'No Air' --Inspired by Twilight

'So how do you expect me to live alone with just me cause my world revolves around you--its so hard for me to breathe...if you ain't here I just can't breathe'-'No Air', Jordin Sparks

Intoxicating -your scent surrounds me, and yet you're the one who says you're resisting me

Painful-the thought of losing you fills me with fear, and separation only rubs salt in the wound.

Gasping for air--I can only breathe deeply when you're with me...an action that still fascinates you.

Fear-what you say you should inspire within me--yet, all I feel is love.

Foolish--what you call my obsession with you, yet I know you wouldn't have it any other way.

Torment--the feeling I get when I'm unsure when I'll be seeing you again.

Peace--the way I feel when you wrap your cold arms around me and watch me sleep.

Protected-though you say I need it the most from you, its the feeling I get when you're around.

Love-what you've been waiting centuries for, and what I'd gladly give up my mortality to continue to show you.

Clumsy--the way I manage to walk two steps and still hurt myself.

Silence--you say you can't hear my thoughts, that you'd give anything to stop the guessing game...

Immortality--what I truly want, yet can't convince you to give me.

You--the only person who will ever complete me.

Seventeen-eternal youth...........

Mine---until you left me.