Is there a measurement of purity in this world?


Is purity a reality?

Besides the elements in nature

Besides the unaffected mind of an infant

Is there such a thing as being pure?

How do you measure purity?

By the color of bare flesh?

By the salt in our tears?

By the blood in our veins?

We descended from the ancients

What is white but a color?

What is black but a shade?

Creams and mocha

Shadow and light

Pure races are a fa├žade

No one can trace back to their first generation of life

No one knows the ancestors of other people aside from their own

People like to believe that their ancestry is simple and plain

Purity is of goodness

The original state of being

Purity is the goal of achievement

What all seek to have


Purity is a dream that hardly exists

How can one judge the worth of a man

By the color of their skin or the race of their fathers?

Purity is one that can never be measured

Mixed races are disowned and discarded

In many places

However, for what reason are they the ones

Who are worth less than others?

Purity is an unattainable nightmare

The plague of societies of past, present, and future

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