, he was probably just thinking about something obsolete, but in reality, his ear was perked and ready; his mind mentally taking notes to each and every word the generals uttered. He flashed the words in his head over and over again, hoping to remember the conversation word for word. But he knew that would not be enough. He needed something else...some documents...

He needed information and he needed it fast.

It was not too long before he would be discovered. Even though he had tried his best to be cunning and clever in his tactics, even though he tried his hardest to cover up his tracks, somehow... somehow word leaked out in the camp that there was a spy among them. They did not know whether he was a civilian, or if he was one of their own, but the British were holding an extensive manhunt. Even now, as the guard stood in the cold, scouts were pouring throughout New York, searching houses and making sure that no one had information that could make any damage.

Somehow, he had been skipped over. For weeks now, they carelessly searched some soldiers, but never himself. Even though it seemed that luck was in favor of him, he knew that it would run out sooner or later. For all he knew, he could be discovered that very night.

"Good night, gentlemen. I pray that you shall carry out orders as safely and swiftly as possible," a husky voice said in a tone that would make the most fearless of men quiver. The boy glanced over at him, and watched the men file out one by one. Cornwallis, the last to leave, turned to the young soldier at his right. He smiled a cold smile at him. "I take that no one was near us?" he asked, his eyes fixed and calculating.

"No sir," the young guard replied, his eyes straightforward and looking right through the general.

"Good. You will stay guard here until midnight. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

Cornwallis flashed one last cold smile, and went on his way. The boy watched him until he could see him no longer. He glanced about, the went for the risk. Quickly, he crawled inside the tent and hastened towards the desk. He glanced back to make sure no one was behind him, and he went to work. Taking out important documents, he quickly wrote what he knew in codes. It was too risky to copy the papers; many had been hanged only because they happened to have the copies upon themselves. No, he would be different. He would get the information to the Continental Army.

Suddenly his sensitive ears perked. He was sure he had heard rustling outside, like someone stepping on twigs. Quickly he took his gun and pretended to be on guard. He spun around and pointed his gun.

Suddenly, his beating heart stopped. His fear became shock, and the gun dropped before his feet. It was not possible that he was here. No way...

The man, even though evidently frightened, held his head high.

"What are you doing here?" the guard asked, somehow keeping his voice calm and cold.

"It is more for me to ask you that same question," the young man in front of him said with a sly smile "I could have hardly expected you here, of all people..."

The guard swallowed hard. "I...I don't know what you are talking about..." he stuttered.

The man laughed a soft, yet poisonous, chuckle. "I know my pupils when I see them," he said in an icingly calm voice. "Especially my female students."

The guard stared at him until he, or rather, she, sighed heavily. "I thought no one would be able to tell that it was me," she grumbled as she let down her short, cropped, hair.

The school teacher got closer to her. "I would never forget those eyes," he said with a smile.

The spy turned away quickly. "I told you, stop doing that."

"Why? Were we not supposed to be married earlier this year?"

"I know but..."


She shot him a deafening glare. "You didn't really love me!" she whispered hoarsely. "You only think for yourself! You're selfish Nathan Hale!"

Oh what she didn't know was that she would soon regret those words...