Dec.27/2008 *A/N: A take on Bella and Edward from Twilight.

I do not own anything except the poetry below-Bella & Edward belong to Stephanie Meyer.*

**Fire and Ice**

Which is better -Fire or Ice?
To freeze with the slow burning cold covering my skin,
Or to burn as I melt from the inside out?

Fire and powder consume when they kiss,
Or so Shakespeare says,
What does ice do?
It remains cold, impenetrable, aloof

Here I am, stuck with you in this heat If you are the ice,
I'm more than willing to be the fire
My efforts to heat you up are fruitless, it seems

Flames frozen with the slightest touch
It's torture--watching you watch me burn I shiver-from the lack of cold, from the lack of you
I've tasted the fire-flames flicking across my tongue -I've kissed the ice-cold
Numbing my lips in an attempt to feel

Learning to slowly melt against you I comprehend detachment
And yet, I feel so completely connected
That you are essentially just an extension of myself

You freeze my flame in eternity,
A wavelegnth in combustibility
Twitching as it tries to burn off the freeze
Exhaling a heated breath of frost

Determined to make this work
Playing with ice has never been this fun before
I find I'm waiting for the frost to bite me
And when it finally does, I'll willingly burn out
Just to be made of ice, like you.