This is the first poem of this collection to introduce the types of topics I may cover in the future. I will use most of my own life experiences to make my own interpretations. I hope you enjoy my work!

I Am Half

I know no one

I have no full strengths

I am confused

I am mixed

In the Land of the Rising Sun

I am different

I do not fit in

I am a gaijin--a foreigner

I am a half-breed

The Society of the East

Does not accept originality

Everyone must be the same

To be different is to be frowned upon

Odd stares

Jeering children


Half of nobody

In the Land of Opportunity

I am foreign

I do not fit into society

Though, what is worse?

Being alone or the being the center of attention?

I was called many things

Held in many emotions

To let them out

Would be my undoing

Am I destined to be a figure

Of shame

Of hate

Of strangeness?

Being a half-breed

Makes me what I am

What the few like about me

But the question still remains--

Why do I feel so empty inside?

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