Title: I saw a bloody person

Summary: He woke up in the same bed just like any other day but one thing will never be the same. A very short one-shot.

Genre: Horror

Ah! What a nightmare... I thought to myself as I scratched my head. I looked around me and was relieved to find myself inside my messy room. My dog, by her usual spot at the foot of my bed, my stack of CD's neatly arranged in the cabinet, with some few falling out. My guitars are still there but my favourite one is missing. The one I used for yesterday's concert.... It's gone. I lay there for a few minutes trying to figure out where it is and thought I left it in the backstage room we used.

I sat up and saw that I was still wearing the jeans and the top I wore when I went out yesterday. Was I that tired?

I patted my dog, Remi on the head "hey baby, how you doin? Have you had a good sleep?"

She lay very still and doesn't seem to hear me nor feel my touch, but I was sure she's not dead because she's warm. Can dogs sleep so deep? I wonder...

I got out of my bed and decided that I'll let her sleep in for a change. I opened the door out of my room and headed straight to the living room, in there was a complete mess. Potato chips thrown all over the place, the pillows are everywhere, lots of cola cans - I didn't allow them to have beer, that's for after the concert.

Wait after the concert? What happened in the concert? I tried remembering but I couldn't, I figured I have a massive hang over. I usually am unable to remember anything if i drank a lot of alcohol the night before, but how could I forget what happened in the concert?

I found the remote and the TV screen flicked to life, it was on the news channel. Everyone seemed to be in uproar and the scene keeps on changing from the scene of a car accident to a hospital.

A lot of people were bustling in and out of the hospital and there was a lot of crowd outside, some of them crying. What happened?

Suddenly a can caught my eye. It wasn't a cola, its beer. Then I saw Ed, one of my band mates being interviewed.

"What's Vince's current condition?" asked the reporter, i could hear panic in her voice.

How's my condition? I'm fine! What the hell? Ed looked really stressed out and there's something different. I've seen that face on him before when his mother died. Is someone dead?

"Vince... Vince's gone..." Then our manager interrupted and Ed stayed back he was holding his tears back.

"Please give them and Vince's family some time alone. This is a hard time for all of us."

I... I'm dead? What? How could that be? I'm here, I'm obviously alive!

I instantly pressed the red button on the remote, frustrated.

This is ridiculous!

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and when I look up the mirror, I saw a bloody person staring at me. He was wearing the same clothes as me but it was soaked with blood, his eyes were bloodshot and there's a big cut on his forehead.

At that moment it hit me and the lost memory came back. I was dead and the person staring at me, is me.

A/N: sorry momatoes, i changed it :P thanks for telling me.