A prophet once rose and spoke of the time when devil and man must war. Upon the dying echoes of the words, the prophet fell into a fatal clamour, branded by the Devil's Mark. There are many choices in life, none of them easy, but when the life or death of your species rests in your hands, what path will you choose? Below is an incomplete record of what the prophet said, as any complete version was mysteriously burnt once the ink dried.


Many will take a moment's pause,

When trapped between the Devil's claws.

Many will stop for air,

As the Devil's horns blare.


The march of death has begun,

When banshee's voices have sung.

So "To Arms" the humans cry,

Now they go to die.


Upon His throne, evil Seraph sits,

All of time he will be laden,

In the deep blazing pits

Of the Red-eye Raven.


Will there be any human salvation?

Mockingly, He sees human behaviour.

Into the abyssmal destination

Rides the mighty steed and the saviour.


In the Gates of Hell, black fire burns

Will rebirth or chaos be sowed?

For there are many turns,

Along the Devil's road...